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  1. Anyone willing to make me a fictional JS4100 in the livery of Garuda Indonesia? Would love this thank you!!
  2. The wonderful folks over at milviz have completed an upgrade of their F-4J and F-4S which adds the ADV features which the F-4E already has, as well as TacPack features!
  3. Thank you to LivingFS for providing the review copy for this video!
  4. A recent video I made as a prelude to a longer review on the Carenado C208EX
  5. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm6tkKQFtnC7q7mA6aqAjENikT0eScf4J This is just a quick four video series to help people unfamiliar with Black Box or Airbus aircraft to get up and running on the Black Box Widebody aircraft. Hope you enjoy!
  6. This is my impressions of the C172 Trainer by A2A. I know this is not a "by the book" flight and wasnt designed to be. Simply meant as a way to give my feelings about this aircraft in a short cross country flight.
  7. faasda01


    Simulating the world’s largest airline, AAvirtual.net strives to promote a professional atmosphere while balancing that with having fun. With our route network encompassing all of American Airlines’ routes, as well as the former US Airways routes. We also feature a selection of routes from our OneWorld Alliance partners. If there is a destination and departure you want to fly, chances are you will find it at AAvirtual. Our experienced staff team is reading and willing to help new pilots to veterans start their career. Come fly with us and experience all AAvirtual.net has to offer.
  8. Fantastic, going to get all but testing one out first!
  9. What second is the middle east a part of? Is it included in the asia or is it split between asia/africa/europe?
  10. I am doing some market research in the flight sim community in regards to hardware purchases and preferences. Any information is greatly appreciated, I have included a link to a survey monkey survey, only 6 questions. I am simply curious what drives us (the aviation simulation community) when it comes to our hardware. Thanks! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/X6LHM5F
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