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  1. Huge Xplane fan, and even though XP12 is currently not enjoyable to me (shimmering/flickering due to poor AA in VR), I feel great about investing my $60 into the future of XP. It would be great for Ben to post a Blog about plans to improve AA as I agree with some of the posts above that this is one of the major shortcomings with the release. Goran, I hope the update you are working on is to bring the TBM to XP12 as this remains one of the masterpieces for Xplane. Happy Holidays to all.
  2. Is it possible to manual cache the Google data. I would prefer to just switch a few specific areas and would also prefer not to have google block my IP address when this hits their radar.
  3. This statement nails it. I love MSFS, the graphics, and even the weather and clouds are game changing, but until they fix the weather system so that ATIS matches the actual local conditions, it is a game and not a simulator. I am not saying they need to match real world weather, only that ATIS needs to report what the wind, cloud and visibility conditions are in the sim. ATIS is a big part of real world flying. I cannot believe this is not a higher priority to fix.
  4. I know they are going to fix this, but I just can't believe this is not a higher priority. I love MSFS, but this is driving me back to xplane. How can something so core to a simulator not work. The ATIS needs to match the winds and sky cover otherwise you don't know if you can land and which runway to use. I flew into PAPG today. 20 miles out it says winds 088 at 7, on approach switches to 220 at 14. After I landed with rain and low visibility, the Atis is still reporting clear skies. MSFS truly is a game until this gets fixed.
  5. The author said he would release an update tomorrow.
  6. I just think that no one knows about it. Have you thought about posting it on other sites? I would name them but that might be a violation of terms here.
  7. I am really surprised this is not getting more attention. I have tried other ways to get charts into MSFS VR and this is the best and simplest so far. I did figure out how to get the Navigraph charts app to show in Vr using Windows mixed reality, but the window was to big in cockpit even at the smallest setting. Thanks Spit40!
  8. I can confirm that the pdf conversion does not work if there are spaces in the file name. I also tried to convert a sectional file pdf and it did not work. This is a big step towards helping MSFS be functional in VR for IFR flying. Jim
  9. There are about 7 or 8 spires about 25 miles south of San Jose (KSJC) near San Martin and Hollister airports. The strange thing is they disappear as you fly close to them.
  10. Check your anti aliasing settings. I find that anything over 2x SSAA will kill frame rates with heavy clouds. I have a similar setup as you do (9900K OC to 5.1 and a 1080ti). Jim
  11. The author of the Live Traffic plugin has put this on his to do list. See the following thread: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/176845-tip-to-fix-audio-sync-with-liveatc/
  12. If you are flying in VR, then AviTab is a must have.
  13. And all is right in the Avsim world again. I thought for a minute that I was in the wrong forum as this thread started with some thoughtful and civil debate, but of course it has degraded to personal attacks and rehashing old themes....
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