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  1. Arcam cd drive coupled with an Arcam D to A converter. Cambridge control amp & Cambridge power amp KEF 104 speakers, these are too big now, looking for something a good bit smaller! Best.... Phil
  2. Although dramitc, I cannot remember ever seeing a sky that looked antything like what this new "toy sim " proposes
  3. I sat down in front of the computer screen for 4 hours today and I just couldn't leave it, something I would never, ever do, but why? Because I was watching the Virtual Air Tatto. It should have been Fairford this weekend but obviously, that's not happening. Instead the organizers have put together 2 x 4 hour programs, visiting, the pilots, their aircraft, their bases and loads of other stuff including bits of last years show. It's really laid back, albeit that it's led by and RAF Group Captain, ex Phantom and Tornado pilot. I'm sure a lot here would love it, if you don't get this in time for part 2 on Sunday 11:00 - 3:00 UK time, I'm sure you'll be able to look back. There's even a virtual red arrows display performed by 9 pc pilots in different places around Europe and they're amazing! Just search virtual tattoo Best..... Phil
  4. I'm not sure if we are in agreament now or not, either way, no worries! Best.... Phil
  5. I don't think I am,surely it's on the MSFS website and it refer's to "this app", I don't consider Windows to be an app do you?
  6. Here's the source Microsoft's own site, near the bottom under the pics. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/microsoft-flight-simulator-standard-preorder/9nxn8gf8n9ht?ocid=FlightSim_Affiliate_JustFlight_purchase&rtc=1&activetab=pivot:overviewtab Best.... Phil
  7. As indicated on the MSFS details, I guess Austin wouldn't demand all this ..... This app can Access all your files, peripheral devices, apps, programs and registry Access your Internet connection Here's more info on what permissions allow an app to do: Access all your files, peripheral devices, apps, programs, and registry: The app has the ability to read or write to all your files (including documents, pictures, and music) and registry settings, which allows the app to make changes to your computer and settings. It can use any peripheral devices that are either attached or part of your device (such as cameras, microphones, or printers) without notifying you. It also has access to your location, and can use platform features, such as location history, app diagnostics, and more, which are denied to most Store apps. You can't control most of the permissions for this app in Settings > Privacy. Note that while the app has the ability to access these resources, it might not actually do so. For more info about what the app collects or uses, review the privacy policy of the developer. Account Info: Access any of your account info. Allow elevation: Allows the app to run with administrator privileges without prompting the user first. App diagnostics: Get diagnostic information about other running apps. Bluetooth: Activate and use any Bluetooth connections between your device and other devices. Calendar: Access your calendars. Call history: Access history of phone calls you made on the device, in Skype or other telephony apps. Contacts: Access your contacts, people, or address book apps. Custom install actions: Install additional software. Email: Access your email and account info for your email accounts. Facial recognition: Activate and use any facial recognition hardware. File system: Access the files and folders to which you have access and read or write to all your files (including documents, pictures, and music). Fingerprint reader: Activate and use any fingerprint reader hardware. Local system services: Install a service on the machine that runs with maximum privileges. Location: Activate and use the GPS or other location-finding features on your device. Access location data in Maps and other location apps. Messaging: Access your instant messages and account info. Microphone: Activate and use the microphone on your device. Modifiable app: Enable the user to modify the app. Motion: Activate and use the accelerometer or other motion-sensing feature on your device. Music library: Access any music files from the Music library on your device. Near field communications: Activate and use any near field communications (NFC) connections between your device and other devices. Notifications: Access your notifications, found in action center. Packaged services: Install a service on the machine. Package write redirect compatability shim: Allows the app to create, modify or delete files in the app’s install folder. Pictures library: Access any picture files from the Pictures library on your device. Tasks: Access your task list in Outlook and other task-tracking apps. Unvirtualized resources: Write registry entries and files that are not cleaned up on uninstall. Video library: Access any video files from the Video library on your device. Voice recognition: Activate and use any voice recognition hardware. Webcam: Activate and use the camera on your device. WiFi: Activate and use WiFi connections between your device, the internet, and other devices. Wired connections: Activate and use any wired connections, including Ethernet, USB, and Serial communications between your device, the internet, and other devices.
  8. Excellent idea Sir, it will be interesting to see it viewed through loyal XP users eyes. Best.... Phil
  9. Take a look here for advice.... https://www.helisimmer.com
  10. I think you may be a little missguided there. I feel a lot of XP users will be happy staying with xp in the direction they are already going. Time will tell of course but I hope I'm right! Best Phil
  11. Hello, Can anyone explain simply for me please the difference between field of view and zoom or are they the same thing? Best Phil
  12. If you are using X-Plane, here's an excellent version. Best - Phil https://store.x-plane.org/VSKYLABS-Flight-Design-CTLS-Project_p_1027.html
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