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  1. Same! Hopefully they can update it sooner than later. When they do, ill buy it asap.
  2. Where exactly do you actually type in the AIForceLandingSupressRecip=1?
  3. Also get this from time to time. The fix on my system is to go to options and select windowed mode, and then back to full screen. Then its back to normal again.
  4. So you are using them both, at the same time? No conflict?
  5. Bought it. Even with interiors, passengers and static traffic disabled its quite heavy on the performance. Atleast on my machine.
  6. I've tried 4 start ups of the flight sim with these settings, and so far its been working! Hopefully that was the fix we needed. Will report back if things turn ugly again! 🙂 Cheers!
  7. Ah thats interesting. Will try to delete some addons which I dont use that much. Going to be a needle in a haystack though, with 500GB in the community folder hehe
  8. Been trying a few things last fww days, but still have the issues. Yesterday I tried the " verify the integrity of game files"-option in the steam app, which essencially is a partial (complete?) re-install of the game. It was a ~100GB download/install atleast. Didnt do much though. This problem sucks so much...
  9. Its still abit rough, but I really enjoy the new E190/195!
  10. Yeah it sucks to restart the simulator every time. I have issues with different aircrafts (PMDG/Fenix/FSS and so on) The aircraft spawns in, but I cannot use the throttles or power up the aircraft for example. I hace to restart the sim, and then they work. Quite annoying though. No idea what causes it.
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