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  1. Does it happen to be in your cart already?
  2. P3D is just looking better and better.
  3. Tons of C-17s are included as static aircraft and forwhatever reason the OrbX put A380's on the Boeing ramp. Otherwise the rest of the city looks great!
  4. Performance is excellent. I'm getting at least 30-35fps consistently. The enhanced KCHS does just fine...leaves a lot to be desired, but makes the airport finally usable.
  5. DAL1350 from KATL to KCHS. Really loving the scenery from my old stomping grounds when I was based there.
  6. Overall I get better performance with DD's version. I can maintain around 24-35 fps view dependent. Seems like there is less texture loading. I do like the detail in FSDT, but its stuff I barely notice when I'm flying in and out. I've seen as low as 14 up to 24 fps...about the same I see at FSDT's KLAX. I appreciate the hard work done by the FSDT team, but it doesn't run as well as I'd like on my system. Specs: i7 8086k @ 5.2 Ghz GeForce 1080Ti 11Gb 32Gb PC3200 DDR4 2Tb m.2 SSD
  7. awesome shots! how long does it take you to load up XP11 with all of that?
  8. Addons: PMDG737 VFX Immersion 737 REX Skyforce3D ActiveSky 2016 URP 1.2
  9. I wish! ...but no, probably could've in the FSX days though
  10. Thank you! and its BBS A330. The panel above is from FSL A320
  11. Don't mind the flying, just testing out some new settings. Mods: URP v1.2 Reshade PTA Sunlight Scatter Mod REX Sky Force 3D OrbX NorCal/Global/Vector
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