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  1. You can go into AppData\Local and make a copy of your x-plane_install_12.txt and rename it to x-plane_install_11.txt. OrbX Central will then see your XP12 installation as XP11. Of course it's probably safer to wait for an official update, but this should work as a temporary solution.
  2. For me, stability actually improved with DX12 and SU10 beta. Before with SU9 and DX11, when I tried to load into certain airports, like DD's KRNT, it would CTD while loading 8 times out of 10. With DX12 and SU10 beta, I was able to load in there time and time again without issues. However I got another CTD yesterday shortly after take off while flying out of KAVX in DX12. I removed the OrbX version of KAVX (since Asobo provide their own version now) and that might have fixed it, at least for now. However it's hard to tell since those CTD's come sporadically. However they always happen either while loading or shortly after takeoff. I also get the exact same crashes on my laptop (11800H, RTX 3050 Ti) as on my desktop (Ryzen 3800X, RTX 3060 Ti), if the same addons are installed and the same settings are used. I only install addons from the official store and OrbX, so it appears even those heavily vetted addons have compatibility issues with each other when combined in certain ways.
  3. Not getting any noticeable artifacts in DX12 here which is curious since I only have a 3060 Ti. However I run the sim at 1080p and with an older 3800X CPU so I'm not stressing the GPU that much. Performance is usually limited by the CPU (main thread). One thing I noticed is that Off-screen terrain pre-caching is even more of a train wreck in DX12 than in DX11. FPS actually dropped to 10-11 FPS at Medium, while panning around. It felt like I was back in FSX. Setting it to Ultra tripled the framerate to over 28-30 in the same area, while only removing 3-4 FPS when looking straight ahead (34 FPS instead of 36). I also realized that I actually have to use DX12 to fix the random "CTD On Load" at airports like KRNT so any slight reduction in smoothness or quality is really moot. I thought the fix was in SU10 itself but it seems it's only fixed for DX12 pipeline. In DX11 it still crashes about 25% of the time while I haven't had a crash with DX12 yet.
  4. Seems like they've finally fixed the CTD's on load that happened at specific locations. I was able to start from KRNT 5 times in a row now without a CTD. I mean it took 2 years of development for them to fix it but still. At this rate the same might be relatively bug free within the current decade.
  5. All we can hope for is that Asobo keep finding more causes for those CTD's and fix them. If FS2020 were coded properly, it would "catch" those exceptions, even those caused by faulty scenery or other addons, and display a useful error message indicating what went wrong. In software design, simply exiting silently to the desktop with no error messages is indicative of very poorly coded software. Since the software itself provides no information, all you can really do as an end user is employ trial and error by selectively disabling add-ons until the crashes stop.
  6. They broke 74S (Anacortes). It's now a crater.
  7. People want to know what you did to fix it, in case they experience a similar problem and do a search in the forums at a future time.
  8. Access Violation is an extremely general error that can happen for a variety of reasons. In MSFS, these types of errors usually happen when doing specific things, such as loading a particular addon or starting a flight in a specific location. If it's repeatable like that, it probably isn't caused by faulty hardware (unless specific files are corrupted due to a faulty SSD or similar). More likely it's a stack or buffer overflow, null pointer or other faulty code in the sim. This is either due to a bug in the core application code, or poor handling of errors in addons. In general, error handling in MSFS leaves a lot to be desired. Properly coded software should handle exceptions and errors gracefully and throw an informative error message. Dumping the user back to the desktop without any useful error message or error logs is very bad programming practice. The sim should be able to catch the exception and ideally also provide some information on what caused it in the first place. When you get these errors in MSFS, you're stumbling in the dark and can only really solve it by trial and error (keep changing stuff randomly until you stumble on something that fixes the problem). I started getting them when I added a bunch of freeware scenery to the Seattle area combined with the OrbX stuff. 8 times out of 10, the sim would CTD while loading. Basically if the progress bar made it past the initial "bump", CPU usage will go up and the sim will start loading properly. If it doesn't make it past this initial "bump", it will CTD. A log file showing exactly what happens during this stage of loading and what the last step was before crashing would be exceedingly helpful.
  9. SSD endurance is a largely overblown problem for regular users. My 850 Evo from 2015 has about 60 TBW and still works great 7 years later. It has long since been relegated to being a secondary drive for Steam games etc.
  10. The initial problems with preferred core, cache coherence and L3 cache performance have been solved. I get equal/better performance in Win11 as I did in Win10. There's however a bug that affects some users where the TPM causes hickups/lag when enabled. This happens regardless of the OS, but since TPM is required for Win11, more people are experiencing it on Win11. A BIOS fix is expected around April.
  11. Nothing dishonest about it. You had the Standard version with the subscription. You bought a perpetual license for the upgrade from Standard to Premium Deluxe, which clearly requires the Standard version to work. A perpetual license for Premium Deluxe is $120+, not $60. You then terminated your license for the Standard version, a prerequisite for the Upgrade. You'll either have to reactivate the game pass or buy the Standard version outright.
  12. I guess it's kind of hard to do repeatable comparison benchmarks due to the variability and many factors involved. I increased mine to 32 GB as I have space to spare on my SSD. Since I tend to fly around the same areas most of the time, it makes sense to me.
  13. I just started experiencing the same problem with my Cessna Yoke. Since this thread was one of few Google results, I figured I would post here if anyone else experiences the same thing. It's indeed very easy to fix. You remove 8 screws from the yoke grip itself and then it comes apart. Be careful not to put any tension on the wires that connect the two halves. Directly underneath each rocker switch is a small screw. Just tighten it until the rocker switch feels firm again. Don't overtighten as there are lots of fragile plastic bits in there. Note that this will only fix the problem of the rocker switch feeling loose but still functioning. If you don't get any clicks or input at all, it means one of the switches is probably broken which is a more complicated fix.
  14. Well in my case bandwidth is free (no cap), while HDD/SSD space costs money. So having a giant cache taking up precious SSD space would only make sense if there was a noticeable benefit.
  15. A lot of reviewers and non-simmers ("gamers") consider games these days unplayable if they ever drop below 60 FPS. That's why there are so many complaints about the frame-rate in MSFS. Those coming from X-Plane and especially FSX/P3D on the other hand are used to flight sims barely running over 30 FPS (in fact, many still limited the FPS to 30 Max to avoid micro stutters), so seeing a flight sim run at even 35 - 40 FPS is mindblowing. On my system, there isn't any one setting that causes the frame rate to tank, but the cumulative effect of all the different enhancements between High and Ultra cause a somewhat noticeable difference between the two presets. I started with the recommended High, but cranked a few things up to Ultra. Still getting very decent frame rates.
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