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  1. loookss great! also, do you mind sharing what sky textures you use and PTA preset??
  2. P3DV4

    Where might I find that ini? It looks increddible. Did it come with sky textures too?
  3. XP11

    aw mannn wait till you get that autogen on top of the photoscenery its really immersive
  4. Not the performance per se...just the atmosphere was changed. I was completely happy with 1.06 and its saturation. This new version, however, looks unnatural to me. And thanks odourboy! Really saved me from extreme disappointment!
  5. Does anyone still have a copy of it? I'm extremely disappointed with 1.07
  6. @MattS @icemarkom @Budbud @PMDG777 @downscc @pete_auau Thanks for the help gents. I'll give the default profile a try to see if I can get any success there, if not, I'll try out the PMDG Support Ticket. Really appreciate the input!
  7. you mean on the Perf Init page? If so the ZFW was already entered
  8. Calculated by the FMS. I'm using the NGX Short state. I go into Init Ref to check. I then set up my Route, then Dep/Arr, then the Perf Init Page. I fill out everything save for the "Reserves" section.
  9. Nothing happens to EXEC and in fact it does not light up when the data is posted. Also, my Perf INIT has all values filled in save for "Reserves". I can post it in a bit.
  10. XP11

    Thanks! No reshade just xEnviro without the Upper Level Atmospherics enabled. I also think I have these installed:
  11. yessir!
  12. By confirming, you mean clicking on the right side LSKs to paste them in correct? If so then yes that's what I'm doing
  13. I am able to have the FMS calculate vspeeds and QRH is on. However, the Vspeeds will not post to the PFD and thus I can't get VNAV to function