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  1. SonicVader

    Setting the Camera View

    Thanks for the feedback. There must be a way to do this, I can't imagine people would just want to use the virtual cockpit view all the time. And I also think even in 2006 they would have been aware of this but the default settings seem to indicate otherwise. Does anyone out there have an idea?
  2. SonicVader

    Setting the Camera View

    I know camera view is not a new topic but I have not found the answer I am looking for yet. I know you can configure camera views for FSX but I cannot work out the setting to get what I want. In "Tail" I get exactly what I want except the camera is too close. I want to be away from the plane not on top of the tail. But the behavior of this view is good because the plane moves exactly to your joystick. In "Fixed Spot" view I get the distance from the rear of the plan that I want but the behavior of the camera is off the planet. If I turn my joystick the plane pivots and the scenery does not follow the plane. I do not see the point of this weird behavior. So "Tail" gives me the camera behavior, and "Fixed Spot" gives me the distance from the rear of the plane. Can someone please tell me the setting to get what I am looking for. You should note that MS Flight does not have this problem. When you view the plane from the rear you can set your distance and the plane follows the joystick. This is what one would expect. So MS Flight has it right while FSX has a mental "Fixed Spot" that does not track the joystick movement from the rear but keeps pivoting the plane, putting it on weird angles and constantly change the perspective so you keep have to adjust the view to the rear of the plane manually. Why such a nutty behavior? Its enough to drive you mad. Please help.