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  1. I agree completely, Balthazar needs to start to communicate with his customers so that we know the state of play for RT.
  2. Same for me too at the moment. There is definitely something up.
  3. Hi Pierre, I have clouds at Ultra in MSFS settings and decrease cloud quality ticked in Experts Settings. This works well for me giving me Ultra clouds most of the time with the occasional drop to High in dense areas. Peter
  4. Me too, I have been using IFR mode always exclusively. I have found that I only get stutter issues, VFR and IFR, when I have a TLOD max set too high for my system to regularly achieve, i.e 300+. When I lower TLOD max to 200 it works well on my low end system, except for low level VFR flying.
  5. Hi Pierre, That is exactly what I do. I load into the airport with the aircraft I want, start other apps like FS2Crew & FSLTL (PSXT), and I then start AutoFPS. I do not use expert mode and I set a reasonable FPS target for my system. I then forget about AutoFPS and just fly, it works a treat! Peter
  6. Thank you for the explanation. Not being a programmer it is always easy to think that there is a simple solution (which of course you would have already found out about and fixed it), but I know you are always trying to find ways to improve the experience. Maybe one day with better data.....
  7. Hi Nico, Regarding pushbacks, I have noticed that some live aircraft do not start the pushback until the real aircraft has started to taxi away, whereas other live aircraft start the pushback soon after the real aircraft starts its pushback. I have been trying to work out why this should be the case and from observations the only consistent thing I have noticed is the live aircraft pushback doesn't start until the real aircraft taxis out when the real aircraft pushback distance is small, whereas if the actual pushback distance is large the live aircraft will start the pushback soon after the real aircraft does. Is there a required distance for the real aircraft to move before a live aircraft starts the pushback? If so, maybe this distance could be reduced a little to ensure more live aircraft pushbacks start soon after the real aircraft does. Peter
  8. I agree. One thread for testing, and one for the release version.
  9. I can only dream of a system that is capable of such things 🙄 Maybe one day!
  10. Hi, I would just like to say that I have been using MSFS2020 AutoFPS since the beginning, and I am now on test, and it is working flawlessly. I am not using expert mode and I am not using Auto Target FPS. I have 30 FPS set as the target (I have a modest system running in 4k). I fly both airliners and GA, plus some plane spotting with PSXT, and I use for VFR and IFR modes as needed. Your program has been a 'life saver' for me which is allowing me to continue using my current system for a little longer before the 'big upgrade' when I have saved up the money. Thank you. EDIT: I also use DLSS Ultra Quality mode set at .8 which is working very well.
  11. I like the readme, it seems very clear.
  12. Great news. Is the process easy? If so, I would be prepared to help.
  13. An example is the Qantas B789 flight from Perth into LHR. It arrives very early in the morning UK time parking at T3; then after an hour or so it is towed to stands 594 or 595. The transponder is on for the tow as is required at LHR and you can see it move in the sim, so the aircraft is "live". It stops on the new stand, but PSXT does not register it as parked, after a little time the aircraft is removed. This is what I mean. It happens on other stands at EGLL and at some other airports.
  14. They do at most airports in the UK. All aircraft on the move must have transponders on a EGLL and EGKK for instance. You can see this regularly at EGLL when BA aircraft are towed to and from the maintenance area at the East of the airport.
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