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Found 20 results

  1. i want this exact same view saved as one of my custom cameras. But it doesn't seem to work. This is one of the default views under the showcase camera. Does anyone know how I can get this exact view to save as a custom one?
  2. Hi everyone, I have set up my number pad bound to the internal camera views. So for example: Num 8 = Look straight ahead Num 7 = Look forward left 45 degrees Num 4 = Look left 90 degrees (left wing) ...and so on. After the latest Hotfix an odd issue has surfaced. The Numpad 4,7,8,5 INTERNAL views now show EXTERNAL views. It is only those 4 keys affected. The rest of the numpad works as intended showing internal views. Try as I might I cannot get those 4 keys to save to internal view. I have checked the menu, checked the key bindings and everything is in order. It was working perfectly even after WU6 , its the Hotfix that did this. These pics will make it clear. Would anyone know of a fix? Thank you. Numpad 8 (Look straight ahead) BEFORE hotfix 🙂 Numpad 8 (Look straight ahead) AFTER hotfix ☹️ ________________________________________________________________________________________ Numpad 7 (Look forward left 45 degrees) BEFORE hotfix 🙂 Numpad 7 (Look forward left 45 degrees) AFTER hotfix ☹️ ________________________________________________________________________________________ Numpad 4 (Look left 90 degrees) BEFORE hotfix 🙂 Numpad 4 (Look left) AFTER hotfix ☹️
  3. All cockpit views are in a continuous yaw to the right (not the aircraft, just the views). This is very disconcerting - it's almost to the point that I cannot fly. If I leave the view alone, within a matter of a few minutes I'm looking over the panel at a 45 degree angle. A few minutes later, I'm looking out the right side of the aircraft. If I tap in a view key combination (built-in or custom) the view immediately resets, but continues to pan right (this is very slow but continuous). I'm having to reset the view every minute to maintain proper visual cues and panel access. Yesterday I lost the entire Freelook mouse control and was unable to freely adjust cockpit and external views. After searching the forums, I found this had happened to a number of people after the SU5 update. Considering that I had been flying for a number days after this update and had not had this issue it's strange that it just popped up out of nowhere. I went into the Control Options, created a new mouse profile and had to manually create new freelock axis inputs for both external and cockpit cameras to get the freelook system working again. Now the internal views won't stop panning. Any ideas?
  4. After downloading a 3rd party airport I'd like to take a look around it and its adjacent scenery. Before, with P3D I would start at the new airport's location, then close the planes' cockpit view, and switch to Slew. Use F3 to gain a 100 feet or so AGL, then use the flight stick to move about and investigate anything of interest. Note that I'd programmed the flight stick's axis commands from P3D's Controls - slew mode page. Can I set up MFS to do something similar? I've programmed the keyboard slew commands, but that's insufficient because (a) I haven't found a way to remove the aircraft from the scene; and (b) the keypad moves the scene too far and too quickly left/right, forward/back, and without a means to change heading. So can the Drone Camera be used to accomplish the same purpose? All I've been able to find in forums and on YouTube is advice to buy an x-box controller to manage the drone camera's motion, which I have no idea how to set up or use. Is there another way to accomplish what was so easy to do in FSX/P3D, without more hardware? (I'm using a Thrustmaster "Airbus" flight stick.)
  5. A few years ago, user Javiz posted a way to place cameras on the airstrips without having to install programs like Chaseplane or EZdok. (https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/403991-how-to-make-a-plane-spotting-view/) It works very well on P3d and FSX, but the camera's speed is very slow. Does anyone know how to change this camera speed? Thanks
  6. So i did a landing comparison of the FSL320 vs. the FF320. A sidestick camera is included in both videos. Conditions are relatively the same during both landings. Variable winds /w light turbulence. I made more adjustments than needed to show the differences in response and feel. Enjoy P.S. I don't intend starting a war over which is better. FSLA320: https://youtu.be/x36g0o73SKI FF320: https://youtu.be/DM7whpazKkA
  7. Hey guys & Chase Plane developer I really need your help, before latest version v0.1.170 released, I got smooth camera moving around using mouse & keyboard.... but after latest version was released I got stuttering and lagging when moving my camera using mouse. When I move my camera using keyboard, its okay & still smooth........but, when I try to move using mouse by holding scroll wheel, it stuttering & lagging ...really annoying. is it because of my CPU usage memory 3 excessive use? or my settings? need your help.
  8. Hello everyone, Since my X-Plane 11 installation seems to be broken since trying the 11.11r2 build (I get 15fps max on every render setting and can't run the sim in real time), I decided to ignore my inadequate experiences with Prepar3D and give it another shot. I started it up and loaded the default Baron 58 and to that point everything seemed to be working fine. But when I wanted to look down to my throttle panel, I noticed an issue I hadn't had before. When looking down, both using the hat switches on the joystick and using space + mouse, the view tilted to the right. So instead of looking down, the left side of the camera went down, but the right side stayed the same, creating a very weird view for my eyes. Something else I noticed was that when I zoomed out to below 0.70 zoom, the view started to look very weird, almost as if what I was seeing was a camera pointed at a computer screen at a 40 to 60 degree angle. It's hard to explain, but anyway I'm not sure if the exact problem matters. All I need is a generic fix for weird camera angles and incorrect panning of the camera when looking up or down. Does anyone know how to fix some general camera/view glitches or how this specific issue can be resolved? Thanks in advance, midazz1
  9. Hi, I am experiencing jumpy/stuttering camera movements. They appear to hit a regular "clock tick" intervals. So every 1 second of so, the camera appears to stop and then immediately start moving again. This happens when using the middle mouse look, and when switching between presets. Has anyone else had an issue similar to this? I searched the forum but couldn't find anything about this kind of problem. I do not think it is FPS related as it happens at all performance levels. I am using the PMDG 737 in P3D v4 Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered.
  10. I found a pdf of the manual for Dovetails Flight School and was reading through it. I never bought Flight School but am curious what Flight Sim World might have to offer. In noticed that Flight School retained the old, clunky FSX camera system. In comparison, X-plane's camera system is a wonder to behold. I haven't seen any comment on this (maybe I've missed it), but I would urge Dovetail to upgrade their camera system to XP's standards, It is so much better than what FSX came with. (I've never used prepar3d, but would be horrified if the same old system is still in use there too.)
  11. 1. Impossible camera movement. E.g. First camera position is a look of the pilot over his left shoulder to the left back side of the wing. Second camera position is a look of the pilot over his right shoulder to the right back side of the right wing. Switching with soft movement between these two cameras results in an impossible movement. The camera doesn't move via the front panel but via the back of the pilot. Such a movement can only make a robot-pilot. There should be an additional option to block the movement via a certain wall (back of the pilot). 2. The timing-slider of the movements needs more options. I want to define the speed of the change between two specific cameras. Especially the view from left to right wing should take much more time than the view from forward to the left wing. There should be a slider to choose the rate of angular movement (degree per second) 3. I want to group some of my views in Folders, becaus I have to much of them. I want to make different views for different checklists: preflight, before start up, before take off, ...). I want to preprogram the views for these checklists and to press only one button for "next view". 4. I want a cinematic mode inside the cockpit. Or more specific: I want to predefine a specific order and timing of cameras. Instrument scan: For basic IFR training you look for instance only on the 6 basic instruments. e.g. for horizontal IFR flight you look 5 sec to the artificial horizon, 3 sec to vertical speed indictor, bck to Artificial horizon, than to Altimeter, back to Artificial horizon. I want to preprogram this seqence with kind of a cinematic mode. 5. I want a "swap-button" like on my tv-remote control, to go bak to the previous camera. 6. How about a preselected automatic change between cameras. For instance ILS with decision height. Only instument view until DH. Then automatic change to forward look. Great programm. I am sure that some of theses features are already included in Chase Plane, but I coudn't find them yet.
  12. Why can’t I go through the cabin with the cockpit view on all aircraft? I tried to navigate with the arrow keys through the cockpit, this works for any aircraft. In the TBM 930 I can navigate more then only through the cockpit - I can navigate completely through the cabin. In other aircrafts the camera stops immediately when I try to leave the “cockpit area”. I understand that it is not possible with aircraft without a modelled cabin view. What I do not understand: Why can't I navigate to the cabin and backseats with the Beechcraft King Air, Diamond DA62, Beechcraft Baron, and so on although the cabin view is simulated?! What I mean (in TBM 930 this is possible!):
  13. Hi there, ezdock version 1.18 is very choppy and not smooth in p3d 3.4. Choppy meaning it is lagging behind while the game itself is moving at 50 fps. ASN has no affect with it sand I've tried anti virus off. It only gets smooth at 60 fps and above, anything under it chops and lags. Should I upgrade to V2? Anybody know how to fix? Dillon L
  14. Hi there, ezdock version 1.18 is very choppy and not smooth in p3d 3.4. Choppy meaning it is lagging behind while the game itself is moving at 50 fps. ASN has no affect with it sand I've tried anti virus off. It only gets smooth at 60 fps and above, anything under it chops and lags. Should I upgrade to V2? Anybody know how to fix? Dillon L
  15. Hi for a while now i'm having issues with the camera effects who are not working anymore in prepar3d v4.1. i have no shaking , no blast zone effects etc... none of the effects are working. i played around with the sliders , even maxxed them out but no luck , it's not working. it was working before so i wonder why it's not anymore i run windows 10 with all the latests updates and simming on P3d v4.1 would be great to be able to fix this , i miss them Thanks
  16. Just updated to 0.4.82. When adjusting a camera setting I normally used tye 'V' icon in the menu bar to update the current preset. Now it adds a preset without updating the one I was using. This is annoying because you have to delete the original preset. If you are not aware of this error and you press the icon multiple times you end up with a list of new presets.
  17. Hello From time to time Chaseplane keeps moving the view. It won't stop until I have restarted the computer. Somehow it always starts whenever I move the camera by pressing the arrow keys on the keyboard. I do not use a gamepad. I think Chaseplane even triggers these commands in Windows as you can see in this Video that I took: Another Problem that is not related to this Issue is, sometimes when I want to setup a new camera via the Middle Mousewheel selecter, it doesn't allow me to change the name of the new camera. The text isn't highlighted as usuall and when I try to click on it nothing happens. I am only able to click cancel/back and create a new camera via the chaseplane UI. Both problems still happen in version 0.1.17 Alpha.
  18. Hello! I just bought x-plane 11 and I find it absolutely sublime apart from the view controls, which I can't seem to get working. I initially got x-camera and installed that in the plugins folder, but when I tried to use it the camera twitched annoyingly and I found it hard to read the text in the cockpit so I disabled it. But now that I'm trying to work with X-plane 11's default view controls, I find that they don't function at all in 3D cockpit view. I set up key bindings in the "view/manipulate view" menu, but when I try to use them nothing happens. Do you have any suggestions as to what I might try? Thank you in advance!
  19. Ezdok V2 keeps moving camera and setting it permantly. I just bought it today, i had ezdok v1 and the same thing was happening. Then i bought EzDok v2 because i thougt it was just a problem with v1. But it still happens, it is quite annoying Regards - Oscar Hey
  20. Now I'm comfortable with the product in terms of creating/assigning cam positions I'm naturally becoming more creative when using CP for video recording (I use OBS BTW) both in live and replay modes. 2 things have me scratching my head and I'm assuming I'm missing obvious solutions, so any advice would be appreciated: 1 - Using an Xbox controller, I sometimes find that using the sticks to move around leads to horrific video stutter, which renders that attempt at creating a recording useless. 2 - When moving around to find an interesting cam position, mostly at runways I find using either the camera movement virtual joysticks in the control panel, or the Xbox controller, movement needs to be faster to get where I want to be! As a workaround I tend to see what presets already exist for a given airport and use the best selection as a starting point, and move where I want to be from there, but I'm thinking it must be possible to accelerate movement to make that easier. I'm hoping cracking these points will let me start improving videos to the standard I've seen here and there online. I look at some of the nice movement in them, and ask myself, how are they doing that?! Thanks in advance
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