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  1. Sounds fun. I really enjoy the A2A Bonanza V tail, the MilViz 310R (either with one or two GTN units), and the Flight1 B200 Super King Air. The Bonanza and King Air have maintenance features. Fun to track how you are using your plane. The King Air G1000 can be updated with Navigraph. I almost forgot...the Just Flight Turbo Arrow is fun, also. You can add a GTN to that aircraft as well. Enjoy, Beau
  2. I have wondered why things act like that, as well. I think your products are superior, and I know your customer service is top shelf. Since I am not a coder, I am only speculating, about what happened. I went and looked at my aircraft, in FltSim, and XP11, and none of your products were working. I also noticed that other products, including yours, that were working, either stopped working, or were behaving in a peculiar way. This includes P3Dv4, as well. There seems to be something being installed with the regular Windows 10 security updates, along with other antivirus software updates, that is corrupting files, or removing files. I have experienced, a few times, that Windows Defender, or another antivirus software, is running invisibly, in the background, even when I have disabled them. This has caused files to be corrupted, and or quarantined, without any notification. Eventually, after a few reinstalls, I get the products running, the way they are intended. Of course this is just speculation, and my opinion, based on my experience. Thanks, again for your support. I think your company, and this community do an excellent job of helping, even the most inexperienced, communicate the issues, and come to a resolution. Best regards, Beau
  3. For XP11, it is the GTN. I went to the RXP site, and downloaded the GTN installers. After seven reinstalls, I am happy to report, that ALL my RXP units, in FltSim. GNS's and GTN's are working, beautifully. I believe that something in the trainers got corrupted.Thank you for your help. Best regards, Beau
  4. Sorry about that. A big typo. I meant my GNS's work great in P3Dv4. Beau
  5. I am still unable to get any of the GTN's to work in P3Dv4. Beau
  6. Unfortunately, it has not cured itself. I will see if it is an A2A problem. Beau
  7. My GTN's work great in P3Dv4, and my GTN's work great in X-Plane 11. Beau
  8. The trainer is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\Trainers. I am unable to do a 750+750 in my A2A aircraft. I do have the nonvol, as described: CFG_EEPROM 64 KB, DISP_EEPROM 8 KB, IO_EEPROM 8KB, MEM_EEPROM 8 KB, sys_nande 270,337 KB, sys_nandf 270,337 KB, sys_nandi 270,337 KB, sys_nandj 270,337 Beau
  9. Hello, I have more information. This happens to any aircraft I want to use the GTN 650/750 in. At cold and dark, the 650 has a black screen, and the 750 has a gray screen, that says starting, in the bottom left of the screen. When power is applied, and the avionics bus is powered, both GTN's have the gray screen, that says starting. It never powers up.Here is my log file: rxpGtnSim.dll.log 18/09/25 15:00:37.458 06500 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 18/09/25 15:00:37.458 06500 INFO ] 18/09/25 15:00:39.143 02316 INFO ] 18/09/25 15:00:39.557 07772 INFO ] 18/09/25 15:00:40.432 02500 INFO ] GTN: 01 ..\..\src\krnl\krnl_lib\sim\hwm_eeprom_win32.c(260) (null) rxpGTN_menu.dll.log 18/09/25 05:27:14.032 02184 - ] # rxpGTN_menu.dll version 18/09/25 05:27:14.035 02184 INFO ] edit panel: C:\Users\Beau\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\A2A\SimObjects\Airplanes\A2A_Beechcraft_35_Bonanza\panel\panel.cfg rxpGTN.gau.log 18/09/25 15:00:35.194 06500 - ] # rxpGTN.dll version 18/09/25 15:00:35.194 06500 INFO ] Thanks, Beau
  10. Hello, I am sorry to resurrect this topic, however I am having the same issue. I installed, and I am trying to install the 650, and 750, in the A2A Bonanza, using their configurator. Everything is installed in their default locations, with no anti-virus. Thank you, for your help. Best regards, Beau
  11. I am able to get two GTN 650's in the Baron B58 and the Bonanza A36. The process is the same, however there is a big issue (for me and my sense of aesthetics) with the A36. The Baron B58 has an option to turn off the 3D knobs, and the Bonanza A36 does not. So, even though the GTN's show up, you have the 3D control knobs of the GNS 430's being visible in the display screen of the GTN's. The option I chose, was to purchase the new Reality XP GNS 430W v2. It was easy to add with the Reality XP addon menu. The GNS is not as easy to use as the GTN, but it has almost all the capabilities of the real GNS. I also really like that you can crossfill the flight plan, and you do not have to purchase anything extra for the crossfill feature to work. I hope this helps. Regards, Beau
  12. Use Ctrl + - and Ctrl + = to zoom the camera view in and out.
  13. I am using the techniques in the two Mooney pilot articles. Full throttle, 2500 rpm, 100 degrees rich ( in the climb), and full throttle, 2500 rpm, 50 degrees rich (in cruise.) I love how fast this plane is!!!!!
  14. Hi Jean-Luc, I currently only have P3Dv4 installed, This is what I have found to be my issues: 1 Windows defender does not like the install package. I had to select open anyway, for the RXP installer. 2 I had quit malwarebytes. No issues with that. 3 I use ESET Smart Security. I disabled virus protection, and disabled the firewall protection. This is where I believe the problem was. On the 430 install, I did the above steps. However, I just happened to open ESET, and there were a couple of RXP files that had been quarantined. I clicked on them, and chose restore and do not scan. The files were not actually restored. I did a complete uninstall/reinstall (with reboots) four times. Install would not create addon file. On the 530 install, I did the above steps. This time around, Windows defender did the same thing. I had to select open anyway, for the RXP installer. The difference was that this time ESET did not quarantine any files. The addon xml file was created. I think what happened, with the 430, was that even though I had quite malwarebytes, and disabled ESET, ESET was running in the background, and did not actually ever stop doing it's scans. That is all I can think of. I hope this helps. Best regards, Beau
  15. As a follow up, I installed the GNS430W v2 first, and no xml file was created. I bought and installed the GNS530W v2 later, and the file was created. Best regards, Beau
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