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    Current rig: 5900x , 32gb 3800mhz 14CL Ram, RTX 3080.
    Old rig:i5 6600k @4.7 ghz, 32gb 3200 Ram. GTX 980 ti

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  1. In the EU not available so went for the 7900x3d. perf is within 2-3% from what ive seen, not worth the extra 125 +euros. I bought a quality ddr5 6000 cl30 kit w that savings. Its a blazing fast chip. It handles everything I threw at it as I mentioned earlier. Im GPU limited now which is what the plan was. I am not going to upgrade GPU this cycle, will wait for the 5000 series whenever it hits. I feel I get an amazing experience now and its just not worth the extra 1500 investment at this time to get 100FPS. My holy grail was smooth stutter free on high/ultra settings which I now have. cheers
  2. 7900x3d here paired w asus ROG x670e-f gaming wifi. excellent mb, no issues whatsoever. get gskill 6000 CL30 ram and you have a rocket.
  3. I run 3080 10gb w the 7900x3d. I prefer to run 4K 30FPS locked with ultra settings and TLOD 200. GPU limited but smooth as silk, never any stutters. I can run unlocked 60fps dropping to 50 in some areas but not as smooth.
  4. Yes I have all the latest drivers. I thought the same but msfs was running on cores 12-23 w windows scheduling. Check to make sure MSFS is running on 0-11 cores. Its a major difference in performance even though the normal cores still kicked my 5900x to the curb.
  5. So I got fsltl to run. tried 30fps and 60fps sat at heathrow 27R , hardly any drop in cpu time in cockpit, small drop in cpu time in panning mode which shows entire airport w AI models. DLSS quality, 150TLOD , most high and ultra settings. PMDG 737. I still prefer running at 30fps , way smoother and so much less heat and watts needed. 30fps chip 60w+ gpu 160w. 60fps chip 70w+ gpu 280-300w. For me its not even worth running 60fps, I feel no difference, but to each their own! I will again tell anyone looking to upgrade , this chip is a beast of a chip, it mauls anything I tried. KEWR, KLGA, NY area all tamed by this chip as well. One thing for anyone looking to upgrade they need to use process lasso to set flightsimulator.exe to run on cores 0-11 (vcache cores) otherwise windows doesnt do that right now properly and the sim is ran on the normal cores , which are still great btw , but the vache cores take it to a whole new level.
  6. didnt load AI yet cuz my fstl is messed up after beta update. usually AI adds 2-3ms to cpu time
  7. Running heathrow 4k @60fps mostly high ultra tlod 150. frame times 15-16ms GPU load 13ms. this chip is insane.
  8. make sure you got all the latest drivers from the adrenaline software from amd. there is some vcache driver which is needed to run those cores during gaming. windows wont do it automatically. Also, my chip runs at 55-65w during MSFS which is insane efficiency.
  9. you save maybe $100-125 getting the 7900x3d over the 7950x3d which can be put into a high quality DDr5 kit. I went w 6000 CL30 G skill ram. Highly tunable ram which aids in the smoothness I suspect. I run at 30fps g sync locked which some people were having a meltdown about in the other thread. I did run unlocked 55-60 fps in most areas in 4k just to quickly try out the difference between 30fps and unlocked. Unlocked did introduce a few stutters especially on ground. Honestly I feel no difference for my EYES between 30fps and 60fps, some see it but I really dont. I will now crank up the TLOD to prob 200, most everything on high or ultra locked at 30FPS 4K and literally never stutter even once while cruising around NYC, taking off from the VERY frame heavy ini KEWR and landing at KJFK. Something that would have been impossible w the other chips I've had prior. The 3080 is still good enough for me at this point, I see no reason to upgrade to 4080, will wait till the next series or wait till price cut(lol yea right). My issue was the CPU and ive addressed that w the 7900x3d.
  10. As I mentioned in my quick tests in the other thread this chip is a beast and just a few % off from the 7950x3d and smokes Intel in MSFS. Scroll down to see MSFS charts. If the 7950x3d was available where i'm at I would have just got that but Its not so I went for this chip and its really amazing in MSFS. If you have a 5800x3d , id wait till the next gen x3d tbh, 15% increase isn't worth the upgrade to am5 platform. If coming from like a 5900x or lower do it. one other thing id like to add: during MSFS the power consumption of this chip is only 60w + 170-225w for the 3080. pretty amazing if you ask me! https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/amd-ryzen-9-7900x3d-cpu-review/3
  11. I agree... If sim is smooth and no stuttering could you really tell if running 30FPS vs 60FPS vs 100FPS w FPS counter off. yea maybe but the difference to me is not worth an additional $1500 investment on top of what I already spent.
  12. you keep talking about frames and how high they are. Ive had 40, 50 60 FPs that are a stuttering mess. I literally dont care about FPS , I care about uninterrupted smoothness. no jitters no issues when on ground or approaching large airfields.
  13. been in MSFS since 1995 and Ive literally never had a stutter free FS experience in all these years till recently. So if its not broke dont fix it. I spent 20 years tinkering w settings a .cfgs and could never get that holy grail experience till the last few builds on msfs. I rather stutter free then slightly slower panning speeds. The other thing is the 3080 cant handle more, if I upgrade to a 4000 nvidia then frame gen would be cool , but Im just not paying 1500+ for 100FPS when 30 FPs smooth is good enough for ME. thank you for my ted talk
  14. Im not against aiming for higher but w my old setup locked 30 fps got me super stutter free experience which is more important then the fps counter. maybe its just me though... If this new setup can go higher w no stutter im not against it.
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