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  1. I have always loved this era of Naval Aviation since building and painting plastic models as a kid. It's only natural to have a desire to create a different era of virtual Navy Air Group. I found a lot of modern ones available to join. All of them are really fun and very dedicated and authentic. (I flew for 2 years in one with a great group of guys) but with the availability of freeware and payware 1930's Navy aircraft as well as the really well-done aircraft carriers and other ships by masters like Yanco and FS Shipyard, it's time we pay tribute to the golden age of Naval Aviation. Come and earn your "virtual wings of gold" and fly with a squadron of the virtual Yorktown Air Group. Visit our webpage: https://tgycgijoes.wixsite.com/virtual-uss-yorktown
  2. We are actively seeking pilots to join our roster! If you are interested please visit us at www.afrvirtuel.net!
  3. Hello, My name is Daniel CEO & Founder at www.exsva.com - we are currently looking to recruit staff and pilots for our virtual airline. We are a new virtual airline and are constantly working to provide pilots with the best tools and resources to help keep you in the air. A bit about us - We are a virtual airline based in Leeds Bradford (EGNM) with many HUB's within England and Scotland providing low cost travel to Europe and America. We operate a fleet of 66 aircraft inlcuding A320, A321, A330, B737-300's, B737-800's and B757-200's. With a total of 42 destinations and 529 schedules, where will your next flight take you? Looking forward to seeing you in the skies!
  4. Welcome to jetAzul! Here in JetBlue Linhas Aéreas das Americas we believe that you are who makes possible who we are. This is a website for fanatics of JetBlue Airways and Azul Linhas Aéreas. This virtual airline consists of making these two powerful airlines founded by David Neelman a whole and the best of the Americas. JetBlue operates a fleet of A320s as their backbone, and E-190s for those smaller markets. Azul operates E-190 family as their backbone, and ATRs for smaller markets. Recently these two airlines have announced new aircraft to join the fleet. While JetBlue has announced a vast amount of 320 NEOs approaching, they have already started receiving the 321s while Azul has announced providing service with leased A330s (3 Classes) and the brand new A350. As we all know JetBlue's core experience consist of providing free inflight entertainment system such as Live TV and recently WIFI along with Even More Space in all of their configuration. On the other hand, Experiência Azul provides free Live TV and their version of Even More Space called Espaço Azul. Both experiences offer complimentary snacks and beverage. We are currently accepting ADMIN applications as well as FLIGHT OFFICERS. Feel free to apply online at our temporary website. We will be launching our new, official, and most advance website by summer. We will also be rewarding referrals, once we have met our goal by summer. Apply today and feel proud to be BLUE! Remember, we are jetAzul, a different airline to fly for. Tell your friends to join us today! Regards, Rob Rob Chief Executive Officer jetAzul Linhas Aéreas Das Americas 23360 • jetAzul • Rob G • JBU001
  5. Hi fellows simmers. i want introduce you, my new virtual cargo airline just for fun. http://www.aerocargointernacionalvirtual.com/ simple as register, choose youre plane, route and report youre flight. We serve in Central America, South America and the Caribean as well. We are a Vatmex official virtual airline based in Cancún, Mx (MMUN). Native Spanish and english are welcome. Youre previus VATSIM hours give youre rank inside the airline.
  6. Hello All, I have been trying to add a custom airline and callsign to the list of AIrlines in RC (so I can use it when flyign with my Virtual Airline). What I have done is made a .wav file of my airline's callsign and added it to every controller/pilot's voice folders (in the rcv4x/winwood folder). I then followed the instructions in this post, which seems to be the correct way to do it? I edited the c4.csv file in the data folder and added my VA's info. as needed. However, I am having the following issue, after saving and closing everything and then restarting Radar Contact, I can now see my VA in the list with appropriate call sign, but when I click the little speaker icon next to the name to hear it say the name (play the .wav file), nothing happens, no audio plays?? I'm hoping someone can help me before I start pulling my hair out! Thanks :lol: Mike D.
  7. Can you please program it so that other devices can be used as a map or other virtual instrument ? Thanks
  8. FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, November 7th, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SparkJet laid out yesterday in an email to its crewmembers information on the new schedule, fleet and destination changes. Zeke Elias, SparkJet CEO said the following "It’s been a while, we know. We’ve been working very hard at adding more automation into the site, creating new schedules and introducing the B777-200LR into our fleet. None of the former an easy or non-time consuming process but now we are finally ready to announce that the Winter Schedule is complete and with it some changes to the fleet destinations. This schedule doesn’t only focus on our customers and the destinations they want to see served but it focuses on our Aeolus alliance partner airline destinations in order to provide a global network for the customers. This schedule also enables connections through many cities that used to only have round-robin service from one of our hubs. Unfortunately some cuts had to be made and they include our South America destination that wasn’t economically sustainable anymore. The B736’s have passed on to Kanata and they will further expand intra-Canada service to larger destinations and connecting our network to customers who lacked access to affordable air travel. Fleet and Destination Changes FLL – E170 now operating former B737-700 routes and B737-700 operating E170 routes. B763ER no longer based in FLL, moved to JFK. Removed B757-200’s from FLL, moved to JFK. ABQ - B763ER now dedicated to Canada and Hawaii routes. Introduced a B738 with service to JAC, DSM and BIL. SFO – B752 operates to Hawaii and Intra-Hawaiian service. Introduced a B738 with service to JAC, BIL and ORD. JFK – Most affected hub B763ER flights to EZE, LHR, CDG and MAD. B772LR flights to ORD, ATH, AMS and FRA. B738 flights to DFW, SXM, MCO, SJU and LAX. B752 flights to KEF, SNN, SLC, FNC, LIS and TPA. Intra-Hub - One 772LR will be circulating the system on intra-hub flights (Excluding KFLL) We will also be looking at the schedule once a quarter and edit destinations and service frequencies as we see fit, sometimes downgrading or upgrading equipment. Finally, I’d like to say that the MD80 expansion in TNCM is still in the plans, we are just slowly integrating everything so we can maintain our financial stronghold regardless of what is thrown at us. With the former being said, we are still looking for HELP in our training department. Think you can help us? Send us an email to zelias@spark-jet.com Happy November!" SparkJet is still looking for qualified First Officers to join the company, so if you’re interested in being based out of KFLL, KABQ, KJFK, KSFO and CYYC make sure you apply here http://spark-jet.com/index.php/content/careers!
  9. BARCELONA, September 5, 2012 -- fly Ocean today officially announced a comprehensive fleet renewal program. The renewal program was finally approved by the executive board and will continue until mid-2013. Affected by the restructuring are mainly the middle and long-haul fleets of fly Ocean. fly Ocean repsonses with this step to the changing market conditions in Europe. In future, the airline relies on A320 and E190 series aircraft on all intra-European flights. For this purpose, eight Embraer E190-100 aircraft will join the fleet between September and October 2012, which were intentionally ordered for fly Ocean's subsidiary CityConnex. In the same period, five A320 series aircraft will leave the fleet. On long-haul flights, fly Ocean will increasingly rely on Boeing B777 series aircraft. The airline already operates eighteen B777-300ER aircraft and takes delivery of its first of eight ordered B777-200LR in mid-September. The fleet of yet eight A330 series aircraft - three A330-243 and five A330-343 - will be cut to a total number of three A330-343 aircraft. New services for new A380 fly Ocean now operates its new Airbus A380 five times a week on flights from Barcelona to Miami. The flight FO 271 departs every Tuesday to Saturday during the summer season until late September and complements the daily A380 service from Madrid to Miami. With the new winter flightplan 2012/2013, starting October 1st, 2012, fly Ocean will operate the A380 on a daily service from Madrid to Miami and three times a week from Madrid to Los Angeles. fly Ocean's A380 are equipped with six First Class suites, 50 Business Class lie-flat seats and 400 Economy Class seats, offering a total of 456 seats per flight. For more information about fly Ocean visit our website at www.fly-ocean.net
  10. Virtual Blue: Exciting New Things, For a New Year, At Virtual Blue New York, NY | 12/27/2012 While still wrapping up our most successful year to date, Virtual Blue CEO Petey Shivery released to the world that "the organization is looking forward to an even better year; a year filled with development, service, and improvement for all our pilots." Virtual Blue is continuing to make itself an organization that stands out from the crowd, an enjoyable and fun-filled organization that can be joined by any pilot looking to learn. The Chief Executive Officer has already announced, with the help of many donations, that they will be seeing an official video come 2013. "The video," Shivery has stated, "is something that resembles our organization completely and is certainly something to look out for." Since its release in August, Virtual Blue has been looking forward to its official video, and now it will be able to be seen throughout the world in 2013. In addition, Virtual Blue has announced updates to its ACARS system, dispatching center, and website come 2013. Also, the institution of our flight dispatcher position and soon to be VATSIM ATO rated training program will all be updates to look out for in the new year. Dimitri Trofimuk, the Chief of Information Technology, has been working since the organization's release for the latest software for Virtual Blue pilots to use. He has already improved Dynife, the in-flight entertainment system, that can make a four hour plane ride seem like four minutes. We would like to thank Trofimuk for all his hard work in 2012 and cannot wait to see what happens in 2013. Now, when you are looking towards the new year, make sure you are looking for an organization that is constantly updating to fit the needs of its pilots. At Virtual Blue, there is never a day where we do not think about our talented pilots. Think about it, because we do! Exciting new things are happening. It is time to join today: http://flyvblue.org/.'>http://flyvblue.org/. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About Virtual Blue Virtual Blue (VB) is a virtual airline organization based in the games of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X. We are a community of aviation enthusiasts and real world pilots who wish to take their aviation experience to the next level, through the use of a virtual airline. Our virtual airline, Virtual Blue, simulates real world schedules and procedures of JetBlue Airways. Being a simulated version of JetBlue Airways in the flight simulation world allows our pilots to operate throughout the Americas, using their fleet of Embraer E190 and Airbus A320 aircraft. Using their established core values of safety, caring, fun, integrity, and passion; Virtual Blue creates a community that surpasses any other virtual airline. Virtual Blue was originally founded in 2009 by many initial founders that are present in the organization today; including Petey Shivery and Austin Forrest. After a few years of reorganization, Virtual Blue reopened in 2012 better than ever including a redesigned system and ACARS for all pilots. Today, Virtual Blue is one of the newest, premiere virtual airlines to hit the skies. It features hundreds of routes and an extremely active community ran by VATSIM's finest members. Our community makes up diverse cultures from around the world aiming to ensure a positive, aviation enthusiast community for all members. Links hr@flyvblue.org - Email Us! http://flyvblue.org/ - Join Us! http://facebook.com/flyvblue/ - Like Us! http://twitter.com/flyvblue/ - Tweet us! (@flyvblue) Ben Johnson Corporate Communications Virtual Blue ###
  11. Hi. My name is Cameron and i have made the Delta VA! We are new to the world of VA and hope that you will join us! we run on xACARS! Current Positions Aval. Pilots 6 HUB managers 2 Website Managers We would like these to fill up soon so feel free to go to http://deltavirtual.tk to join! We are free to join and are always working on our flight schedules! Please join! Thanks Cameron
  12. PMDG Pilots, With the upcomming, and HIGHLY anticipated DC6 comming out from PMDG. Golden Era Virtual would like to extend an offer to those profesional pilots who want to fly it together! What this means for PMDG Pilots: When the PMDG DC6 is released we will be adding it to our fleet instantly. We will also be including a section in our forum for story swapping on your adventures with this aircraft. We will also be looking for top of the line pilots to provide support to help newer pilots with learning this beauty of the skies. A little GEV background: Golden Era Virtual has only been around a short time. Golden Era Virtual was founded on December 23rd 2012, and went active Janurary 1st 2013. In this short amount of time, we have accumulated over 10 pilots from across the world. The virtual airline was created from scratch with a vision of more then just flying the big jumbo jets. GEV's fleet consists propliners only. We are a VATSIM only VA, that uses the VAFS5 client to run our ACARS. With this system our pilots fly for more then just hours, they fly for virtual currency as well. GEV is like no other virtual airline, in that we mean, real life comes first. We dont force activity on our pilots, or expect/demand rediculusly long flights to sustain a position within the VA. Our doors are open to all pilots interested in flying with us. Our number one belief is that within the flying world we are all family. Thats how we treat our pilots! Fleet: *3x Boeing 377 Stratocruiser *3x Beech Model 18 *3x Douglas DC-3 *3x Lockheed Constellation L-049 *3x SAAB 90 Scandia Hubs: KLGA - LaGuardia International: 1x Beech Model 18, 1x Douglas DC-3, 3x Boeing 377 Stratocruiser KMEM - Memphis International: 1x Beech Model 18, 1x Douglas DC-3, 3x Lockheed Constellation L-049 KTPA - Tampa International: 1x Beech Model 18, 1x Douglas DC-3, 3x SAAB 90 Scandia Where to find us: If you are interested, or looking for more information about us. Please visit our website, or even join our open TeamSpeak. the information is provided below, we look forward to seeing you with us! Website: www.goldeneravirtual.com Teamspeak: ts45.gameservers.com:9204 GEV CEO -Jeremy Elliott GEV1748
  13. Hello my name is Taylor Welka, I am the CEO of Virtual US Airways. We would like to welcome you to our virtual airline! We offer a lot to our pilots and would love to extend our family! What we offer: Custom Pilot Center Inflight Entertainment Center Customized events (prizes sometimes) Active Teamspeak 3 Server Welcoming Smile! We would love you to come check us out at Virtual US Airways! Have a great day!
  14. Looking for CEO to head regional virtual airline. Requirements: 1. One year minimum or more of virtual airline experience administration experience 2. Self motivated 3. Minimum of 10 hours of available time per week Interview will be conducted via email or we have other options available. If interested please email Austin A. at alexander109@gmail.com for an application
  15. Delta Virtual Airlines is a distinguished virtual airline that hopes to soar with the top VA's in the industry. We offer a unique custom built PHP website and ACARS system that was designed exclusively to suit our needs. Our website is designed for ease of use, while having astonishing visuals to enhance the users' experience. We offer pilots the chance to use our custom built ACARS program, Skytracker, to file their reports. Our exclusive ACARS program includes flight bidding, dispatch, fuel loading, weather planning, flight planning, live chat, and a live map. Our ACARS program is just one piece of a larger network where we promote social interaction between staff and pilots. Delta Virtual Airlines was created for fun, professionalism, and realism, all at the same time. We take pride in our work and we're there to help our pilots with anything they require. We understand that pilots are the biggest part of a VA, and that treating them fairly and with respect is absolutely necessary.We invite pilots of every experience level to apply for a career at Delta Virtual Airlines. We offer many programs and services that have never been seen in the VA industry, and we invite you to take part in everything we do.Thank you for taking the time to read our article. Check us out at www.deltavirtual.org.
  16. Hey, Does anyone know where I could find what the largest VA's are currently (in terms of membership/active pilots)? I know a few that are very big (BAW, globe cargo etc) but I'd like to see which are the biggest.Thanks!
  17. I know you guys say the NGX is the most realistic bird designed, and I concur. But do you how even more realistic it is with a virtual GoPro? Check it out!
  18. is there a British Midland International (BMI) virtual airline? I'd really love to know - I've searched high and low for one (PLEASE not this one: http://www.bmivirtual.com/ ) Thanks in advance
  19. Established 3.1.2012 Are you looking for a QUALITY virtual airline with a friendly member base?Mirage Executive Charters va started at the beginning of the month and since then we have hired 18 pilots and flown an unbelievable total of 125 flights! That is an average of 7 flights per day by our pilots! We use the excellent, VAFS5 system!We operate as a Part 135 charter company and fly a variety of smaller, executive aircraft!Our fleet includes:-Piper Arrow IV-Britten-Norman BN2 Islander-Cessna C337 Skymaster (Coming April 1st!)-Cessna 340 II-Piper Malibu P46T-Cessna Grand Caravan 208 and Super Cargomaster-Cessna Citation CJ1...Aircraft will continue to be added as we expand!Our pilot bases:-KSRQ Sarasota, FL Main Base-KOPF Miami, FL-KPDK Atlanta, GA-Members are voting on the Caribbean pilot base now! It will open April 1st! Choices are TNCM, TJSJ or MBPV.Our routes are updated every two weeks (every other Friday) to simulate charter reservations by our passengers! Also, pilots can submit any route they would like to fly through our website!We have a Teamspeak 3 Channel! Our website has unmatched social connectivity! Instant message other pilots, send friend requests, post on their profile and completely customize your own profile!At Mirage Executive Charters va, we have a passion for aviation. Many of our pilots are real world pilots as well, with decades of flying experience. If you want to be apart of a great virtual airline and a friendly community, join us today!http://miragechartersva.enjin.comThank you and I hope to fly with you soon!Jonathan EngerCEO/Owner - Mirage Executive Charters va
  20. Starline Airways opening its doors to the public Today the 28th of December a new era of virtual airline simulation is launched, after nearly half a year of development. The original idea of Starline is that flying for virtual airlines should not be complicated with software to install and configure, rules for how much a pilot needs to fly to avoid being removed et.c, but still highly realistic. Instead of ACARS-software all our flights is tracked live from VATSIM/IVAO, all the pilot has to do is to connect with the correct callsign for the booked flight. We encourage our pilots to fly whenever they have the time and desire for it, and a pilot will never be removed due to inactivity. With our professional custom made and user-friendly web page comes except a booking system, forum, advanced user statistic and downloadable aircraft liverys for PMDG737NGX, PMDG777 and Aerosoft Airbus X A321, also an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). The Electronic Flight Bag includes: ¤ Flight breifing overview ¤ Flight progress indication ¤ Charts for all our destination ¤ Weather ¤ Notams ¤ Fuel calculations ¤ Digital checklists The EFB will automatically load the flight you're connected to on VATSIM or IVAO, and make recommendations for charts and runways in use. With our optional software StarRoute, the programming of the FMC will also be alot smoother as you can simply just load the flightplan into the FMC, without having to type each waypoint in yourself. StarRoute will automatically download co-routes for your booked flights and place them in the correct folder for each addon. The only thing except Flight Simulator or Prepar3D is an valid VATSIM or IVAO ID. Welcome to Starline. www.starlineairways.com
  21. Star Alliance Virtual has opened its doors to the flight simulation community after two months in planning, and endless hours creating the organization and its infrastructure! Initially founded in October 2013, Star Alliance Virtual brings new ideas and operations to the flight simulation community, such as the ability to fly without needing an ACARS system, but you also won't have to submit a manual flight report. The Star Alliance Virtual organization has very limited sets of regulations and rules, unlike other virtual organizations, and the staff and pilot team understand this is a hobby, and there are many different types of flight simulator users out there, that is why Star Alliance Virtual caters to all simulator users! If you use a Microsoft Flight Simulator, come join us! If you use X-Plane, that's great too! Do you have hours from VATSIM or IVAO that you would like to transfer? Great! We will transfer them all! For more information, or to apply, please go to www.vstaralliance.org. Blue skies!
  22. Hi, we are now opening a new European Virtual Airline, we have all set but we need some staff before the official opening: we must be ready! Open friendly positions SENIOR STAFF - - Staff Coordinator Requirements: Fluent English Skype Pilot in another virtual airline Pilot or ATC in IVAO/VATSIM Great want to work and cooperate INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY - Webmaster Requirements: PHPvms Fluent English Basic Site Development and Design Skype Great want to work and cooperate FLIGHT OPERATION -Flight Operations Director -Flight Operations Assistant Direct Requirements PHPvms Pilot in a virtual airline Pilot or ATC in VATSIM or IVAO Skype Fluent English Great want to work and cooperate PILOT ASSISTANCE -Helpline Coordinator PHPvms Pilot in a virtual airline Pilot in VATSIM or IVAO Skype Fluent English Great want to work and cooperate BENEFITS GREAT EXPERIENCE PERSONAL MAIL BEING IN THE STAFF AND BE LISTED PAGE If interested PM me , say me who you are and what and why you would be! Thanks very much Andrea Human Resources of A.G.
  23. We're a brand new VA, and we're looking for pilots. Here are some reasons to join our VA: CityLink Virtual Airlines has: Plenty of routes to do, so you won’t be bored. A select but great fleet, which exists out of – for instance – Fokker 50s. Check http://www.citylink-va.com/index.php/pages/planes for our whole fleet. 2 Hubs: EHBK (Maastricht) and EHRD (Rotterdam), both based in the Netherlands. A modern website A challenging ranking system Winter and Summer Events A user-friendly logging system, called CityLink kAcars. A forum where everything about the VA and flying can be asked. A twitter account (@CityLinkVA) Follow us, if you like. In case you haven’t got payware, there’s always a freeware version. If you have a question, feel free to contact us! Website: www.citylink-va.com Twitter: @CityLinkVA
  24. We welcome you to Rotate virtual airline. We are a Cargo based airline flying only Boeing 777-200LRF aircraft. We offer something different from the normal cargo operations and with our T7 aircraft we can realistically fly routes from 30 mins to 15 hours in the one aircraft. Based out of Manchester uk our pilots will experience cargo operations all over the world. We have even teamed up with Empyral Virtual airlines who through out financial system are code share partners What this means to our pilots it has a more realistic feel to our operations with contracts flown on behalf of Empyral va on weekends. This allows our pilots to fly more routes and allows the va to be realistically financially rewarded. This is seen in many real cargo airlines but rarely seen in the virtual world. Using VAfinancials Rotate operates in a realistic way. Pilot pay rises are reviewed by rank only, We do not limit our pilots to aircraft types you can and will operate the t7 straight away . Allowing pilots to fly there favourite aircraft when they want too. In the future we will look into other aircraft types but financially and economically the triple 7 is the most economic in its class. So if you love the Boeings and especially the B777 and you prefer cargo in a realistic va then look no further we are here to give you the realistic cargo va you crave. Here at Rotate we aim to bring you the best virtual airline possible. With over 15 years experience in virtual airlines we are using our experience ,Knowledge and state of the art financial and planning software to bring you a as real as it gets virtual career. We will always look at new ideas and try and advance the virtual airline at every opertunity inline to how a real airline would operate. We aim to listen and implement what our pilots want to make it a virtual airline that people are proud of. We aim to keep Rotate virtual airline on the up and on the move. http://www.rotateva.com/
  25. FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, August 13th, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SparkJet Virtual laid out yesterday in an email to its crewmembers the upcoming plans for the rest of 2014. SparkJet is still continuing to develop a state-of-the-art training program and becoming an ATO partner with VATSIM while at the same time managing updates, retrofits and additions to the schedule. Zeke Elias, SparkJet CEO laid out the plans for the crewmembers as follows: We will introduce a new Winter Schedule in October, serving destinations for the snowbirds to go to the Caribbean and for the snow-lovers to travel to their frigid paradises. Expect new service to Jackson Hole, Wyoming (ICAO: KJAC) and many others in this new schedule. We will be removing the Boeing 757-200's from the operation and replacing them with Boeing 737-900ER's. This move will enable us to better cater to the consumer and open the B752's for retrofit in the desert (Do I hear Cargo coming soon?) Due to YSSY not yielding the results we expected we will be shutting down the hub. We will ferry the aircraft to CYYC and SCEL where they will expand our array of destinations and give the consumer a better experience with more popular and higher yielding destinations in which the B737-600 we currently operate is not capable of performing. We have been approached by the government of the Netherland Antilles to open up a focus city in Saint Maarten (ICAO: TNCM). After careful consideration by management we decided the venture could result profitable if properly exercised, so we have picked up three MD82/83's from a defunct Caribbean company and will retrofit them into an all coach 149-seat product to deliver the SparkJet experience to many new consumers in a more affordable and fun fashion than the core product. Finally we will be taking deliveries of our B777-200LR's within the next few weeks, initially two aircraft will replace the B747-400's so they can be returned to the lessee's and the other two aircraft will be introduced in Transcon routes from our JFK, SFO and ABQ hubs. SparkJet is also looking to fill some staff positions, currently the openings are: Dash8-Q400 Check Pilot, Boeing 737 Check Pilot, Boeing 777 Check Pilot and IT Development manager. If you would like to know more about the positions or would like to apply please email zelias@spark-jet.com SparkJet is still looking for qualified First Officers to join the company, so if you’re interested in being based out of KFLL, KABQ, KJFK, KSFO, CYYC, SCEL or TNCM make sure you apply here http://spark-jet.com/index.php/content/careers!
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