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  1. I bought the RXP GTN 650. From my point of view it is amazing, the compatibility with A36 is full, regarding the panel following my better result. https://freeimage.host/i/cattura.JqejoJ Thanks Ger
  2. Thank you Mr. Bert, thanks for the information. I will let you know when I will buy it I-m just afraid about the Airac
  3. Good day, I'm thinking to buy the GTN or GNS device for the Carenado A36. IS the GTN series fully compatible with A36 ? Even with Aspen ? Thanks
  4. Hi to everyone, Just a question. The reality xp gns 430 for prepar3d reads the new format db nav_db2.bin ?
  5. hi, I have thought it was not the official link. Thank a lot
  6. Hi to everyone, where I can find the offical link for the remot pdu. I would like to install it on the my ipad or microsoft surface device. Thanks
  7. If you are using PTA, try just to charge the default texture into PTA software and launch prepare3d.
  8. Good morning to all. I have on my laptop a FULLHD display, i would like to buy a 4K monitor, for sure i want to use both of them when i use prepar3d. Now my question is, Could I load the p3d with 4k resolution and move for example the overhead panel into the fullhd display ? Thanks
  9. Hi Gerard first of all thanks for your job. I would like to use your preset file. Which addons you suggest to have ? Thanks a lot Germano
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