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  1. philmurfin

    P3D v4.4 Scenery Addon Compatibility

    There's no problem I assure you. Any further doubts then feel free to pm me and we can sort it! Phil
  2. philmurfin

    P3D v4.4 Scenery Addon Compatibility

    Hi Ray, I think you may be getting a little confused with this, there is no transfer involved, you're simply adding/including a fully compatible scenery area just as you would add any other scenery or area.. Phil
  3. philmurfin

    P3D v4.4 Scenery Addon Compatibility

    Hello Ray, There's no need to do any copying, simply go into the scenery library from within P3D, ie when it is running, through the menus select world then scenery library, select add from the options and enter the location where your scenery currently is and save, that's it done!
  4. philmurfin

    P3D v4.4 Scenery Addon Compatibility

    Do you mean things like Horizon or Megascenery? If so then yes of course they are, I use them all the time. However, be aware that JustFlight are promising some very interesting UK photscenery some time soon. Phil
  5. Has no one else noticed, FTX TrueEaerth South England is out!
  6. philmurfin

    Open Cockpits in P3D V4

    The Air Creation trike from fsx works just fine in p3d, you'll not beat it for viewing the scenery. Phil
  7. philmurfin

    did you quit flying FSW ???

    I still give it try occasionally, really sad that it's gone, I thought it was going to be a winner.
  8. philmurfin


    Excellent! I'm really pleased that I joined in this post. Thank you Phil
  9. philmurfin


    Thanks for the information Mathew, We do have Harvest Festival here in the UK, my Dad always took a wheelbarrow full of things he'd grown to our local church. I hope you've had an enjoyable day. Phil
  10. philmurfin


    Thanks Noel, May I say that you have a very good way with words. Please tell me Noel, do most folk remember the day for what it is, or does it just become another holiday? A bit like Christmas is sadly becoming. My Wife and I both agree that your Father sounds like a lovely man. I hope you've enjoyed your Thanks Giving! Phil & Kath
  11. philmurfin


    Hello Noel, Living in the UK I don't really know about Thanks Giving, is it a religious celebration or simply a national thing? Either way I read and enjoyed your story from start to end - Thank you! Phil (Matlock UK)
  12. philmurfin

    I am from Napa, terrible winds and wildfires

    The images I've seen look really sad, no they look awful. You're in my prayers tonight. Phil
  13. philmurfin


    Try vskylabs, I have quite a few bits from them and they are fairly good. Phil
  14. philmurfin

    Moving Map For XP11 ??

    Take a look here, I use this in XP10, it's good and it's free! Phil
  15. philmurfin

    Texture Display Resolution

    Why don't you just turn it down and try it? You won't beak anything! Phil