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  1. Today I got a new Powerspec G434 gaming computer and tried to install the other gtn to my sim and got errors then tried to log in to the other forum and could not log in so I decided to just go full RXP I reinstalled the GTN 750 GMS 430/530 V2 and never looked back I really like RXP a lot better then the other
  2. Thank you so much for the tips and the power chart. That was the problem was the 3D landing lights I am cruising at 15,000 using normal cruise setting IAS 193kts TAS 241kts ITT 732 NG 92.3% FF 31.2gph
  3. OK it has happened again I have done lost all click spots in the virtual Cockpit also what is the recommended cruise power settings for the Turbine Duke for torque and prop setting at my current altitude of 15,000?
  4. The turbine duke is working OK sometimes I lose all clickspots then the clickspots comes back
  5. I just reinstalled one of my favorite of RealAir's planes the Turbine Duke V2 I remember when I bought those Dukes I am having a problem with the autopilot though it's not letting me select the altitude to put in the altitude. I got it working can't wait to fly this plane to 3000 hours this year
  6. I am missing the import flight plan feature it is not showing up in the GTN
  7. I also made the switch just bought the 750 from RXP today
  8. Can't wait to get the old NetJets paint
  9. I got it working now to put 100 hours a year on this amazing jet
  10. I can't get the payload manager to work I can't select the right fuel load or anything
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