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  1. Firstly, thanks for your advice and your offer of help if required, I'll try github for the P3d version, I can't seem to find a lot about it on the tinternet. I saw something called FSEarthTiles, have you tried that at all? If the P3d version is similar to the XP version, the ZL can be altered up to 19 in the main config file. For providers, I used mainly Google, a few Bing and a few Arc,I struggled a bit with Shetland and Orkney! If you are using ZL18 and no higher, a good provider is Ordinance Survey UK18.
  2. Good to hear from you John, I hope you are keeping well, I'll take your advice about terraflora thanks. Best Wishes Phil
  3. Thanks to you all for your helpful replies, other than making my own Ortho, which I very keen to do, it seems like Orbx is the favoured route, again thanks for the detailed replies. Very best...... Phil
  4. I've done the whole of the UK in ZL19 for X-Plane, I wasn't aware that I could do the same for P3d, what program are you you using to do that please? Any links or further info would be really great!
  5. As I only fly vfr over the UK the simplicity with European scenery wouldn't be an issue, it is the quality of the2 products that I am interested in please.
  6. Hello. As I've never been an Orbx fan, I'm just asking how JustFlight VFR Real Scenery NexGen 3D compares to Orbx True Earth please? Best.... Phil
  7. I can only speak as a 43" 4k Toshiba tv user, I have no problems with it at all, and it was cheap! Best.... Phil
  8. I'm getting this same problem, can\will anyone advise please? Best.... Phil
  9. Have you thought about Tracker XP? https://store.x-plane.org/Tracker-XP-v3_p_124.html It's very low cost, there's even a free demo version, all you need is a cheap webcam and Bob the designer will give you all the friendly advice you could ever wish for. Best.... Phil
  10. Sorry, I'm a bit late to the dance as I'm a long time XP flyer. However, all I'm getting in the orthophotos file are bmp and inf files. Please can someone advise?.... Best..... Phil
  11. Sorry I wouldn't know although I would guess so!
  12. I'm only trying to help anyone who wants to get a refund, pleases don't shoot the messenger. However, I got a full refund within a few hours of requesting one. For anyone feeling like minded, follow this link. Best.... Phil https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/10558/microsoft-store-returning-items-bought-for-exchange-refund
  13. I'm sorry if I raised a frown with you. However, I love X-Plane, and I really dislike fools coming on our forum just to dish it. I'm happy to run RC1 and give constructive comments. As you are a moderator, I hope this is appreciated. However, why allow free access from folks who seem to have no useful comments to offer, it seems such a to waste.
  14. You say regardin downloading local areas "Yes, we know that you can" is that to keep to hd? If so, is that a definite fact and where did you get this info please? Sorry, I'm not getting into the politics! Phil
  15. Thanks for that, if this indeed proves to be the case, then from me it's a big groan and a big no, no!
  16. Do we know yet if folks are going to be able to download areas of choice, for instance, their local area, rather than have to stream repeatedly? Best.... Phil
  17. To say the least, that's truly facinating, thanks! Best... Phil
  18. Arcam cd drive coupled with an Arcam D to A converter. Cambridge control amp & Cambridge power amp KEF 104 speakers, these are too big now, looking for something a good bit smaller! Best.... Phil
  19. Although dramitc, I cannot remember ever seeing a sky that looked antything like what this new "toy sim " proposes
  20. I sat down in front of the computer screen for 4 hours today and I just couldn't leave it, something I would never, ever do, but why? Because I was watching the Virtual Air Tatto. It should have been Fairford this weekend but obviously, that's not happening. Instead the organizers have put together 2 x 4 hour programs, visiting, the pilots, their aircraft, their bases and loads of other stuff including bits of last years show. It's really laid back, albeit that it's led by and RAF Group Captain, ex Phantom and Tornado pilot. I'm sure a lot here would love it, if you don't get this in time for part 2 on Sunday 11:00 - 3:00 UK time, I'm sure you'll be able to look back. There's even a virtual red arrows display performed by 9 pc pilots in different places around Europe and they're amazing! Just search virtual tattoo Best..... Phil
  21. I'm not sure if we are in agreament now or not, either way, no worries! Best.... Phil
  22. I don't think I am,surely it's on the MSFS website and it refer's to "this app", I don't consider Windows to be an app do you?
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