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  1. Neither do I. On my system it is definitely the WT CJ4 causing CTD's, and consensus on the WT Discord seems to be it's MSFS code causing this. And I've logged quite some hours before SU5 in that plane without issues. And keeping in mind that SU5 was a major code change, there's no reason to believe in hardware issues in the majority of cases where MSFS would run fine for nearly a year and start CTD after such changes to the core sim. My impression too. Ironically, the statement in the latest Q&A however was, according to their telemetry data CTD's are the lowest since release.
  2. Actually, it can and it does. If you tick "Load SID and STAR with flightplan" on the second OPTION page of the EFB it will even load the departure runway and the approach into the FMS. If you tick "Load performance data with flightplan" it will do so as well. Just tried, as I am normally entering my Simbrief generated flightplans by hand and was curious. No idea about the MSFS Flightplanner though... And @Oldschool61: Even if it fails to load the approach, you can always enter it via the DEP/ARR key of the FMS, which will get you to the DEPARTURE page, where you then can use LSK6L to get to the DEP/ARR INDEX page, where LSK2R will get you to the ARRIVAL page. Select your ILS and STAR, Transition if appropriate - and you have no need to fly visual.
  3. Yes, both weather and terrain are currently available to displays written in JS/HTML There is a "Wishlist" posting over at the official forums, initiated by the Fly-by-wire guys, that says: "Currently, the only way to obtain weather and terrain radar is through the BingMap JS interface, which only renders a static image that can barely be customized at all (and only cosmetic customizations). Therefore, this means that high fidelity third party aircraft are severely limited by the lack of a native SDK API for retrieving weather, terrain, wind, and METAR data" I guess that's what you are referring to. Unfortunately, although having by far the largest vote count, the devs showed no awareness for the motivation of said request in the latest Q&A as they were ranting about an API to WRITE weather data to the sim, and then the complications of conflicts with the Meteoblue weather model. However, they claimed to be open to provide an API to access data that are present in the RAM. Not sure if that would be sufficient, and it didn't sound like it will happen anytime soon. In any case it is fair to assume that the 737 will release without weather radar, as will the Fenix A320 afaik.
  4. I agree! The last Q&A with MS/ASOBO clearly showed a lack of communication between the "community" (and PMDG I would assume) and the Devs. While on initiative of FBW (A320 mod) the request for a weather API gained beyond 1500 votes on the official forums, the devs were ranting about "everyone writing data to the servers and thus overloading them", while in fact it would be an API to !read! data from the sim to get weather information for the destination (as existing in the sim!) as well as information necessary to implement a believable weather radar beyond the ridiculous image provided with actual solutions. I sincerely hope the PMDG 737 will deliver on VNAV and RNP approaches, but I'm 100% sure we will see no weather radar on release.
  5. Yep, can confirm this, but I also have no CTDs with the TBM (modded) and WT G3000. I just had an interesting conversation with Matt Nischann on the WT Discord. They are aware that some of us are having issues (with the CJ4), but as long as there are no reproducable conditions under which these CTDs happen ("when I do this or get in this situation, then I always crash" - and I assume there's other factors like our individual configuration involved), there seems to be only a slim chance to fix these issues. Even if these conditions are identified it would take someone to "hit it while debugging, and that it's actually the issue causing the crash, and if you do, that you can actually determine the cause from that one instance". That's why I have hangared my CJ4 with a heavy heart until SU6, 7, 8........
  6. Good catch! I asked for adding a fence at the GAT/Himmelsschreiber Café at the Aerosoft forum, but got no reply. The same goes for an issue with aircraft spawning on Rwy05 when selecting Rwy23 on the world map and vice versa (and the AI is obviously also using the opposite runway). But otherwise, it's the best rendition of EDDH so far, and I can tell, as I'm a local and took off and landed there many times irl.
  7. Bought it on release, had a few flights, disliked the sounds and returned to the WT CJ4. As the CJ4 gives me CTDs since SU5, returned to the CRJ. I still dislike the sounds as I don't feel they are immersive (I guess you don't hear the jet engines whine anywhere in the front of that tube), but it's a nice airplane to fly with less automation than other jets. And the avionics are very similar to the CJ4 (Collins ProLine4 vs. ProLine21), the flight planning seems a bit more accurate and the FMS a bit more complete although it misses some of the advanced features of the CJ4 like Datalink and SimBrief integration. So if you have trouble with your CJ4 or want to step up ( in terms of size, not avionics), go for it!
  8. It's been reported. Matt Nischann said there's no way their CJ4 could crash the sim. It has to be MSFS bugs. Zendesk (yes, i reported there too, dutifully!) however says it's the responsibility of the third party (read: WT) to fix the issue. Go figure!
  9. This thread imho clearly shows the randomness of CTD's, lots of them introduced with SU5. While my WT CJ4 is prone to CTD since SU5 ( as the OP also indicates), the same route is perfectly flyable with the modded TBM and WT G3000 - yet other users suffer from CTD with the TBM. And while a lot of tips may be benfecial for one or the other user, the majority don't seem to change the situation. Which seems pretty logical to me: ASOBO has dramtically changed the sim core with SU5. Pre-Su5 I had 1 (one!) CTD in all the months since release, probably due to a faulty addon. Since SU5 the CJ4 suffers from CTD randomly, meaning it can be on taxi to the active, in flight, on approach and after landing. I thought I solved the problem with deleting the usercfg.opt file (one of the 1998 tips and tricks out there) as I completeted a 2:30hrs flight without issues - only to have a CTD after only 10 minutes the next day. Matt Nischann has stated on the WT Discord that their CJ4 can not cause a CTD, they think it is underlying bugs in the sim itself what causes them. Zendesk however says it's the third party that is responsible to solve the issue. Perfect! Long story short: imho all the vodoo out there doesn't change the situation for most users. Only ASOBO can - and has to!
  10. There's improvements - badly needed - for live weather promised for the end of this year, the "impressive" one for the end of 2022 indeed. But that doesn't change the fact some changes in SU5 weren't beneficial for all. I surely hope the visuals will be restored in due couse too.
  11. The best state would have been the visuals from SU4 with the performance of SU5. So I think absolute statements are misplaced here. While for users with older (read: lower-end) systems SU5 might have been a blessing regarding performance, for others -like me - it clearly was a step back in regards to the visuals. Where I would have said "WOW!" pre SU5 I now struggle to say "nice", as is clearly demonstrated by the poor quality of the clouds in this screenshot. Don't get me wrong: MSFS is still superior to other sims, but the title of this post is debatable! SU5 brought changes to the sim, and not all are for the better.
  12. There have been changes since SU5 (I don't want to re-start an XBox-downgrade discussion here, but as a matter of fact there have been changes!) that clearly affect visuals, and especially clouds. It's not only "grainy" looking clouds, but color banding, fringes and the general loss of fidelity. Where I would have said "WOW!" pre-SU5 I now force myself to say "nice" (we have a saying here that "nice" is the little sister of sh..."). Here's some topics from the MSFS-forums: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/purple-and-green-color-bands-since-update-5/447533 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/color-is-off-since-sim-update-5/428619 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/clouds-look-like-oil-painting/427680/55 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/washed-out-graphics-post-su5/428012/40
  13. Agreed! You should have posted in the "Wishlist" section though, as that would have enabled votes. Maybe some "likes" will do the trick anyhow....🙏
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