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  1. Ripcord

    Cielosim KJAX

    I just installed it in to P3D v4.3 and had no issues with textures or elevation. I did have default object poking through, so I just whipped up a quick exclusion file.
  2. For those that didn't see this yet.... Meet the fleet. This is a little project I worked on for a couple of years, to bring the (almost) the full US Navy to the sim in the form of AI surface traffic. Over 250 ships/subs, 19 models, traffic worldwide... and we plan to add more in 2018. Read more here: And check out our youtube page for more videos!
  3. Ripcord

    Add-on paints

    In addition to Mario's paint above, I see that Anthony Oakland has done a half-dozen or all. Any others out there?
  4. Ripcord

    'Big news' incoming at AirDailyX today

    Yeah, poor guy. Mean people at AVSIM picking on him. Seriously, this guy enjoys being who he is on his own site. He's totally unapologetic, doesn't care if he hacks you off, and so if people want to bash him, well, sorry, he reaps what he sows. But in the interest of fairness, let me offer my short review on the man that likes to review everybody else: Does he offer a good free service to the community? Well, he does. Few would argue otherwise. He is probably more diligent than most, and tries hard to fill his blog with posts with news. And has a good group of frequent readers there that help by sending in timely news tips. But to his credit, he keeps up with it. As a result, most of the time, he reports things before others. Are you getting quality journalism? Please, fergawdsakes no. Dude cannot even spell. Once a week I see this guy misuse the word 'loose' in a sentence. And generally speaking, he forms an opinion on something and puts it forward - usually as gospel truth and not just his opinion. Some folks see that as 'standing behind your opinion' and many can appreciate that. His blog is just that -- it is HIS blog. It's not a forum. It is NOT a place for other people to present their views. Send in your comments and he will read them but he will not post them unless they support his view. It's not a place for dissenters, I can tell you. His livestreams and various video reviews seem to be popular and offer people a look at these products before they purchase. This is a real contribution, in my view, and very commendable, given that it is probably a helluva lot of work. So again he adds value. Other little observations (fair or otherwise): * He is VERY proud of his NDA status. Loves to tell people that he is privy to what is going on behind the scenes. Cannot tell you about it though. * He is VERY proud of his status at this FLIGHTSIM Conference event in CT. * He clearly views himself as some kind of media professional, and craves attention. * He loves to totally dismiss any other attempts at creating a good FS news site. * Not all developers love him, but most at least see him as being a useful mechanism to get some free ink. * He is not above ridicule of some new developers that submit products for sale online (which he believes are lacking). He will not shy away from going beyond just a critique - he will periodically call people out and berate them, and/or the webstores, for offering a product for sale. * He is genuine and very enthusiastic, which is fun and contagious. So there you go. Can't stand reading his drivel, but I keep reading it anyway. All that said, I think it is highly unlikely that he would hype a news story like this and not deliver. So this whole thread is just a misunderstanding, IMHO, and no harm done.
  5. Ripcord

    S550 Citation II and P3D v3

    For others searching for a method to install, this aircraft does function in P3D v3, per Carenado: I interpreted this to mean that the installer works, but you need to point it to the P3D v3 folder. Not so sure about that. I think the better solution is to use this method, as shown in this video for the Hawker 850 XP:
  6. Here is the work around for the Hawker 850 XP which I think most people know about. However I think I had created my own problem while editing/adding the carenavigraph.dll as directed. I had gone ahead and listed the full address line, and in doing so, I had entered 'carenadonavigraph.dll' which is, of course, wrong (carenado is not spelled out, just carenavigraph). So that might be the cause of my troubles here, for some of my aircraft, if not all of them. Testing now.
  7. Had the same issue in Phenom 100. So I decided to just remove all these Carenado business jets and install them all fresh. These seem to have P3D v3 installers: Phenom 100 / Phenom 300 S550 Citation 525A Citation CJ2 The Hawker XP is still P3D V2 only, but there is a well known work around for that. I will start first with that one, and go from there. EDIT: I realize the CARENADO website FAQ claims that the Hawker XP is one of those that has a P3D v3 installer. Not sure if that is a typo or accurate info, but I can tell you that as of today, it isn't available yet for those of us that purchased it from Aerosoft.
  8. I am really lost here. I have EMB 300 with Navigraph. Just ran the latest installers for P3D v3. I don't seem to have any nav data when I enter a flight plan -- looking at this tutorial video, I see the guy hits FPL ---> PROC and automatically his local airport appears. He then selects his departure and goes from there. Now when I do that, I get nothing. Cannot manually enter ICAO codes and cannot scroll through them. Could be my navigraph data is old, but hell, there should be SOME data in there, even if it is old and outdated. I also have the S550 Citation and the Hawker XP 850 installed, I will check those as well. I will tell you that the Hawker XP 850 has completely blank FMS displays, and the popup panel for the FMS is totally blank. That is no doubt an issue for another post in the correct subsection, but probably not a stretch to suspect that the two issues are related somehow. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  9. Hey man, I had this same issue, not sure how I fixed it. Maybe I just downloaded new versions of the installers. You might go back and get the latest versions, just in case. I do believe there are P3D v3 installers out for both aircraft that you mention. EDIT: Turns out I still have the same problem, only with the S-550 Citation. So not quote out of the woods yet. If I can find the solution, I will be sure to post it here.
  10. Ripcord

    Parking Brake

    I have the same issue. Every time I choose a new airport, I am rolling and accelerating, with parking brake on. Well, maybe I found the solution - I hit shift 8 and selected either the 'Cold & Dark' setting, or 'Ready for Taxi'. Seems to have worked.
  11. Closest thing I could find was the MD81/82 by CLS. I just had to adjust the eyepoint, which took a minute or two only. Not the closest matchup in terms of aircraft size and VC, but I really wasn't able to find anything closer that had an interior model that I could link into. Anybody got a better recommendation, I might try that. But at least this works -- this is in P3D v2.5:
  12. No but that is a damn good idea. I have just uploaded to those as attachments to my support tickets as well. You don't suppose this here is part of the problem, do you? Finding P3D 15:08:47.366 Prepar3D SetupPath registry key was located but could not be read. hmmmm I might be about overdue to just ditch version 2.5 and migrate on over to version 3.2 pretty soon anyway. I'd been waiting for V3 support from one last developer, VRS, and that just came out the other day. We'll see what the support folks have to say first. And thank you guys for the assistance.
  13. Reinstalling NGX didn't make any difference. I am tempted to think that something is wrong here this version of Op Center as it worked fine today before I ran the update -- but if that were the case then I'd not be the only one howling right now. I guess I am going to have to live without it for a while. Going to test the aircraft itself to see if it is jacked up as well.
  14. No worries, I'll just uninstall PMDG and try it again. This is a little strange, though, as I was using the operations center just fine this morning. The migration tool was never an issue before. If I'd never updated the thing, I'd probably still be using it.
  15. I have removed EMT and also the registry values. Still no change. I'll restart the computer and try again.