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  1. The flight sim community pretty much divides itself between MSFS and X-Plane, but as some know, there are many other flight sim platforms out there. Of course, some are better than others! One new entrant to the flight sim platform marketplace is AeroflyFS. Although the makers Ikarus have mainly in the past focused on radio control flying sims, AeroflyFS is a full scale flight sim, with extremely realistic flight handling dynamics and some visuals to die for. It does have it's limitations, compared to sims like FSX and X-Plane 10, mainly that it covers only the country of Switzerland. The included aircraft (which consist of GA like the C172 and DR400, along with a fast jet and some gliders) also do not contain a lot in the way of technical controls; the engine for example, is always running. But you do have control of important control aspect such as flaps, prop controls, and of course trim. AeroFlyFS may not contain a wide area of scenery but what is there is rendered in equisite detail, with options such as HDR. Frame Rate performance as compared to FSX is very light. Weather and wind control is limited but what is there is done very well. If you enjoy VFR flying over a real area, with superb visuals, and in aircraft with very convincing flight handling characters, AeroflyFS could be for you. On the AVSIM forums to date there has been quite a lot of interest in AerosflyFS, but the majority of simmers seem to be holding back, awaiting reviews of the product, or possibly awaiting the addition of more features, such as avionics, which are missing from AeroflyFS, aside from a basic moving map. AVSIM member Btacon said "At first glance, it seems like a good platform, but it is clear that there remains much to do if it is to meet expectations vis a' vis MSFS / X-Plane". Whilst Jtmedina said "In my opinion it has an excellent flight model and the quality of the scenery is simply incredible". AeroflyFS has recently been updated to version and this update is not contained in the boxed version, so if you pick this sim up, head over to http://www.aeroflyfs...roflyfs-en.html and install the update.
  2. Updated: 11 April, 1645 GMT 10th April: Right on target, Carenado have today released their latest General Aviation aircraft addon; the King Air C90. The C90 continues Carenado's recent introduction to turbo-prop aircraft, that started with the Piper PA46T Malibu. The C90 appears to offer a new level of audio immersion and quality, with a '3D Audio' feature that really puts you in the aircraft. The product features HD models as well as a 'lite' version for those whose systems may struggle with the HD models. Updated information from Carenado: New Features Avydyne Multifunction display and EFIS (EADI & EHSI). New lighting rendering system. Landing, taxi, strobe and beacon illuminate objects and ground. New 3D stereo sounds. Knobs and switches sounds. Special effect sounds. Special animations. Features Avidyne Multifunction Display. Original EFIS (EADI & EHSI) installed. HD quality textures (2048 x 2048). Carenado GPS400 installed. 3D gauges. Original HQ digital stereo sounds recorded directly from a real PT6A (Pratt and Whitney Canada) engine. Lite VC option. Customizable panel for controlling windows transparency, instrument reflections and static elements such as wheel chocks and sights props. Real behavior compared to the real airplane. Real weight and balance. Tested by real pilots. Realistic night lights effects on panel and cockpit. Included in the package 6 HD liveries. 1 HD Blank livery. C90B Avidyne Multifunction Display PDF. C90B EFIS PDF. C90B Emergency Checklist PDF. C90B Normal Checklist PDF. C90B Performance Tables PDF. C90B Reference PDF. C90B Terrain Awareness Annunciator Control Unit PDF. Carenado GPS400 User Guide PDF. GPS Annunciation Control Unit PDF. Recommended Settings PDF.
  3. Stick

    C90 release

    Reported by AVSIM Reporter Stick: Right on target, Carenado have today released their latest General Aviation aircraft addon; the King Air C90. The C90 continues Carenado's recent introduction to turbo-prop aircraft, that started with the Piper PA46T Malibu. The C90 appears to offer a new level of audio immersion and quality, with a '3D Audio' feature that really puts you in the aircraft. The product features HD models as well as a 'lite' version for those whose systems may struggle with the HD models. The C90 is available for $39.95 from the Carenado site. Join the discussion of the C90 here.
  4. Stick

    The "Quote" system

    Hi all, I was interested to see the introduction of the Inspirational Quote function, at the top right of the AVSIM Forum Home Page, and some inspiring quotes greeting me each visit. There is a function to "submit a quote" which I did; only to find that my quote never did appear in the list of quotes added for that day (or any day). Am I correct in assuming that this quote list is therefore 'by approval only' ? The quote I entered was by the Dalai Llama XIV and I felt, inspiring. There are a number of quotes on the list, of Christian origin, and I felt a perspective of similar intention but different persusion would be welcome, as not all of your membership will be Christians. If the quotes system is indeed 'by approval' only, could you please consider stating this on the submit form, so that people who take the time to submit a quote, then see it not appear, at least realize why. Also, perhaps some guidance on what you will choose to publish and what you will delete would be helpful. Thank you.
  5. / / / / ........this guy has such a BAD attitude (whether on this topic, X-Plane, or AeroflyFS, or the other topics that I've had the misfortune to bump into him on. Always an expectant, harsh, abrupt, ego-centric attitude to everything. ...and it's not just about 'not digging' FSUIPC either, it's about the fact that this topic is about such a huge breakthrough and positive development for so many people, done by a guy (Pete) who will do anything he can to improve the hobby, not just for paying customers ............. and yet this guy above just has to get his negative vibe in.I really feel sorry for this guy, as it clearly can't be much fun living with that outlook.........I may be completely wrong here (and if I am fine, you can laugh at me), but is this guy an AVSIM Reviewer? (or maybe he used to be?) .......... if so, what a role model huh? if not, my bad.
  6. Ben, Technically speaking, rolling back isn't possible, as the tablet doesn't let you unistall the updates. (bah!)... I just happen to have a V1.0 flight 1 wrapper installer, so to roll back, i uninstall the AS and reinstall that again. Rob's a great guy and has been a huge part of people almost winning respect back in the Airsimmer Team, however I would respectfully say that when comments are made about the roll instability after AP disconnect, I never feel they're taken seriously. I therefore suspect that there is some sort of config issue that causes this issue for some of us, that Rob maybe hasn't seen yet. I've also had time on a Level D A320 sim that used to be at Manchester Airport, and I can honestly say that the issue that you and I are talking about, is far from realistic behaviour. What is notable is that hand flying seems fine on take-off and when hand flying the climbout, but then after AP disconnect on finals, the airplane just wants to roll off it's lateral axis. It just feels like it is wobbling, and late finals can be farcical! I definately thing something is happening on some of our configs that is causing this. As I said, the issue is almost non-existant of V1.0.. on my system it gradually got worse from V1.2 onwards. Cheers.
  7. Hi Ben, That wobbling all over the sky when handflying on approach is exactly why I rolled back to V1.1 (actually V1.0 was always fine for me too). I know exactly what you mean, it's like the Airbus has no stability at all on the roll axis, and it's very hard to track the runway on approach, as a result. I tried increasing the 'Roll Stability' setting in the [Flight_Tuning] entry of the Airsimmer's aircraft.cfg but it only helped a little. But rolling back to V1.1 pretty much eradicated the issue at this end. Cheers.
  8. I re-installed yesterday, and activated no problem, so the AS server is definately still working. I still had the V1.0 (normal release, not extended beta) Flight 1 wrapper on my HD, so I just ran that, hit the "re-install" button, pointed it to my license, and installation went fine. Then when I ran the AS tablet, it asked for my F1 certificate number - I had to get this from an old email from 2009 that I got when I purchased (thank god for Gmail, and it's archiving!). Put in the certifiate and activated no problem. I then hit "update" on the tablet and got all the liveries and the V1.1, V1.2, V1.2.1, and V1.3 updates. However......... to me, the flight dynamics became nastily twitchy and unrealistic from 1.2 onwards, so I rolled back to V1.1 which I'm staying at for now, as it flies perfectly on my system. People who have let the AS slip by or been unlucky enough to have lots of problems with it (I've never ever had a CTD with it) are really missing a trick: it's a superb plane; the best ever in FS9 in my opinion. Cheers.
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