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  1. My simulator decides to freeze after 10 minutes of starting it up. For some reason it only happens at the Aerosoft Zurich scenery. I have not changed a thing or modified any files so I am completely lost. I apologize but I do not know where to find my log file. Thank you.
  2. ahh ok this helps alot. Thanks man rlly appreciate it. Im more used to pmdg so this is very different to me
  3. Would I set the SetMCPAltOnAutoStepClimb=1 to =0? Or in other words how do I turn it on? edit: hmmm I dont seem to find that in my .CFG file. I only have these options: IrsAlignSecs=60 MinAptRwyLen=6300 EfBFPlanOverlay=1 WeightUnit=KGS ArmPauseAtTod=1 Arm1xAtTod=1 DisplayUnitBrightness=0.5 RemoteCdu=1 autostepclimb=1 LoadFuelonAircraftLoad=1 CduAutoCalcVspeeds=1 CduAutoCalcZfw=1 LoadPanelStateonAcLoad=1 calcpayload=1 ArmPauseAtDistFromDest=1 CabinAirTempUnit=C They are the exact same as in the info page in the fms
  4. SetMCPAltOnAutoStepClimb=1 Sets the new step altitude in the MCP window when step climb position is reached in auto step climb mode. (off by default) I think thats the one you're talking about in the .CFG file. Also by 'set the climb altitude' do you mean the final altitude of my flight?
  5. alright il do that for next time. Thanks alot
  6. yeah that is on for me, but the fmc didn't calculate any step climbs for me. Do I have to put them in myself?
  7. Hi all I am relatively new to the B787 and still a bit confused with the step climb process. I know in the PMDG planes, it calculates them and climbs them automatically, but what happens or what do I have to do in the 787? Thanks in advance and stay safe out there
  8. https://imgur.com/a/m38o267 Hello all Hope everyone is doing fine during this time I am quite new to the Qualitywings B787. Yesterday I did a flight and everything went smooth and well but today I had a problem with loading the fuel. In the image, I loaded 59216kgs and that shows in the system page (~56.1kgs) but the total fuel (far right red circle) shows 76.1 kgs. Anyone know the reason for this? Any tips/help appreciated Stay safe and stay health -Sabby
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