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  1. I'm going to download it now
  2. I will also be downloading this repaint when it hits the library
  3. I've also noticed the condition levers are in idle cutoff when I load the plane is this a bug as well?
  4. Yes the IAS work as it should on the autopilot
  5. I thought when you clicked on the AP the YD would work but it isn't working on my plane is there a tweak I can do to fix this? and I am running version 1.2 as I just got this plane tonight
  6. I am flying it more now also Love this plane with the GTN 750 in it
  7. Can't wait to get those new repaints
  8. Thanks
  9. I wish Alabeo would fix the camera zoom they got it set so close that the plane is distorted is there a walk around fix for that?
  10. I do to I have not tried the full throttle climb yet I use 24/2500 for my climb settings
  11. I would love to get this mod
  12. Go to the aircraft folder in your simobjects airplanes folder and double click on it and you will see F1GTN exe double click and it will set up the GTN750 that's the first thing I do on a aircraft that has the GTN750 integration in it. The file will read this F1GTN750M20R.exe
  13. Cool Bruce I fly in the USA as my navdata is for the USA only
  14. I just did a flight with the new cruise settings I did Calhoun to Chicago Midway 2:39