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  1. cj-ibbotson


    I reinstalled Chaseplane and it all seems to be fine and allows me to type camera names, a strange one. Chris
  2. Morning, I'm a new user to Chaseplane which I purchased and installed yesterday. I cannot seem to add preset camera positions. If I move the camera to a new position e.g. right seat and press the '+' symbol to add a preset, a pop up appears asking me to enter a name but I cannot type anything at all in this box, nothing happens. I have rebooted the system, keyboard works fine and works in the sim but in the Chaseplane UI it does nothing. This is for any aircraft. I watched a few tutorial videos last night in case I was doing something wrong but cannot get it to work. Any ideas what is disabling my keyboard when the UI is open? Chris Ibbotson
  3. cj-ibbotson

    Pauses Finally Cured?

    Just returning to this thread as I haven't been using my simulator in many weeks. As Orbx extended their sale by a further 24 hours I decided to purchase True Earth Netherlands for about £15 which is a bargain. I cannot see me investing in other TE regions as the sheer storage space required is enormous and the only feasible way to install them is on the old mechanical hard drives which to me is a step backwards. Orbx is getting a lot of the blame for these Long Pauses, I know I got them simply by installing and having only their full fat regions and global products installed and nothing else. Long pauses occured regardless of the sims settings, even with every slider to the left...the sim looked so ugly but still paused for up to 8 seconds at set test locations. It also happened when I formatted my system and installed Windows 7 as test when I thought something had messed up Windows 10, I'm back on W10 but the issue is exactly the same. True Earth has got me thinking about the future of Prepar3D and the direction ORBX are taking. We already have a messed up sim which simply cannot cope properly with too many add on sceneries. It is indexing the active scenery library when you cross certain lines when flying over scenery and causing lengthy pauses from 1 - 8 seconds (these are not stutters). Orbx's full fat regions are huge compared to many other scenery packages from other companies so what impact will True Earth have on long pauses? I am currently downloading a 72GB zip file to install tomorrow, I can only imagine it will make the pause problem worse and with more TE packages in development the landclass method maybe a thing of the past. Any thoughts? Has anyone with a large amount of other sceneries carried out tests with no Orbx scenery installed or active to see if the indexing problem still exists? Chris
  4. I've been following and engaging with this thread in a hope that some common software or other technical issue will come to light, Pete is one of the most respected developers in this field and I always hoped he would find a way of catching the error as its so similiar to the old G3D.dll crashes. If its simply 'your card is faulty' then each and everyone of us might as well give up on this thread and go out and buy a new card or get those RMA's requested. I've just seen so many with this crash (especially on Facebook groups) to believe 100% we have hardware failure. I think the fact that we have a huge guide on crashes just shows it's not a stable platform for many and I resent that its always blamed on user error. I really dont want to RMA it due to having to go to bloody Hong Kong but they would need to do more strenuous tests than simply running off the shelf stress tests otherwise it will show up as being fine and be returned straight back to me. Ive learnt a lesson when I bought this card and that is despite buying from the largest UK Retailer to make sure there is support in the UK should something go wrong. RMA will have to wait to the new year Chris
  5. Jim I NEVER overclock my gpu for P3D yet you keep saying that...why is that, is it to add credence to your CTD Guide as being the likely cause? I have always stated that even when it is run on default or underclocked speeds it still fails in P3D yet like so many on this thread it works perfectly fine on everything else. Are other members subject to these same belittling comments as I dont see it? Others have changed or purchased the latest hardware yet still have this crash...are they all faulty too? I only ever stated I did test overclocks on other stress tests just to prove the card appears to run perfectly well and not crash or overheat. You also keep stating I demand higher settings because I bought an expensive card...again untrue as the crashes also occured on an entirely default installation on default settings with zero addons installed or running. Even Time Spy brought Rob's pc to its knees yet mine passed at 4K on its extreme stress test using default gpu speeds...please explain how my gpu, cpu or system did not fail? Its a Inno3D card and will have to be returned to Hong Kong. I seriously doubt they will test the card on Prepar3D so an RMA will probably be a waste of time given every single other program runs fine and passes tests. If it could be returned locally I'd do it but due to there being no UK or European place to return it to it means at least a 4-6 week turnaround and the costs of carriage which is non refundable. It needs returned to the retailer first (Overclockers.co.uk) who then return it to Inno if they approve the return for checking. I will raise an RMA in the new year but then what if they said there's nothing wrong with it? A possible waste of time, waste of money, business affected unless I buy another cheap card or use the onboard graphics which may not run software I need for my business etc etc Yes that was a different card and may fall into the lucky ones unaffected, and yes it may be a tiniest of faults in my own card that no other piece of software experiences so the question is why does no other piece of software, no other stress test detect any form of faults? I was only able to test my sons 1080 for 6 hours because he was only home from university for 2 days and I only briefly had access to his card. 6 hours isnt really enough as Ive had the crash after 14 hr tests, it is so random. Why can my system pass Time Spy on its 4K Extreme stress test yet P3D and only it fails and its not graphically intensive at all? That is why I have little faith in an expensive and very lengthy RMA process because they will not be using a sim that so few use to run tests. I will start an RMA after Christmas but given so many experience this crash including yourself with a brand new 2080 it leaves me extremely sceptical we all have hardware failures, this again reinforces my belief that the software, whether its LM, nVidia or Microsoft's Direct X has something in it which is not liking the tiniest of glitches our hardware may throw at it. I dont know anyone else personally who uses P3D to test in their computers so Im on my own, in fact I only know one other guy with a gaming pc and he uses XP11. I'm tired of being blamed for this fault on this forum and accused of overclocking my hardware then wondering why the sim crashes. Anyone with the tiniest hint of intelligence would remove all overclocks, restore all settings to default and then reinstall Windows all of which I have done with no luck. The fact that Admin here has to create such an extensive Crash to Desktop guide demonstrates P3D and FSX before it are such an unstable platforms. I've worked in Autocad for over 20 years and also with Photoshop and they very rarely crash
  6. Sadly this didnt work for me 😞
  7. Thanks for this, i googled it earlier and seen a video. I did notice it resumes normal behavarior if I close or restart Afterburner. Ill look at your video. Mine still fluctuates a little. When I pick the dot furtherest to the right on the curve it says 2025 mhz but in Afterburner it jumps about between 1980-2025 and has dropped down to 1770 min according to GPU-Z so its not locking completely. The only 'fix' that worked for me was reducing the gpu Power Limit to 70 or 75%, 100% guarantees a crash so testing now at 100% Chris
  8. That along with removing an overclock on the cpu was one of the first things I tested and all proved futile in past tests Im afraid. I recall lowering both the core and memory clock speeds by about 150mhz so that the boosted clock speed never exceeded the non factory overclocked speeds - 1607mhz I think Chris
  9. Im curious to know how you lock the clock speeds? I understand you can do it for the processor so that it always runs at its max but I wasn't aware its possible for the gpu. I would be keen to test it. Chris
  10. One of my earliest, out of 100s of tests, was a completely new Windows 10 installation and a default sim. No addons, no Windows updates, no Google Chrome downloaded either and I still got DXGI crashes. Coulg even get them just sitting on the runway. Sorry I've not been on much this week to being a victim of a crime so haven't fully caught up on the thread but wanted to reply to this comment. Chris
  11. cj-ibbotson

    Orbx causing long pauses in v4.4

    I was getting long pauses with only ORBX regions and global LC/texture add-ons installed / enabled, no other airfields installed during tests. If it's not an ORBX problem then it sure is a major LM issue if just the above triggers the pauses. Chris
  12. At least you get consistency with crashes as Time Spy ran perfectly well on the extreme stress test and passed. Leaves me thinking then what on earth is causing Prepar3D to crash. My fear is if I go through the very long RMA process with Inno3d (no UK or Europe base so back to Hong Kong) then what if it passes all stress tests with them just like at mine. Will make me think twice and research implications if a product fails. Chris
  13. Let me know how you get on. I'd love it to be a simple thing like the PSU though still unsure given my son's 1080 worked fine on Prepar3D when I tested it on my system. Saying that it only needed a single 8 pin power connector and my 1080ti need 8 plus 6 so perhaps struggles to draw the power. Maybe why errors are reduced when I reduce Power Limit setting. On the other hand it passed Time Spy on Extreme without a problem Chris
  14. Hi Steve, Textures or objects surely aren't the root cause because the only way I can have a huge impact on reducing these crashes is to reduce my Power Limit setting on my GPU to 70-80%. My SIM settings and content remain entirely unchanged so the exact same textures and bgls etc are still loading but no crash. Mine was entirely random on 100s of tests and tweaking prior to discovering the power limit fix, it wasn't linked to any particular location like Pete is experiencing. It could even happen in tests with the aircraft sitting still on a runway These edits have never ever worked for me
  15. Rob Ive just got round to running Time Spy. I forgot I got a copy of 3D Mark Advanced with my 1080ti so I installed it, updated it then ran both the Extreme Benchmark and the Extreme Stress test for 20 loops. Before this I reset my gpu power limit setting back to 100%..a setting which causes DXGI crashes in P3D. Benchmark test passed no problem and so did the extreme stress test with a passmark of 97.5% These sorts of things just leave me wondering again if my card is 'faulty'. During stress test the max gpu temp was 83 degrees. max cpu was 70 degrees, currently running it at 4.7 (HT off) 1.3v Here is the log file of the Time Spy stress test and all looks fine on a quick glimpse, core clocks etc dropped briefly near the start which was probably when the software was loading https://www.dropbox.com/s/tv8jk42zgc30bda/GPU-Z Sensor TIME SPY Log.txt?dl=0 Chris