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  1. are you guys using the DK2 or the CV1? I have the DK2 but was looking at maybe upgrading as the prices are coming down slowly. cant decide whether to wait for the next gen with 4k screen. regards.
  2. Don't know if anyone here is a fan but if you are you might want to head over to their site as they have a 40% off sale at the moment!!!!!! WAIT! that's not all, if like me you have previously purchased V2, then you will probably be getting emails with 50% off codes? if you apply these codes, they take half the amount of the original cost off, after the 40% discount has been applied. Don't know if its a glitch but I just purchased 10 states for less than £30. In fact I was getting some for as little as £1.59. sales only on till 9th I think. regards
  3. Have you tried just copying the MSE part of your p3dv3 scenery cfg into the v4 scenery cfg. That's all I did and re-numbered them as per the book. works fine and only one installation of MSE.
  4. many thanks, looks like time to start saving till the developers get on board with the upgrades.
  5. Hi all. its my birthday soon and as usual, I look to upgrade my rig at this time of year with the extra cash floating around in my slush fund. At the mo I have a i5 4690k paired with an MSI GTX 970 and 20gb RAM, and I am currently getting good results with V4 stock aircraft, and no extras other than photo scenery that I pretty much use all the time, that is apart from when I go off on one and buy loads of ORBX stuff when something catches my eye. Am I going to see any noticeable improvement by installing a GTX1070 into my rig? regards
  6. Well if it's giving free flights I will give it a miss. what about a hard landing, gonna be interesting.
  7. I imagine they have designed this with state of the art programmes and wind tunnel tests, but forgive me thinking that this is just gonna snap in two. Why is there not tail boom to give it that geometric stability and strength.
  8. Excellent news, free copy of FSW http://steamcommunity.com/games/dovetailgamesflightschool/announcements/detail/1305326168704080473
  9. It has to wings for me on the Amiga 500+, there was also a B17 one that you kept moving to all the crew positions to try to survive a mission. It always surprises me that no one has ever come out with a game that covers the bombing missions of ww2. there have been some that covered the odd mission but nothing fully that I know of. I wonder if we will look back in 20 years time and wonder how we ever flew P3d or x plane with its ancient graphics?
  10. More concerned about the airliner at 6:12 with the tail wheel config. Thats some serious C of G issue or everybody rushes to the toilet on landing?
  11. ust thought i would let you know its still going strong no matter what i throw at it. I have not had a crash since removing the DLL and XML. just let them rebuild themselves and everything A OK. Thanks Jim.
  12. I had to goto bed last night and so had to turn it off, it was up to 11 hrs when I finally shut her down. well chuffed.
  13. As they have re-written themselves and everything seems to be running ok, I will just keep them to one side at the moment and see what happens. its still going strong after 7 hrs or so. regards
  14. My PC is a modest ASAU Z97 pro gamer MB with a i5 4690k chip, a MSI gtx 970 4gb card with 14 gb RAM made up of one 8gb and 3 x 2gb
  15. ​After many, many, many, months of crashes since 3.3, I finally believe its fixed. ​I always fly photo-scenery and always thought this to be the problem, and it may still be!, but I was still getting crashes on a vanilla installations with default aircraft. About 30 seconds in after wheels up, it would crash. ​The event log showed just about every fault known to man, and when I searched the forums for a fix for that one, another would appear. Well I found Jim YOUNGS post yesterday about moving the DLL, exe and CFG files and restarting the sim. I dare say I've seen it before and thought that it looked too difficult to do and a bit beyond my capability. Well I bit yet another bullet and did what Jim suggested. This was when the miracle happened! I am now about 3 hours in to a photo- scenery flight across France in JF Tornado with med settings and no crashes. The only other thing I have been doing, and I will look into this further, was copying a saved scenery config that has all my photo scenery in, into the scenery CFG every time I re-installed, just to save time rather than add them one at a time. Believe me, if I had to do that every time I have re-installed P3D to try to rid it of a fault, it would be a full time job as I have about 1.5 TB of the stuff. This time I have been adding them separately, a couple at a time and then trying them out, Still no crashes. My question is, what do I do with the DLL, EXE and CFG files that I moved to a temp location. The CFG and DLL and EXE files have as Jim suggested, re-written themselves into what I believe are their respective folders. Can I just delete these and leave the sim as it is or do I need to do anything else with them?. Regards, a very happy simmer,
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