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  1. Honestly I dont do those add in type things, just like flying solo. xenvrio is pretty good weather addon, not on active sky level, but I hear hifi is developing for xp11 :) After I flew in xp11 in 4K with full ortho coverage of my favorite areas around the world , its just hard to go back to p3d, it isnt even in the same league imo. That said I totally understand why some one with big time $$ invested would hesitate to leave p3d(although I spent thousands on addons in my FS career) it didnt stop me from going mainly xp11 nowadays.
  2. p3dv4 is good, lots of great improvements and less cpu dependant than before but still not good enough IMO. Illl never go back to that platform full time. For me xp11 is awesome, it has its drawbacks but overall for me its exceeded what p3d can offer for me. I had orbx FTX global and LC but honestly ortho4xp blows that away so dont miss it one bit. The only reason why I was messing around w p3dv4 lately is because I bought the FSLA320(didnt wanna wait for FF A320) and while its an awesome addon it kills the frames so bad for me that it totally detracts from the experience.
  3. my 1700x oc to 3.95ghz ram running at 3333 with cl14 timings still barely keeping up in p3dv4.1 w fsl a320. frames are all over the place dropping as low as 15 but mainly staying around 25-27fps average. In xp11 its a different story, it keeps up w my old 6600k oc to 4.6ghz and provides a much smoother experience(lows arent as low). Take away, p3d still much more cpu bound than xp11 therefore clock speed makes a huge difference which the current ryzens just dont have. the next ryzen+ should be running around 4.4-4.5ghz.
  4. wiler

    X-Plane 11.10 Beta

    Wow. its a beta. if you arent happy with it go back to 11.05 the last public release.
  5. wiler

    X-Plane 11.10 Beta

    I dont think a huge performance increase was promised in 11.10. that was when they move the code over to vulkan.
  6. anyone getting a banding effect in the sky, it was there in earlier versions as well, now i noticed it again. is this an XP issue or XE issue?
  7. For those who try to discredit my observations. ryzen is competitive.
  8. Sorry I'm not a benchmark site. The data is there for you to interpret and pretty simple to follow. The fact that you cant agree with my findings, well thats not my issue.
  9. Not sure what part you dont comprehend? Its pretty simple to figure it out.
  10. I didnt say I was talking about the fastest intel, only the 6600k . The 6600K benchmark score is 144 @4.8ghz. I just ran the bench on my chip at 3.8ghz (could go to 4.0 but havnt yet), scored a 125 with your sites benchmarking tool , which leads me to beleive that 3200mhz ram isnt showing in the high 118 score they are showing. also, If I OC to 4.0ghz my score should go up maybe to 130 or so . My 6600k was clocked at 4.5ghz so lets just say that the score would be 7% lower from the 144 score of the max 4.8ghz oc, which would be 134/135. So we are talking about a 6.5% difference in a bench.... are you sure that the 6.5% difference translates 100% to the results in xp11 or p3d?? Especially when multicore is in use at least on xp11 and partially on p3d? this is where I think the chip is making up some of this single threaded performance gap. I am living the results, I never said this chip is better than a 7700k/7740k , but it is competitive w a 6600/6700k and probably in the ball park w a 7700k as well.
  11. Just trying to help the other users and the OP who are interested in switching over to Ryzen make an informed choice. By all means dont believe what I write, but your bench isn't representative of real world results , which I have found out myself based on having both these chips and running the same scenerios before and after in XP11 and p3dv4. I can tell you the results I have found are not made up sir. Its offending that I am told that I pull results out of thin air because they dont align with what you want. Lets agree to disagree and move on, im spending my time and efforts to help push this community further and not argue with people who have already decided what the results are without even having the hardware in their possesion......I do wish ROB A would test a ryzen system, because he has the respect and credibility in this community and if he did find similar results then maybe people would believe.
  12. You speak about having no evidence or credibility, but where are the exact RAM or CPU speeds used in these benches ? yea thats right you said you doubt its at 2133, but do you know for sure or not , you dont! Most people cant post above 2667 with 3200 ram right now and even thats a miracle with a lot of ram. Also when were these benches done... prior to or after all the latest bios updates based on microcode improvements by AMD which make huge FPS gains in gaming. These are very important factors to consider to really understand if these benches are accurate or not. Please get your facts straight before you attack me and say my contributions have no merit.
  13. With all due respect, im the one with the ryzen coming from the 6600K and reporting that I am seeing equal performance overall. P3d has never ran as smooth for me until now. I dont know what speed ram this CPU comparison is using or what "peak" clocks they are using but I would be willing to bet its at default Ram speed for ryzen( 2133 ram speed) most likely. The difference between using 2133 ram and 3200 on ryzen is HUGE in xp11 it was at least at 20-25% gain for me, on the intel machine it didnt make a huge difference to run at 3200 ram. In P3d having ASN open as well as some other apps doesnt even make a dent in this 8 core processor like it did on my 4 core 6600k, so for me I am winning. My goal was to move to a platform that runs well today (on par or very close to intel)and is ready to be fully utilized (xp is going Vulkan in the next 9/12 months). Again, if you dont want to beleive what I am reporting, then dont. I am just trying to provide real world perspective to the question the OP had. Thanks.