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  1. Long story short every time i select DX10 preview on my FSX, after restart the sim opens the welcome screen and at Fly Now button restart the sim, no matter what i do.. Never Happen before.. The full story is: I saw this video in YT did all steps and my sim restarts not even try to load.. I erased the FSX.CFG file but same result (Restarting) I downloaded the DX10 file (even DXDIAG said i have DX12), still no success I dont know what else i can do.. An other weird thing is that i erased the trafficAircraft.bgl file from scenery world scenery and default traffic still appears, i have to remove the planes default folder to remove the traffic.. I really hope you can help me my sim looks 7 out of 10 with DX9 specially cuz of the water textures.. My system is: Alienware X51 CPU: i7 3770 RAM: 8GB DDR3 GPU: GTX 660 OS: Windows 10 I have: FSX + SP1 + ACCELERATION REX OD + ESSENTIAL REX DIRECT ACTIVE SKY 2016 FSC 9.6 HAWKER 850 AND 800XP SKAI TRAFFIC V2
  2. I really apreciate all the comments droped here.. I guess i'll go with this setup: CPU i5 4670k @ 4.6Ghz GPU R9 270X Sapphire HDD 1TB Seagate CASE NZXT Phantom 410 or NZXT Guardián 921 MOBO GA-Z87MX-D3H RAM DDR3 8GB 1333Mhz Corsair DVD-Rw ASUS PSU RS725-PCARD3-US Cooler CPU RR-212E-20PK-R1 The price should be $1,252USD at sale incluided my profit and FSX should run more than great, after the OC and tweaks.. The question is would you buy it? If not, please tell me why not.. Thanks for your support..
  3. I've been making Pc's as a bussiness since 2012 specially for real pilots.. I must say i built around 30 of this pc's.. With a profit between 100USD and 250USD by PC.. Anywaysthe hardware was like this: CPU: i7 4770K GPU: GTX 770 2gb ASUS Direct CU II MOBO: Ga-Z87MX-D3H RAM: 8GB @ 1333Mhz HDD: 1TB SATA 3 7200RPM PSU: 550Watts CM 80PLUS CASE: N200, N400 An a ton of tweaks, from FSX.CFG to the SP1 and SP2 without the acceleration Pack, NVIDIA inspector, DX10, etc.. And i must say it runs amazing.. In any weather, in any airport, in any time, with all traffic .. I Use add-ons for almost averything.. So no complains on that PC.. But, the thing is that i've been doing some research lately and a I discover that the i5 4670K could be doing the work just fine and im just wasting money in the i4770k.. So thats why im here asking for your help.. I built a PC like a month ago with this specs: CPU: i5 4670 (no K) GPU: R9 270X Vapor X RAM: 8Gb @ 1600Mhz MOBO: H81M-E And it actually runs very well, of course not as good like the one above, but in a scale from 1 to 10 thinking that the i7 4770K was 10 this was like 8 and customers are able to save like 400USD.. So here are my questions: What is the most important hardware when you think in FSX: -CPU right? So: Does FSX takes advantage of the HT? Would you recommend the i7 4770K over the i5 4670K even with the HT turn off in the i7? (Thinking in the OC in both processors), im thinking doing 4.5Ghz OC in the i5. Is there any reason besides the HT its worth getting the i7 4770k in FSX? Probably better OC in the i7 or best quality in the Chips, anything..-How good does GPU FSX need? Im actually and NVIDIA INTEL fan guy, but after using this 270X i saw really nice results ATI/Radeon GPU *i'll show photos with this GPU in the end of the post* I know the better the best, in this case if you can afford the 780 stick with that but.. The point of this thread is to be able to max out the hardware of the CPU, in this case probably its better to get an 750Ti but working at 80% rather than a 770GTX working at 40%.. Im just saying dont actually know the facts.. -How important is to use a RAM at high frequency like 1800 against 1333Mhz? I really apreciate your time for reading and answering this topic.. Thank advance friends.. Greetings from Mexico, Have an excellent day!! Screens with the i5 and R9 270X 2GB VaporX Sapphire
  4. SUNDR1V3R

    FSX Add-Ons help

    Active Sky Next looks great.. BUT REX is REX.. Prob you wanna try REX essential + Overdrive with the engine of Active Sky Next.. And for the scenery im just in love with the water textures in FSX boats and everything.. So I would suggest you get airport in islands like Rarotonga from PACSIM or the new Seychelles X from aerosoft, for example i fly Rarotonga to Tahiti in and GA from Carenado, really nice weather, outstanding sceneries.. Or some airports inthe caribbean and fly from Florida to the islands or to Central America or Mexico like Cozumel or Cancun.. Not to far great scenery.. There are some real good airports from USA like all the FSDT, FlightBeam, etc.. It really depends on what you like to fly more GA, Bizjets, Airliners ..
  5. SUNDR1V3R

    NEW Pc not familiar with FSX

    Jeff thank you soo much for your help.. Now i fly real good/smooth (like 25FPS average with peaks of 200FPS in cities like Mexico Extreme with REX and Carenado planes like Caravan) what i did in the end was.. This two videos.. The first one its to config the FSX.cfg basically.. The second one is to config the graphics card especially ATI since we dont have the nHancer tool.. Hope this info help more people.. i'll upload screenshots here so you can see what i say is true..
  6. Hello, Im new to FSX, im a fan of FS9 you can see some of my flights here Anyways my new PC is: CPU: i5 3330 3.2Ghz Turbo RAM: 8GB @1333Mhz MOBO: BIOSTAR H61MGV3 GPU: Sapphire 2GB DDR5 R9 270X DUALX + BF4 And im using as screen an VN247HP The thing is i just dont know how to get the max on this PC with FSX.. When i was using FS9 my old PC was this: CPU: AMD 5200+ Dual Core RAM: 2GB @1066Mhz MOBO: Gygabyte (Dont remind the Chipset) GPU: Nvidia 630 2GB DDR3 And i was able to fly at 30FPS averytime even with that quality, using REX HD textures, full AI, AS6.5, and some airplanes like Carenado.. Before every flight i have my own checklist just to run the SIM.. 1-. TuneUp One Click Maintance 2-. TuneUp Turbo 3-. FsAutoStart to close everything not realted to the sim which in my case was just AS6.5 and FS2004 4-. And as an extra de icon of my sim was modified to use the double cores and with the high priority thing.. So i tried the samething with the FSX but im not getting the same response.. i mean with full sliders im getting around 20FPS with REX, Carenado, and Seychelles X.. Is that the best im gonna get with this NEW PC? So do you have any advice to improve my sim.. YouTube says that with worse PC's i can get better quality.. I already tried Bojote's tweaks and Catalyst Config to the exe file.. And of course its a brand new Windows 7 (64bits) installation system with nothing else besides FSX + sp1 + sp2.. i think im missing something..