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  1. blueskybob


    Used PF3 and MCE for several months. Too much manual configuration for SIDs STARs,some phraseology issues with ATC. Some things just required key presses,voice request ineffective.Whats the point of voice control if you have to mix it with key strokes. VOXATC looked promising with Navigraph updatable SIDS/STARS,but lack of bridge for UT Live was a deal killer. Pilot2Atc looks most promising: StarSid Navigraph,solid ATC phraseology,good support,full taxi instructions,great imbedded planning tool with full export abilities to Garmin addons,AS4,other AC addons..all the big ones. So far,so good.
  2. I had an OOM this past week, 1st time on an upper end system purchased 9 mos.ago. Been flying to high fps hit airports (KLAX,EGLL,etc) no issues,also with FSCaptain. But upgraded to ver. 1.06 last week,and now had 2 OOMs, 1st time. Had no issues with 1.05. Also updated the REX D textures. Only 2 recent changes. Going to rollback to ver 1.05 FSC. If OOM, then REX will be the focus.
  3. blueskybob

    Making AI "disappear" with hot key

    If you use UT2 as your AI addon,it has a "clear approach" function that clears away AI traffic. Comes in handy on departures as well.