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  1. Addons: PMDG737 VFX Immersion 737 REX Skyforce3D ActiveSky 2016 URP 1.2
  2. Are you running DD Seattle X/Airports?
  3. KnightFlyer

    Really Happy to See How Far P3D Has Come

    I wish! ...but no, probably could've in the FSX days though
  4. KnightFlyer

    Really Happy to See How Far P3D Has Come

    Thank you! and its BBS A330. The panel above is from FSL A320
  5. Don't mind the flying, just testing out some new settings. Mods: URP v1.2 Reshade PTA Sunlight Scatter Mod REX Sky Force 3D OrbX NorCal/Global/Vector
  6. KnightFlyer


    great shot! URP+ FSL A320?
  7. KnightFlyer

    ABSim KCGX

    Anyone know what happened to it? I can't seem to find the download anywhere and I'm missing the mesh file for it :(
  8. KnightFlyer

    Dragonfly part 2

    The dreaded 11 step boldface for spin recovery lol
  9. KnightFlyer

    Sky shots!

    Amazing! What PTA/sky textures are you using there?
  10. Wow those sky textures look real! What set do you use or reshade?
  11. I built my overlays with HD Mesh v3 originally. With HD Mesh v4 installed...will I have to recompile a new overlay to take advantage of it?
  12. KnightFlyer

    Awesome freeware gift

    Wowww what scenery is that?
  13. KnightFlyer

    things I love about XP11 - 17 shots

    Please release these sky textures! They're amazing!