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Found 31 results

  1. hi when i run the 2d cockpit or 3d, i need to press CTRL plus SPACEBAR if not, i see only the bottom of the runaway and not further, any idea? thanks serge PIC
  2. Hi.. How can I put the camera somewhere on the ground and it will just stay there.. viewing only the part I fixed it on. I tried so many types available and they keep on disappoint me. All are following the aircraft,, I don't want the camera to follow the aircraft. I used to have an add-on in fs9, but it no longer works with fsx. I want to place the camera just like in this video: So many thanks, captains. Regards, Raptor22
  3. I have gotten very tired of waiting for cockpit and exterior textures on the 777 to load. The cockpit textures can take as long as 3 seconds to load. So I was messing around flipping from external to internal while taxing and noticed something peculiar. If you have spent a significant amount of time outside the cockpit and then return, texture loading (for me anyways) is painfully slow. If you switch from, say Locked Spot View to Cockpit and immediately switch back to external and then immediately back to cockpit, the textures are there 100% instantly. My question is why can it load the textures in less than a second there, but not otherwise? Hoping someone out there with technical knowledge can come up with work around possibly involving FSUIPC4. What I did for now is; assign a button in FSUIPC on my Xbox controller initial press is a left rear view and the release is the Captains cockpit view in all its glory. it doesn't have to be a cockpit view on the initial press, it was just convenient for the test. Hope this makes sense.
  4. I get steady 30fps stutter free flying but recently my jotsticks hat switch (8-way) view panning started stuttering oddly in a way that it looked like going below 5fps (but the sims rate is still 30fps). Help please! I don't want to hold my spacebar forever to look around.... (Ps, this started after tinkering my ENB settings)
  5. Okay guys, I thought I will make an official thread for those of us who are confused about the view system in FSX. I know it can get very confusing, especially for someone new to FSX. It certainly did for me. I'm just now getting the hang of it and would like to share some helpful tips or useful information for others on here. Please forgive me if this information is already on here, but I thought it'd be nice to have 1 thread that covers everything. Ok, let's start. First off, many of you who play FSX are most likely not using the built-in view system and are using a 3rd party addon called EZCA better know as EZDok Camera Addon. You're going to be likely using one or the other and not both simultaneously as this will cause a lot of strange behaviour and conflicts. If you have this addon install, notice that when you start up, that *MOST* of your planes will have a default zoom of 0.40. This can be changed for each aircraft. The files are all located in: C:\Users\{your_username}\AppData\Roaming\EZCA\db\ (you will have to configure your settings to allow you to see hidden files and folders. Each aircraft has its own configuration file and it is stored here. There are 3 folders in here for the 3 distinctive views: aircraft, virtual cockpit, and world. To edit your default view for a particular aircraft, go to that folder. If you want to edit the default virtual cockpit view, then go there and look for your plane's name and load the file up with a text editor. Notepad will do. To change the default zoom level, look for an entry called Zoom=xx, it should be right under [CAMERA]. I believe the a Zoom=26 will get you a 0.30 zoom level when playing. That is the lowest you can go. Once you made your changes, just save the file, and it will pretty much be instantly refreshed when you switch to another view and switch back, you will see your new zoom level! Another thing to look out for is, have you ever encountered a problem with non-clickable buttons when under cockpit view for a certain aircraft? Well the problem with that is, your zoom level is too far back. To fix this, just enter 'EDIT' mode in EZCA and move that view forward until you can click the buttons. I had to find this out the hard way. For those of you who are using an xbox 360 controller with the wireless receiver. Make sure you have the controller turned on before starting FSX. I notice that if you turn it on afterwards, EZCA won't recognize the controller. I was struggling a lot in the beginning with all these views and zoom levels, and now I have a better understanding. Hopefully this information will help others out there. Feel free to contribute to this thread. I will post more helpful stuff as soon as I learn more.
  6. I would like to know how to get the "g-force effects" when I am in the virtual cockpit of my PMDG 737-800?? The view that I fly in (by pressing F9) is a "locked" view from the captains chair. Of course I can look around but I do not get any "g force" effects like when I land or in turbulance. The pilots head does shutter or move around it just stays locked in the line of site. I have heard that the pmdg 737 comes with this cool feature but how do I use it?? Also how do you walk around the plane or in the cockpit? please help THANK YOU -Correction- The pilots head DOES NOT shutter or move around it just stays locked in the line of site please help THANK YOU
  7. Hello when i'm in the cockpit i can't create a new view after pressing the green arrow. i am currently running v0.2.7 Alpha Experimental.
  8. Hi there, I just installed the 777 for p3d v4, but the tilt or pitch, whatever I should call it, of the forward viewpoint in the default captain seat vc seems pitched too high compared to the one in v3 for some reason. Can I change it so it looks down a bit more by default? I forgot how, and I can't seem to find any threads that explain how to do it. When I go into the aircraft.cfg I don't see a camera definition for the captain seat, so I'm not sure which one to edit. Thanks for all of your hard work over there, John
  9. I know you guys say the NGX is the most realistic bird designed, and I concur. But do you how even more realistic it is with a virtual GoPro? Check it out!
  10. I know camera view is not a new topic but I have not found the answer I am looking for yet. I know you can configure camera views for FSX but I cannot work out the setting to get what I want. In "Tail" I get exactly what I want except the camera is too close. I want to be away from the plane not on top of the tail. But the behavior of this view is good because the plane moves exactly to your joystick. In "Fixed Spot" view I get the distance from the rear of the plan that I want but the behavior of the camera is off the planet. If I turn my joystick the plane pivots and the scenery does not follow the plane. I do not see the point of this weird behavior. So "Tail" gives me the camera behavior, and "Fixed Spot" gives me the distance from the rear of the plane. Can someone please tell me the setting to get what I am looking for. You should note that MS Flight does not have this problem. When you view the plane from the rear you can set your distance and the plane follows the joystick. This is what one would expect. So MS Flight has it right while FSX has a mental "Fixed Spot" that does not track the joystick movement from the rear but keeps pivoting the plane, putting it on weird angles and constantly change the perspective so you keep have to adjust the view to the rear of the plane manually. Why such a nutty behavior? Its enough to drive you mad. Please help.
  11. Hi all, I would like to share with you my window view takeoff from Frankfurt RWY18. This A340-600 service was bound for New York JFK. Please enjoy and comment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNAu1PDwX4Y
  12. When I cycle through the cockpit views hitting "A" P3D V4.2 crashes as soon as I reach the 2D panel. Any clue?
  13. Hi,I have a question about using an analog controller with FSX (a PS3 controller). My right analog stick is mapped to the View axis (up/down/right/left). This works fine except the behaviour is not what I exactly want. For example when I pull the stick to the right the view goes to the right (hooray), but when I release the stick the view goes back tot the center. What I would I want is that the view, in this example, stays on the right. Is there any way I can accomplish this?Thanks in advance,Thomas
  14. Hello, I have a question, is it any key (cant find it) to have roll inside cockpit? External drone camera has it but I cant find any keys for roll inside the plane. I can use keyboard to go forward, back, left, right, look down or up but no for roll of picture when Im in VC. I need it sometimes when I switch to 2D, in fact I fly almost 99% of the time in VR so generally I don't need it, just for 2D sometimes.
  15. Good morning Can someone point me to where the standard 2d cockpit view coordinates are located. it seems mine are corrupt To be clear I want to ensure that my view from cockpit looking straight out is set at the defult value in the appropriate file Is this in the cfg file and is there a standard set of coordinates Every time i am in 2d view and change views to look right or left it corrupts my" look forward" view out of the cockpit and im looking down at the ground, I then have to hit "ctrl and spacebar " to reset it This does not happen in 3d very frustrating! Thoughts Happens with every aircraft Peter
  16. These two 737s are the same. Notice how in the picture on the right, the rear of the plane looks equal in size to the front, even though it is actually further away. This is how aircraft and other objects are shown in FSX. The picture on the left is how things look to the human eye - when things are further away, they appear smaller. Is there a way that I can change the view in FSX to be like the left? Thanks, Leif
  17. I never liked the VC - the view is stuck in one place and looking around is a miserable experience - looking up at the upper panel you need to twist your head 90 degrees to look at the switches and knobs. Maybe it's me and I may not be doing something right, but I seriously miss the 2D panel view right now. I don't have any of the fancy trackIR or similar device. Is there a key combination to move the view point like we see in the videos? I looked around the documentation, found references to popup but these are just big squares appearing on the screen. Can we ask for the 2D panel back? is that an option? Any tips, info would be appreciated, Michel.
  18. If you go to the bottom of the forum main page, you will see a list of folks that are on the forums or have been during the preceding 15 minutes. It is not the easiest way to tell if your friends are online. Though we have had this feature online for a while, not much mention of it has been made. Today we added a bit of an additional capability and thought we would give it a bit of exposure. You can quickly now determine if your friends (and staff) are online. A single click on the two heads image will bring up this display. Enjoy!
  19. Hello guys, I have a little question, hope you can help me. So I am using P3d v4.2 with the old Ezdok version (1.18). The problem is that when I change the view from cockpit to outside the view changes to "Overhead view" but I am still in the cockpit. When I move I only see the cockpit from outside and a not really detailed wing. The question is how to configure the files that I can change to the Aircraft view because now I have to stay in the cockpit all the time. Thanks in advance Sincerely julietkilo
  20. Hello! I just bought x-plane 11 and I find it absolutely sublime apart from the view controls, which I can't seem to get working. I initially got x-camera and installed that in the plugins folder, but when I tried to use it the camera twitched annoyingly and I found it hard to read the text in the cockpit so I disabled it. But now that I'm trying to work with X-plane 11's default view controls, I find that they don't function at all in 3D cockpit view. I set up key bindings in the "view/manipulate view" menu, but when I try to use them nothing happens. Do you have any suggestions as to what I might try? Thank you in advance!
  21. Dear All, I'm upgrading the visual of my flight sim. I'm using P3Dv4.5. I have a home 737 cockpit running prosim737 hence I don't use a virtual cockpit. My graphics computer use a i7 5930K OC at 4.5Ghz, 32Gigs of RAM and an Nvidia 1080ti graphic card. I'd like to upgrade to a 3 x TV screen setup (most probably using P3D view group to minimise distortion). I will be running 1080p resolution on each TV ( most TVs nowadays are 4K native but I assume it's not a problem to downsize res). I'd love to get your recommendation for what TV and any hint on how to best configure my P3D view group Kind Regards Karim
  22. Hi, I put together a document about custom camera view configuration in FSX. I use only standard FSX functionality still I believe I could reach a quality that is comparable with payware solutions. Main advantages: Does not require payware components Does not influence FSX’s standard hotkey and joystick handling Does not introduce a new module that might not be fully stable Keeps the default Top-Down view that seems not to be available with EzDok Keeps the aircraft centric camera movement that seems not to be available with EzDok Disadvantages of the solution: No extra fancy effects Maximum 10 hotkey triggered camera views Less convenient, less automatic view creation Download the document from the link below. Please give your corrections, recommendations for improvements. G. Hrasko: Camera configuration in FSX (v09 draft) http://gabor.hrasko.com/fsx-camera-views-v09.pdf Disclaimer: EzDok is a brilliant product. If it works for you, don't change it to my solution. However if you experinence problems, incompatibilities (due to newer op systems or to other 3rd party products), you might give a try to my standard-based solution.
  23. I never liked the VC - the view is stuck in one place and looking around is a miserable experience - looking up at the upper panel you need to twist your head 90 degrees to look at the switches and knobs. Maybe it's me and I may not be doing something right, but I seriously miss the 2D panel view right now. I don't have any of the fancy trackIR or similar device. Is there a key combination to move the view point like we see in the videos? I looked around the documentation, found references to popup but these are just big squares appearing on the screen. Can we ask for the 2D panel back? is that an option? Any tips, info would be appreciated, Michel.
  24. When I go away from the tower and I go in tower view,I cannot see my airplane anymore.Does someone can help me ???
  25. I just got the EZDok camera, and while everything is working, fine, I can't seem to create a view that is similar to the standard locked spot/spot view (because while I'm using EZ Dok, I can't access the regular views). I've created a view called "exterior" and placed it in the default spot position, but the image of the plane is distorted, which is alright for filming, I suppose (that's what I bought EZ Dok for), but it's not conducive to regular flying. Is there a setting where I can change this? Or enable the default views along with EZ Dok?Thanks,boeing247(also, is there a way to create an EZ Dok version of the flyby view?)
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