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  1. Since there seems to be a bit of confusion about what has been said and done I checked the source. While J. Neumann indeed pointed out that the new editing tool did not work adequately in the Bahamas region, that improvements still need to be made and therefore the new watermasks in that area have been removed, he also said this: (13:53) " I think we removed too much, so we need to go back and...but...we'll update it...I think it's server side, so I think it will be fine. It's just a few more days." So the way I understand it is that the new watermasks created by their new tool weren't good and therefore removed without attempting to apply the already existing ones afterwards. That's a mistake, and those can happen. But not reverting to the previous masks within the promised timeframe (more than two weeks is not "a few more days" imho) without any further communication makes the management process appear to be in need of improvement.
  2. That is your opinion and of course you have every right to feel that way. But to add another perspective for @brucewtb and others, I would also like to express mine: There's a ton of explanations ("pilots are not able to use rudder; too fast on approach; flaps/trim not as recommended; it's weathervaning; you haven't flown the real one; YD is to be kept on as long as possible; yadayadayada...") for the crazy yaw behaviour of the SWS PC-12 on the developers discord, but all those only circumvent a serious flaw in the flightmodel. If anyone wants to dispute that, they should first show me a handflown ILS approach, YD off, preset weather with no wind, turbulence set to "easy", stable powersetting, speed, flaps and ruddertrim "by the book" - or even by own preference, if that helps - and just stay coordinated on the localizer for only 4 miles. It should be easy, and yet I couldn't do it. I don't want to declare myself as the measure in these things, so I avoid using the term "impossible". But contrary to a widespread misconception in the simulation community most airplanes irl usually don't "bite you" unless you treat them totally stupid or aren't "a handful" to fly in normal conditions. The issue is acknowledged, the next update is said to adress it and seems to be in testing already. If it solves it sufficiently, the PC-12 is indeed a very likeable airplane.
  3. Youtuber landing in "brutal" , "wicked, wicked" crosswind 🤣
  4. No mod needed, however, if you like the plane, you might want to consider getting the great Wooselmod. It adds opening door, working window shades, inflight map and more. Here's some explanation from Matt Nischann (WT Developer) and Filbert about how to fly the thing. There are some updates - like Simbrief flightplan import and ground power - since that video, but the basics are well covered:
  5. I think they are operating ATRs there. Looks like what started as an inquiry into Rhodes is about to turn into a major investment 😁
  6. You might want to consider getting Samos (LGSM, Terrainy Studios, available from Orbx -not currently on sale though-, probably also on MP). Decent scenery and a challenging approach (there's a longer video available on that channel):
  7. It doesn't fly like a real airplane on a handflown approach. It took some effort over on their discord to prove that something is wrong and a pilot with some irl PC-12 time to chime in and confirm a "screwy" yaw behaviour, but it is acknowledged. Fixes didn't make it into ver 1.1.0 though, as to my understanding there are several areas to be worked on, and it will need quite some testing to keep the balance with the otherwise imho very convincing behaviour of the flight model. I expect some significant improvements when they are back from their holidays in January. I usually tend to buy airplanes later in their development process, and the experience with the PC-12 makes me think about going back to that habit. On the other hand doing some flight testing was an interesting change in sim routine, and I deem SWS a developer worth of support. Having issued several patches in a short period of time shows dedication and the willingness to get it right. If you're on the fence, I'd wait until the next patch, then it should be good to go and well worth the money.
  8. I think youtube and searching for "MSFS" + "camera system", "drone camera" or "custom views" is the way to go.
  9. You can also save custom camera views with leftCTRL/leftALT + number (not Numpad). Basically you adjust the view you are currently in to your liking, press CTRL+ALT+1 and can recall this view with ALT+1 from wherever you are. I have set up my cooliehat to pan left-right-up-down, and with pressing another button on my joystick together with cooliehat movement I change views Pilot-Copilot-Overhead-Pedestal.The camerasytem in MSFS is very versatile, but it needs some time to explore all the possibilities. Here's how i set it up: I adjusted the pilot view to my liking, saved it as "User Defined Camera 1" (CTRL+ALT+1). I can change to that view anytime by pulling the lever (4) and simultaneously pushing the cooliehat to the left (POV <-). The other views are defined accordingly. Here's a sceenshot. It's german, but you'll get the drift.
  10. Defintely something to keep an eye on, although there seem to be different symptoms. I had it twice in the SWS Kodiak these days, and basically I wasn't able to control anything, not even the views including the cooliehat for looking around. However the sim kept running and the aircraft slammed into the ground, sound was ok, and I could leave the sim to the Main Menu. Reloading the flight didn't change the freeze, but changing the aircraft did. Therefore I blamed the Kodiak, although it didn't show this behaviour ever before. So further reports with detailed descriptions of symptoms will be appreciated, as I'm not sure we all have the same issue.
  11. I own the Kodiak and I enjoy it a lot. However the feedback so far leads me to believe that both planes share a common denominator in that "being a handful" to fly is considered to be an indicator for a realistic flight model. I'm on the fence for the PC-12 and so far like what I've seen and read in several videos, threads and on the developers Discord. I will hold off until the takeoff and landing characteristics have been tweaked to somewhat more reasonable, because an aircraft that drives you off the runway if you exceed the rotation speed by 10 knots doesn't exist in the whole aviation world. Although I have only flown light single engine pistons irl and no turboprop so far I am pretty sure that basic characteristics of any airplane are the same from the C152 to the A380, and that includes not killing you if you apply sensible control inputs. Here is what the FAA has to say in FAR Part23: 23.2135 Controllability. (a) The airplane must be controllable and maneuverable, without requiring exceptional piloting skill, alertness, or strength, within the operating envelope - ...
  12. D-GEIL would not fit as a registration for the PC-12 as it would be for a multiengine aircraft up to 2 tonnes. The registration for a single engine turboprop would have to be D-F * * * 😁. For further clarification regarding the term "GEIL" please refer to the following:
  13. Since I'm not really able to compare I won't argue about Live weather being above anything else, regardless however imho it falls short when compared to other main components of the sim. From my irl experience there's three main challenges in aviation. The first ist getting to grips with the aviation ecosystem (laws, regulations, SOP's, ATC, ...), the second is obtaining your flying skills with different types of airplanes and the third is coping with the conditions the atmosphere is throwing at you, mainly weather. Some day you will know most of the regulative stuff that is applicable for your type of flying, and handling the aircraft becomes routine. What remains an everlasting challenge and makes flying so rewarding is to assess the weather situation for each and every flight and the decisions that come with it: go/no-go, deviations, routings and the like. And that is clearly an area where the development of MSFS has fallen short, because regardless if one prefers pre- or post SU7 weather, apart from fixing the mess it was immediately after SU7 not much has really been done compared to the large progress aircraft and scenery have encountered. I hope for MSFS2024 and that the already acknowledged rewrite of the atmosperic simulation also includes major improvements for Live weather. To quote Jorg Neumann: "It’s where planes live, it’s got to be awesome."
  14. The preparation for the "Q"-part in these sessions imho doesn't seem very thorough, to put it mildly. The cloud turbulence issue is one example, where Seb gives the impression that he only got aware and tried it out immediately before the stream. And then he confuses the up- and downdrafts with cloud turbulence. That is no exception, it happened in many Q&A's before as well. Then there's the everlasting topic of historic Live weather as a second timeline, where Jorg again emphasized ancient weather while most users would be satisfied with 12 to 24 hours to compensate for different timezones, which seems complicated, as Martial pointed out. But it probably starts with properly understanding the issue, which has been laid out time after time in their forums. And asking the community to provide locations other than Malta where ground tiles are swapping is ridiculous in light of an extensive thread in their forums with hundreds of examples, 500 votes and 850 contributions. I can imagine this is due to the general fact that heads of branches usually aren't deep into details and I hope that there are employees who are better informed and can influence the development process accordingly. Otherwise it would be a bad testimony for their reporting system. And then there are some - let's call them interesting - statements like the A320 being pulled because of too many crashes on XBox, while there aren't many reports in the associated thread and the slow downloads in the Content Manager, which Martial declared to be on the client side instead of server issues, although my computer - and others, as is mentioned in the associated thread - doesn't show any signs of a high CPU load during download with 2mbps. Interestingly he also mentioned those problems won't occur in Bordeaux, so they must have different client software over there. But hey, what do I know....
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