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Found 18 results

  1. I usually use http://fuel.aerotexas.com/ to calculate the needed fuel for my flights, but it does not include the A340 in its aircraft database (I have the A340-500/600). Does anybody know where I can find a fuel calculator, or how I can calculate the needed fuel for the A340? Thanks,boeing247
  2. Promo Video: http://www.youtube.com/embed/kfoT2-gmAcE (Recommend watching in HD) Cathay Pacific Virtual Wants You! Cathay Pacific Virtual is a dynamic virtual airline based in the Island Nation of Hong Kong. We replicate the operations of the real world Cathay Pacific and Cathay Pacific Cargo, flying the A330, A340, B777 and B747, we can cater to every sim pilots long haul dreams. We have short range to ultra long range flights available in some of the most popular planes available. We are currently seeking applicants who wish to be trained on our fleet of A330 aircraft. Applicants will have to spend 10 hours flying time after joining on the A330 before being able to pursue other aircraft type ratings. To qualify for membership to Cathay Pacific Virtual the pilot is required to meet the following minimum criteria; • The pilot must be in possession of Flight Simulator 2004 or FSX. • The pilot must be over the age of 13. • The ability to fly for Cathay Pacific Virtual once every 30 days. (See Pilot Inactivity Policy) • The pilot must submit their real identity. (No nicknames or callsigns are permitted) • The ability to show professionalism within the organization and when conducting Online Operations. • As English is the international language of the aviation industry, we require applicants to harbour a reasonable level of written and spoken English. Online Network Registration • There is no formal obligation to fly using the online network, however we recommend the use of VATSIM, to further enhance the experience • Applications submitted with incorrect information will not be accepted. Pilot Inactivity Policy • Cathay Pacific Virtual operates a 30 day active flying policy which means pilots must fly at least one flight every 30 days. • Pilots who are inactive after the 30 day period may be removed without notice from the rosters. • You will NOT be entitled to any leave of abscense until you have served 90 days as an active pilot. There are no exceptions to this policy, so if you are unable to fulfill the minimum flying activity (one flight every 30 days) for your first 90 days please defer your application until such time that you are able to commit. • We ask you to carefully consider before applying whether you are able to fulfil this basic commitment. • If you do fall inactive on our rosters and simply file a flight, and you will become an active pilot again. New Pilots Note • If you have difficulties with using our system please email us as soon as possible so that we can assist you. • You are REQUIRED to undertake the new pilots test before being able to fly. • You will not be entitled to any leave of absence until you have served 90 days as an active pilot. Ready to join our ranks? After reading all of the above and if you are still interested in joining, then please proceed to our application form below. Cathay Pacific Virtual provides enjoyment for members worldwide, busy & informative forums, and a great sense of community. http://www.cathaypacificva.com/en/index.php/pages/agreement ----------------------------------- About Cathay Pacific Virtual: Since its inception in 2012, Cathay Pacific Virtual has provided innovative ideas that have set new standards in the world of Virtual Aviation. Cathay Pacific Virtual Airlines are always working towards providing our pilots with state of the art training, helping pilots understand the actions needed to control an aircraft in all stages of flight, both normal and emergency operations. The Largest Community of Virtual Aviators across the world. • Do you own Flight Simulator 2004 or FSX? • Are you a dedicated Flight Simulation enthusiast with some spare time available? • Are you looking for purpose and goals in your Virtual Flying Experience? Cathay Pacific Virtual provides members with a fully automated Virtual Airline Environment and is designed for all experience levels of Flight Simulator. Some of our Features & Services • A Fully Automated VATSIM Tracking system, so you can record your flights with ease. • Unique Flight Monitoring software named "CX Tracker", exclusively developed for Cathay Pacific Virtual or use by our members. • REAL Cathay Pacific schedules covering an extensive variety of destinations around the World. • NEW Booking Flight System, only allowing pilots to fly from their last arrival airport. • Fleet aircraft based on all airframes that are currently in service with real world Cathay Pacific. • Full Aircraft Endorsment Training, VATSIM P1 to P5 Training (Optional) and assistance with getting you started. • Online Flying with the VATSIM networks. • Schedules from Cathay Cargo. Cathay Pacific is an ACTIVE Virtual Airline, constant changes to the schedules, website changes and an active forum are part of our daily routine.
  3. Hi all, I would like to share with you my window view takeoff from Frankfurt RWY18. This A340-600 service was bound for New York JFK. Please enjoy and comment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNAu1PDwX4Y
  4. Hello. For now I've been only using fsx for simulation but it seem quite unrealistic when it comes to physics. This year I am going to make something like an airbus sim (I prefer a340 or even a350 but I don't mind if it is a320)with oculus rift because it's the cheapest way to make a sim. For now I have saitek pro flight system and a pc which specs are: -amd athlon 5800+ 2.8ghz duo -ati radeon 4830hd 512 mb -4gb ram And this is not enough for x-plane 10 which supports jardesign a320. So can you please give me a suggestion and tell me which of the two softwares (fsx-x-plane9) I should use. Thank you and sorry for my bad English!
  5. Hey, I have the CLS A340-500/600, but I can't find a good fuel planner for it. The usual one I use does not include the A340. Can anybody suggest one or tell me how to manually calculate the A340 fuel? Thanks,boeing247
  6. Could anyone tell me where I can find or if someone can make a Pan Am A340-300 & A330-200 for AI use?, I've made Pan Am flightplans and I need the A340 and A330 so it is complete. Thanks -Otto van Lint
  7. Greetings! Some time ago I found the original video in youtube, but as they speak in Spanish I thought it would be a good idea to upload a version with English captions. I hope you like it. Please disregard grammar mistakes as I'm not a native speaker. (As you probably have guessed by now) Regards. Steiner.
  8. Hey all! I am a long haul flyer and I have a major question for the Wilco A330/340/380 panels. I love flying for Korean Airlines which operates the A330 as well as the A380. Situation: I takeoff with fully made and correct flight plan from LAX (los Angeles International Airport) enroute to Seoul Incheon International on a Korean A380. I climb the aircraft, cruise, wait, and wait. After a while I go out some where (for a few hours) and the plane magically stopped about 100 NM from where I left it! The flight sim was paused! I got this error on both the 330 and the 380! Is there any fix for it? I fly the 777-3B5ER enroute from Atlanta to Seoul and there is no problems! I am using the JB777 panel for that! No pauses! Why only the wilco? What I have running: PA A380 with wilco a380 panel in place of stock panel. POSKY A330 with wilco A330 panel in place of stock panel. FSX Acceleration w/ service pack 2 Question: Why is the wilco panels causing the plane to pause? What other factors may cause the sim to pause? Thanks VERY much for you time! ~Rohan Patel. I flew Air Canada's A330 from Vancouver to Seoul and still, there is a pause!
  9. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm6tkKQFtnC7q7mA6aqAjENikT0eScf4J This is just a quick four video series to help people unfamiliar with Black Box or Airbus aircraft to get up and running on the Black Box Widebody aircraft. Hope you enjoy!
  10. Hello. Firstly, I would like to apologize in advance if this topic already exists ; I have tried to find the solution, but I couldn't. The problem I have with my Wilco A340, A330 and sometimes A320 family, basically Wilco Airbus in general, is that it climbs too fast. I do not think this is realistic. For example on a hot day in New York which I just departed with my Airbus A340-300 (fully loaded for a 10hr flight), the Airbus was climbing at about 3700 v/s+ ... this is too fast! The plane climbs too fast initially, but then gradually calms down. For example now with 67 tons of Fuel, FL267, climbing FL350, I'm climbing with 1800 v/s with CLB setting. Shouldn't this be much lower to reflect real weight? Can I change anything from my config to make this aircraft a bit more heavier , like in real life? I mean on the ground when turning when taxiing , even with low speed it feels heavy, as it's fully loaded w/ fuel + pax. But in the air, when it climbs, I don't get this feeling. It just seems too light! Should I merge w/ Project Airbus? Project Opensky, or Overland? Overland has GPS that I used many years ago, but had a great behaviour Thank you for your help in advance :-)
  11. I have the Wilco Airbus Volume 1 and 2, and I love the product! The only problem that I have been having is the abruptly high ascent/descent rates with the AP engaged. Is there any way to fix this?
  12. I've been getting into the Black Box Simulations A330 and A340 addon in it's latest version (0.81.5)... The developer has a bit of a history and the addon was mediocre at best in it's earlier versions. But it's pretty damn satisfying right now in P3D V2.5... Here are some shots from random flights. A340-300 Circuit Emirates A330-200 leaving Dubai RNZAF A330-200 MRTT flying Auckland to Christchurch Hope it's not an overload of Airbus .
  13. Resently i took advantage of a 50% discount to buy the A330-A340 package. from CLS. Good deal for the price, but i have some trouble with it. For one i have found the solution myself and i posted it here in just in case someone else is looking for it. The TCAS is working on the A330 but not on the A340.That one turned out to be simply a missing gauge in the panel.cfg for the TCAS logic. Solution. Go to simobjects --> airplanes --> CLS_A340_300 --> panel and make a copy of panel.cfg (just to be save) open panel.cfg in notepad and scroll to the last entry in [Window00] section, in the original file this is, gauge39=CLS_A343_FSX!ICON_SC, 22,1047,24,24 on the next line add gauge40=CLS_FSX_TCAS!dsd_fsx_xml_tcas, 4,41,20,20 or if you fly from the VC scroll to the last line in the [Vcockpit01] section. In the original file this is gauge46=CLS_A343_FSX!Gear Light Nose, 458,412,35,35 on the next line add gauge47=CLS_FSX_TCAS!dsd_fsx_xml_tcas, 4,41,20,20 save and now the TCAS should be working. Be aware that this TCAS is only a simpel version of a real TCAS, there is no Audible warning and no TCAS resolution advisories. Only tested with FSX, but i think it should work on FS9 if it has the same problem. And maybe i am to hastly, but from the managed modes only the heading seems to work propperly. When i engage speed in MM, it just seems to go the MAX speed (around 300 knots) and with altitude it just reset to 0 feet. Is there someone who got it to work like it should ?
  14. Dear all, This time I would like to share with you my window view landing at JFK. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Thank you!
  15. Hi guys, I have a question about Virgin Atlantic's a340 livery updates. It seem's to be that they only update their 747s and not their 340s (besides G-VRED) which still isn't the new design. I've noticed this because I always fly on their 340s when flying to LAX and they are always the old liveries with the blue outline around the letters and silver paint. I find it rather strange as to why they would rather update their much older 747s than their a340s which is the company's most common aircraft and used on a much wider variety of routes. How much longer are we going to see this old outdated livery in Virgin's fleet and instead see the new fresh under the belly livery. Thanks
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