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  1. Thanks guys, I'm going for older CPUs purely to keep the cost down, although it seems I may be able to stretch to the 9th gen - between the i5 9600K (3.7ghz to 4.6ghz) and the i7 9700K (3.6ghz to 4.9ghz), would the performance gain be hugely noticeable, as in is it worth the extra £100ish? I'd ideally be looking for 30fps in the PMDG NGX, ORBX Global, Active Sky and payware scenery added? EDIT: I planned on running with a GTX1060 6GB. Would this bottleneck the either i7 8700k or 9700k, or the i5 8600k or 9600k? Cheers, Oliver Mitchell.
  2. Afternoon all, For a new build for exclusively P3D, as the title says, what would be preferred? Said i5 is much cheaper and will save me £100+, but would the i7 CPU give a sizable performance gain? I plan to use it alongside the 6GB GTX1060. Cheers, Oliver Mitchell.
  3. I still have the lag in windowed mode, like ThomasAH... I'm seriously stumped - I haven't changed my hardware, and it just came out of nowhere!? Same :(
  4. Right, okay! Interesting. If I were to use windowed mode instead of full screen mode without borderless gaming, would it have the same effect as with borderless gaming installed? As in like - Will putting FSX in windowed mode ensure there is no lag when the mouse is placed inside of the window or will there be lag, and only with borderless gaming will the lag go? Thanks, Oliver Mitchell
  5. Right, okay - Is there still lag however, when the mouse is placed inside of the window? Thanks! Will check it out
  6. Hello all! My fps have suddenly dropped over the course of one night I used to use OpusFSX, before I decided to make the switch to Ezdok V2 (I did have Ezdok V1) - I changed to Ezdok v2, and the 'mouse cursor issue' appeared out of nowhere - I've never had that issue before in my entire time of simming. I uninstalled V2, went back to V1 and still had the issue - So then I went back to no camera addon (ie. the default FSX camera system) and the problem persists). I've reinstalled FSX this morning to no avail... Any ideas? I am aware that this is an age old bug with FSX, but anyone for ideas? Thanks, Oliver Mitchell Edit: Only in VC do the FPS drop (30-35fps to 15-20fps (NGX))
  7. As stated above! Don't be saying things like, a 64-bit sim... We know! More things like applications for the sim to increase realism, tools etc. What would you like to see? Oliver Mitchell
  8. Excellent! Looks like ASCA is on my Christmas list! Thanks Damian, Oliver Mitchell
  9. Hello! I've downloaded the AS16 demo and, well what can I say - I'm amazed. I plan to buy AS16 when my trial expires, however I wish to also purchase ASCA. From the Default FSX Clouds is there a fps impact from using ASCA textures? Thanks, loving AS16 Oliver Mitchell
  10. I think I'll take the BBJ using real world 737 routes from different airlines - Thanks Thanks I don't, however I like the look of Pago Pago - Might get it - Thanks
  11. Hi all, I am thinking about doing a world tour in the PMDG NGX starting this Monday! I was wondering if anyone know's of a world tour repaint (type thing...), or a generic repaint for flying. I'm a 'realist' and cannot stand anything being unrealistic. Therefore, I'd prefer not to land in Bolivia in a Thomson 737-800, on my 'world tour'. Any other general tips for a world tour?! Just anything in general. Furthemore, I am looking to fly into challenging airports such as Madeira, Paro etc. all of which I have succesfully conducted landings for before. Service Based Failures will be enabled Thanks, Oliver Mitchell.
  12. Not as of yet. Expect more on this in the coming weeks.
  13. As mentioned, those who wish not to build a virtual fleet should chose the sandbox option - This seems right for you! As far as I am aware, FSEconomy can be somewhat lacking in aircraft types (don't quote me however, I have never used FSEconomy and go solely from what I read). In terms of that fsFinance will bring to the market that isn't already here, I am unable to comment on an official feature list as of yet, however expect one to be released in the coming months, possibly weeks. Also, due to the way fsFinance is being developed, any features you would like to see added, as always simply ask. See the bottom for contact details. FSEconomy does seem heavily based on propeller aircraft, however I can tell you now that fsFinance will not be. There will be many types available to operate, from a Cessna 172 to a Boeing 787 Dreamliner - It's up to you whether you want to fly cargo, passenger, even helicopters may be included depending on any feedback we receive on this idea. In relation to other products on the market, this application will be online based, with the programs such as the tracker running offline on the desktop (this is to minimize the effect on FPS). I am pleased that this product will be free and will remain that way. There will be no ads, no hidden costs. I am aware, that everybody seems to say this but I am really in this for the community. I have been a simmer for just over 9 years and I know what people want - Money should not be required to do something, we as a community enjoy.just 5 days! Nice to see As mentioned previously fsFinance will have a large variety of aircraft to chose from - Any specifics you would like to see, contact via the bottom. At the moment, I am looking to, upon initial release to include support for X-Plane. However, no promises - Further information to follow. Okay, I've ran out of quotations available in one post... @x-plane 123 Yes, if that is something you would like to see - Email address at the bottom. @briansommers Don't worry, I'm still here - I didn't expect such a busy forum after 5 days... Nice to see! Email me @olivermitchell.sec@gmail.com
  14. Hello! My name is Oliver Mitchell and I am very excited to announce the developement of fsFinance. What is fsFinance? fsFinance (short for Flight Simulator Finance) is an online management system for your virtual fleet. It isn't a virtual airline as such, more of a system to track your flights. At the moment, we currently have 2 modes available - Career and Sandbox. Career: Career mode is where you begin with a set budget, and purchase aicraft. As a result of this 'set budget', you will only have enough to buy certain types of aicraft (Cessna's, not a 747). Use these aicraft to operate virtual flights and generate an income to buy more aicraft. Once you have yourself a little money, purchase the more expensive aircraft such as a Boeing 737 - This will increase passenger capacity, range etc. You can fly different airlines at once, remember fsFinance is all about what YOU want to do. Sanbox: Sandbox mode is known as 'Diving in at the deep end'. No budget. No restrictions. Simply operate whatever flights you wish, its up to you. fsEconomy will track your flights. At the moment, the website is coming along smoothly. This will form the backbone of the system before I can write the program to record your flights. In time, this project will become a first of its type, using a variety of tricks to enable the most groundbreaking features possible. This whole system will be completely Free, and best of all, this system is going to be UP TO YOU! Whatever features you would like, ask and thou shall recieve! What would YOU like to see in this? It's up to you! Over the years I have been a simmer, I have always noticed something has been missing. This will fill the gap. Any suggestions, ideas or just general ideas go to: olivermitchell.sec@gmail.com Blue Skies Oliver Mitchell
  15. Hello all! I have recently added a utitlity for calculating the landing performance of the PMDG NGX 800 and 900. It determines the lowest autobrake setting to use for a safe landing, by caluclating what runway length is required. It works for every airport, just input the airport name and it will begin to work instantly. The proccess is instant. Its in the Avsim Library now, just search LACTO. Regards, Oliver M
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