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  1. All the Very Best Noel to You and Betty for 2023. Lets hope, hey. Phil & Kath - Bakewell UK
  2. I did the same last week however, I've been a huge XP fan for years bur P3d was becoming less and less relevant to my needs, GA low and slow. I will take issue on one point with you, XP is far superior than plain vanilla when using Ortho, or even, if you really must, Orbx TE.
  3. philmurfin


    https://www.geo-fs.com Whilst doing the Navigraph survey I came upon this, any coments please?
  4. I have recently set up with a Tobii eye tracker and I can honestly say that it is the best add on that that I have ever purchased. Over the years I have tried all the usual things like Track IR and VR headsets etc. However, nothing has ever even got close to giving me the true feeling of immersion like this piece of kit does, there is nothing to wear or attach, it is so easy to set up and it is just so very, very life like. OK, it's not cheap, about £200, but for the amount of satisfaction I'm getting via my single 50" 4k screen, it's simply amazing and worth every penny. Phil
  5. Latest Beta just released, downloading now. Phil
  6. Another approach is to download at ZL 18 or 19 and see it all for real.
  7. philmurfin

    Sad Day

    So sorry to read this Noel, my very best wishes to you and yours.
  8. My choice would always be real photographic scenery - Best Phil........ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ut2wUUd4EKM
  9. Keep on truckin Noel, I love your stories. All the Very Best Phil
  10. I've had both of mine done within the last 3 months ans I agree, a huge improvement. All done on the fantastic NHS for free.
  11. There are several tarts around Bakewell, particulary at the weekends. We also have some eminent bakers, master bakers you could say. However, Bakewell's culinary delight is it's pudding and not tart, the tart is a Mr Kippling invention.
  12. Hey up mi duck. thous rate mate! Actually, I do fully agree with you, maybe, it's a generational issue? However, a wicked post
  13. It's really good to see you back again Noel. Good luck for your prodgect and your inevitable return trip. Very Best Noel. Phil
  14. Just very low and slow for me over Ortho zl19, I love it!
  15. Hello Noel, Like all the previous comments, I add my two pence to say how sadly you will be missed. May I offer you a genuine heartfelt thank you for all your facinating stories that you have supplied us with. All the very best to you and Betty for the years ahead Noel. Phil
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