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  1. Unsure what you mean because Device Hung crashes ARE in P3Dv4 and have been for many years. I started getting them on my 1080ti from v4.2 I think a few years ago. Chris
  2. Do MK Studios even have a support system as I contacted them on Thursday about the issues of Runway 28 still existing and they have not replied in any shape or form? Yes I can make it work using ADE but I shouldn't have to do that. Their website has a simple contact form, no forums or support ticket system from what I can see. Chris
  3. Hi guys I thought Id chip in here after buying MK-Studios Dublin a couple of weeks ago. When I got it the current version was 1.01a which included the so called fix for AI aircraft not taking off on Runway 28. They either stopped at the hold short and remained there or moved onto the threshold and got stuck there resulting in all landing aircraft to go-around. I tried some tweaks mentioned here and managed to get it to sort of work better but not all the time. I was using UTL but with FLAI aircraft injected into it. Version 1.02 has just come out so I uninstalled 1.01a, installed 1.02 but still had the same problem, I disabled the tweaks I had done in ADE by renaming all the EIDW files it had created. I also removed FLAI as I had noticed I often got ntdll crashes. Still the same problem. The first aircraft might take off fine but then all others just freeze. Going to contact the developer 😞 Chris
  4. Website works for me but not PTA, it requests an activation which it says has failed. Chris
  5. I'm puzzled how this works to stop long pauses because it's the SIM requesting the active scenery library be scanned rather than something Windows is doing. I'll give it a shot though my long pause locations have moved since v4.4 They were in a few repeatable locations where the SIM would completely stop for at least 8 seconds if I had all my scenery active. Same occured even with every setting on Mon or switched off. I since started using a scenery configuration editor. Will do no harm testing this I guess Chris
  6. I'm fairly new to Chaseplane but had set up some cameras on a few planes, had to reinstall my sim month or so ago after formatting my system and no settings or cameras were re-imported when I reinstalled Chaseplane etc. It did confuse me as I too believed it was all linked to your account. Chris
  7. It should be available if you click on the legacy link on the download page Chris
  8. Lol, Ive just updated the Client and Content. Ran Prepar3D to generate files etc. Closed the sim then ran PTA. A backup was made but when I open the RD preset, of even your own included one I get the following error when applying it. Applying [Urban areas lighting at night] to D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ShadersHLSL\GPUTerrain.fx ERROR applying tweak [Urban areas lighting at night] Problem with patch #0 - Patched block not found. Chris
  9. Wow thanks Matt. Will update P3D now...and I was just about to go to bed lol Chris
  10. Some folks really must get their priorities in life sorted out. Complaining because one tiny aspect of an app, a low cost app I may also add, isn't quite functioning correctly. Given the rest of PTA functions fine and radically changes the look of the sim I am pleased with it and has been well worth the £15 I paid for it a couple of years ago. Like Matt says 4.5 is due out very soon. Anyone who isn't happy should just restore the awful default shaders and stop complaining. Chris
  11. I've just logged into the forum to check this very issue as I too noticed it last night. I'm currently rebuilding my sim after formatting my system. Applied one of the PTA presets from Skyforce3D and noticed these boxes, think I also got it on an RD preset though cant be sure as doing a lot to set the sim up. Restoring shaders removed the boxes and so did reapplying the presets but with one of the water tweaks disabled, not at home at the moment but think it was water reflection? Chris
  12. Matt I didn't mean any disrespect so please forgive me as it's not in my nature. I love PTA and whilst the missing water tweak hasn't bothered me I was a little concerned about the future of PTA given how P3D is evolving. I appreciate you are a busy man. Chris
  13. The silence is not looking good. Looks like we may have to change to Tomatoshade etc when v4.5 is released. I've always been reluctant, not just because we bought PTA, but because Tomatoshade comes with its own issues and performance loss if aircraft reflection profiles are used. Chris
  14. I reinstalled Chaseplane and it all seems to be fine and allows me to type camera names, a strange one. Chris
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