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  1. Check your anti aliasing settings. I find that anything over 2x SSAA will kill frame rates with heavy clouds. I have a similar setup as you do (9900K OC to 5.1 and a 1080ti). Jim
  2. The author of the Live Traffic plugin has put this on his to do list. See the following thread: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/176845-tip-to-fix-audio-sync-with-liveatc/
  3. If you are flying in VR, then AviTab is a must have.
  4. And all is right in the Avsim world again. I thought for a minute that I was in the wrong forum as this thread started with some thoughtful and civil debate, but of course it has degraded to personal attacks and rehashing old themes....
  5. Has anyone tried this with Flyinside VR?
  6. Paraffin, Can you clarify a couple things about FSGRW? The NOAA plugin works pretty well, but it has two shortcomings: sudden weather updates and ATIS does not work at the airports until you are close enough that the current weather is the same as the airport. It seems that the NOAA plugin loads the current weather from where you are located and then sets that globally, so if you dial up ATIS for an airport 10 miles out, it will report the weather you are currently flying through, not the local airport weather. If these 2 issues are addressed by FGSRW, then that seems like a great solution. I personally think the default clouds are ok. Thanks. Jim
  7. Does this work now? I am ready to purchase, but I want to be able to drag to a second monitor or tablet with touchscreen support. Thanks. Jim
  8. Is there anyway to use the batch build process in Ortho4XP to just rebuild the overlays. I thought I remembered reading how to do that somewhere, but I have done some searching and have not been able to find an answer (it has been asked many times, but did not find a solution that works). Thanks Jim
  9. Ok despite my efforts to try to understand the XP scenery structure, I am sure I will be displaying my ignorance here. If we used the default scenery to build overlays for tiles built in Ortho4xp, should we rebuild those overlays now that the files were upgraded by Laminar. I believe they added additional data regarding building heights? Would this change the overlay? Thanks. Jim
  10. I have not been able to find an answer to this either. I know you can go into the Overlay editor and remove the trees manually, but there are some complete tiles that I would like to be able to remove the overlay trees and it would great if there was a way to do it when building the overlay in Ortho4XP. Jim
  11. Nothing to write home about except a bunch of bug fixes and reported FPS improvement, and reports of less stuttering. Oh and the release of the new WED editor. What did the Romans ever do for us?
  12. It works fine for me. Have you install the xsaitek plugin? I use spadnext to configure the switches on the TPM. Jim
  13. Thank you Paraffin. That makes sense now. Do you also need to delete the geforce plugin?
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