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  1. Welcome to jetAzul! Here in JetBlue Linhas Aéreas das Americas we believe that you are who makes possible who we are. This is a website for fanatics of JetBlue Airways and Azul Linhas Aéreas. This virtual airline consists of making these two powerful airlines founded by David Neelman a whole and the best of the Americas. JetBlue operates a fleet of A320s as their backbone, and E-190s for those smaller markets. Azul operates E-190 family as their backbone, and ATRs for smaller markets. Recently these two airlines have announced new aircraft to join the fleet. While JetBlue has announced a vast amount of 320 NEOs approaching, they have already started receiving the 321s while Azul has announced providing service with leased A330s (3 Classes) and the brand new A350. As we all know JetBlue's core experience consist of providing free inflight entertainment system such as Live TV and recently WIFI along with Even More Space in all of their configuration. On the other hand, Experiência Azul provides free Live TV and their version of Even More Space called Espaço Azul. Both experiences offer complimentary snacks and beverage. We are currently accepting ADMIN applications as well as FLIGHT OFFICERS. Feel free to apply online at our temporary website. We will be launching our new, official, and most advance website by summer. We will also be rewarding referrals, once we have met our goal by summer. Apply today and feel proud to be BLUE! Remember, we are jetAzul, a different airline to fly for. Tell your friends to join us today! Regards, Rob Rob Chief Executive Officer jetAzul Linhas Aéreas Das Americas 23360 • jetAzul • Rob G • JBU001
  2. Hey, Does anyone know where I could find what the largest VA's are currently (in terms of membership/active pilots)? I know a few that are very big (BAW, globe cargo etc) but I'd like to see which are the biggest.Thanks!
  3. Hi fellows simmers. i want introduce you, my new virtual cargo airline just for fun. simple as register, choose youre plane, route and report youre flight. We serve in Central America, South America and the Caribean as well. We are a Vatmex official virtual airline based in Cancún, Mx (MMUN). Native Spanish and english are welcome. Youre previus VATSIM hours give youre rank inside the airline.
  4. We are actively seeking pilots to join our roster! If you are interested please visit us at!
  5. Hello, My name is Daniel CEO & Founder at - we are currently looking to recruit staff and pilots for our virtual airline. We are a new virtual airline and are constantly working to provide pilots with the best tools and resources to help keep you in the air. A bit about us - We are a virtual airline based in Leeds Bradford (EGNM) with many HUB's within England and Scotland providing low cost travel to Europe and America. We operate a fleet of 66 aircraft inlcuding A320, A321, A330, B737-300's, B737-800's and B757-200's. With a total of 42 destinations and 529 schedules, where will your next flight take you? Looking forward to seeing you in the skies!
  6. Hello All, I have been trying to add a custom airline and callsign to the list of AIrlines in RC (so I can use it when flyign with my Virtual Airline). What I have done is made a .wav file of my airline's callsign and added it to every controller/pilot's voice folders (in the rcv4x/winwood folder). I then followed the instructions in this post, which seems to be the correct way to do it? I edited the c4.csv file in the data folder and added my VA's info. as needed. However, I am having the following issue, after saving and closing everything and then restarting Radar Contact, I can now see my VA in the list with appropriate call sign, but when I click the little speaker icon next to the name to hear it say the name (play the .wav file), nothing happens, no audio plays?? I'm hoping someone can help me before I start pulling my hair out! Thanks :lol: Mike D.
  7. I have always loved this era of Naval Aviation since building and painting plastic models as a kid. It's only natural to have a desire to create a different era of virtual Navy Air Group. I found a lot of modern ones available to join. All of them are really fun and very dedicated and authentic. (I flew for 2 years in one with a great group of guys) but with the availability of freeware and payware 1930's Navy aircraft as well as the really well-done aircraft carriers and other ships by masters like Yanco and FS Shipyard, it's time we pay tribute to the golden age of Naval Aviation. Come and earn your "virtual wings of gold" and fly with a squadron of the virtual Yorktown Air Group. Visit our webpage:
  8. National Cargo Virtual

    Frontier Airlines Virtual

    Frontier Airlines Virtual is beginning operations Monday May 9, 2016. Frontier is the exclusive partner of National Virtual Airlines and is owned and operated by the same staff at National Virtual Airlines. We operate a modern fleet of Airbus A318/319/320, ERJ-170 & Dash-8-Q400. We are based out of Denver, CO (KDEN). We will be giving away $25.00 every month for the pilot of the month who flies the most legs for every 30 day period. We have one staff spot available as the Denver Hub Manager. We will be seeking an adult (Over 18) who has verifiable staff experience and a current vatsim account in good standing. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at God Bless! Frontier Airlines Virtual
  9. Greetings pilots! I'm here to introduce you to a project that I am working with my teammates, a launch of "yet another virtual airline", called Finnaviation-an airline with roots from the original Finnish carrier, absorbed into Finnair. We've incorporated several features that enhance the way you fly, and these features require a lot of explaining, but to keep this short: This is a Virtual Airline that follows a different route than most other establishments, because we focus on other areas besides the typical "custom system, new website" gimmick thrown at the user upon clicking at the VA's website link. Instead, we treat Finnaviation as a product, which means we build and develop our airline centric to the needs and wants of pilots. Focusing on developing a system that allows pilots to experience the most out of a flight sim is what we're always aiming for. A pilot-centric Virtual-Airline System, also means a personalised experience-which is what we offer unlike your typical VA support. So everything from your personal handbook, to our method of supporting the issues pilots are experiencing in Finnaviation is handled more face to face, rather than solely relying on support tickets. In addition to personalised experience and a developed system, we are going to introduce 3D modelled cabins at a later stage after the launch of Finnaviation, pilots are able to fly their aircraft with our designed cabins, so add-on aircraft with modelled aircraft interiors (that are part of our fleet) would have a Finnaviation designed cabin, pilots can explore the interior in-sim. With 3d cabin modelling for pilots to experience, we would seek to introduce a custom programmed ACARS app that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux used in X-Plane and FSX. And lastly, training, we love to provide useful material to our pilots so they could learn to fly their favourite aircraft properly, so our training documents are appropriated versions of real-world documents, the documents are designed to support several aircraft add-ons from both the X-Plane and MSFS platform. These are just some of the features from a list that includes so much more. If you're interested to fly with in (when we've launched), you may pre-register now for your early access to your personal handbook: <Click here for pre-registration form> Lastly, I apologise for any grammatical or spelling mistakes in this post, English is not my first language. Kind Regards, Peter Tram
  10. Hi, we are now opening a new European Virtual Airline, we have all set but we need some staff before the official opening: we must be ready! Open friendly positions SENIOR STAFF - - Staff Coordinator Requirements: Fluent English Skype Pilot in another virtual airline Pilot or ATC in IVAO/VATSIM Great want to work and cooperate INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY - Webmaster Requirements: PHPvms Fluent English Basic Site Development and Design Skype Great want to work and cooperate FLIGHT OPERATION -Flight Operations Director -Flight Operations Assistant Direct Requirements PHPvms Pilot in a virtual airline Pilot or ATC in VATSIM or IVAO Skype Fluent English Great want to work and cooperate PILOT ASSISTANCE -Helpline Coordinator PHPvms Pilot in a virtual airline Pilot in VATSIM or IVAO Skype Fluent English Great want to work and cooperate BENEFITS GREAT EXPERIENCE PERSONAL MAIL BEING IN THE STAFF AND BE LISTED PAGE If interested PM me , say me who you are and what and why you would be! Thanks very much Andrea Human Resources of A.G.
  11. We're a brand new VA, and we're looking for pilots. Here are some reasons to join our VA: CityLink Virtual Airlines has: Plenty of routes to do, so you won’t be bored. A select but great fleet, which exists out of – for instance – Fokker 50s. Check for our whole fleet. 2 Hubs: EHBK (Maastricht) and EHRD (Rotterdam), both based in the Netherlands. A modern website A challenging ranking system Winter and Summer Events A user-friendly logging system, called CityLink kAcars. A forum where everything about the VA and flying can be asked. A twitter account (@CityLinkVA) Follow us, if you like. In case you haven’t got payware, there’s always a freeware version. If you have a question, feel free to contact us! Website: Twitter: @CityLinkVA
  12. Hello! The virtual United States Coast Guard is now open for pilots to enlist in our organization! The vUSCG simulates the operations of the real world coast guard. We operate all of the current helicopters and fixed wing craft that the Coast Guard operates as well as a number of retired aircraft (the HU-25 Guardian/ Falcon 20 is my favorite :) ). Throughout the year, the vUSCG will host organization wide missions where all pilots will be put to the test participating in large scale search and rescue and/or humanitarian aid missions all across the country. Our goal is to become a Vatsim vSO organization in the future so If you are interested in joining a new organization flying incredible aircraft across the United States, look no further than the vUSCG! LINK: If you have any questions, comments or concerns, leave them here or shoot me an email! Blue skies, Ryan Badger (
  13. charlieajcobb

    Looking for admin!

    Hi there, I have just set up a new VA called Rikzo Virtual, a classic low cost European airline operating out of smaller airports like London City. Its not ready yet, so I was looking for anyone wanting to become a staff member, or even just become a pilot and help out with the site and the VA, all help is appreciated. I don't mind who, any age or experience. Or if anyone just wants to offer any advice, I would be glad to hear. The website is (obviously the website is very new and bad!) Thanks in advance, Charlie
  14. heathrowspotter

    New Virtual Airline!

    Hello everyone, my name is Matthew Smith and currently I have the opportunity to start up something for the community. This could be a Virtual Airline, flying club, etc... It will be really good as it will have a good and easy to use website, detailed briefing system, detailed tracking and much much more. I need your help to tell me what you would like to see in the community. So far I have come up with a few of my own ideas for what this could be; A virtual British Airways, however it will be different from the others as you will not have to take an entry exam and the minimum age would be 13+ (as of vatsim and IVAO regulations), SWISS virtual, this will be a free one to join and will still offer unique features as stated above, finally a Virgin Atlantic virtual. Please reply to this topic if you like any of the ideas stated above. I am also open to other ideas that you would like to see so if you would like to see something else, please reply to this topic below. Remember: This will be build for and around you because after all your ideas are incredibly important to me and i'd love to hear your thoughts, Thanks.
  15. Join us Today at National Virtual Airlines God Bless! National Virtual Airlines
  16. We're a brand new VA, and we're looking for pilots. Here are some reasons to join our VA: CityLink Virtual Airlines has: Plenty of routes to do, so you won’t be bored. A select but great fleet, which exists out of – for instance – Fokker 50s. Check for our whole fleet. 2 Hubs: EHBK (Maastricht) and EHRD (Rotterdam), both based in the Netherlands. A modern website A challenging ranking system Winter and Summer Events A user-friendly logging system, called CityLink kAcars. A forum where everything about the VA and flying can be asked. A twitter account (@CityLinkVA) Follow us, if you like. In case you haven’t got payware, there’s always a freeware version. If you have a question, feel free to contact us! Website: Twitter: @CityLinkVA
  17. Hello this is the CEO of the new Fly Emirates Virtual, that in due time will become the best in the community, but before we do that we need your help. We are in search of a graphic designer, and people with experience in technology to boost the success of our launch. If you're interested and believe you can make the difference, we believe in fact that we can launch sooner than you expect. One of the many features we are going to see is an Android app in the future and an dispatcher with Emirates Real OFP as reference; having an complete route database with all codeshares and SkyCargo routes. To apply for one of these positions, message the page or email We require a portfolio and proof of experience in programs pertaining to the position (i.e Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop) Thanks for your time and support, see you in the skies. Contact email : Thanks for your time and support, see you in the skies. Antonio Bonet Fly Emirates Virtual CEO ¨The Best Dubai Experience!¨
  18. Hey guys, I help run Thomas Cook virtual in which we do a lot of shared cockpit flights. We use real world flights, flight plans and flight times. Everything is as real as it gets. If you'd be interested in joining, just send me a message or email; Thanks very much.
  19. Tanawsomeguy55

    porter Virtual

    Hi, we’re Porter Virtual, a new VA simulating Toronto based Porter Airlines. Porter operates a Bombardier Q400 only fleet, flying to destinations in eastern Canada, the Northeast US, and seasonally to Florida and South Carolina. Almost every flight is out of the very interesting airport that is Toronto Billy Bishop, just a hop, skip, and jump from downtown Toronto. Along with Porter, we simulate the operations of their partners too! We expand the flying possibilities by flying JetBlue, Emirates, Qatar, El Al, and Sata. Plus we want to make being a pilot with us as simple as we can make it, so we chose smartCARS as our ACARS system of choice. It brings a seamless flight-to-PIREP system into play, and lets you chat with the community; we think you’ll love it. And to make things even better, Porter Virtual is run by a team of dedicated staff who are all die hard flight simmers. We constantly push out updates to our system, and always thrive for a greater experience for our pilots. Intrigued? Visit for the whole scoop. Cheers! -The Porter Virtual Staff
  20. Hello everyone, Forgive me if I am in the wrong forum or if I'm being out of line, I just really need help. I fly for BA Virtual (the one with pheonix and the pos reps). When I take long haul flights, I always set an alarm for the next hourly report, lest I fall asleep. Recently however, I have either forgotten, or the alarm has not gone off, or I overslept, or something, that I miss the Posrep and the 10+ hours go down the drain. Is there a way to get Pheonix's little Pos Rep bell to be louder on another sound output (as i have two cards and could put one of a louder amp) to work as sort of a Pheonix alarm, or any tips as how to not miss the pos reps? I have just missed the last two flights. Thanks is advance, 1251452
  21. Hi fellow simmer. i want introduce you, our VATSIM official virtual cargo airline. just friends having fun, feel the diference. "One year in the sky"
  22. Hi guys, I am presenting you people to my new virtual airline Brutorial Virtrual Airline I am looking for good staff and new pilots use the contact form to contact me or PM me Cheers ^_^ \ Hoping for positive and good replies soon!
  23. CorporateVirtualOrg

    Corporate Virtual

    Welcome to Corporate Virtual we a virtual airline with a difference. We offer our pilots many airlines, routes, destinations and fleet giving you the freedom to explore the virtual world. Our main aim at Corporate Virtual is to make sure our pilots have an enjoyable stay with us. We have a staff team who are always on hand to make sure we provide the best experience to our pilots. We are always looking for Trainee First Officers so if you think you have what it takes and are looking to have an enjoyable time apply here. Website: Email:
  24. Let me start this off by saying that this is really really odd and I'm not serious about this so please don't flame me for this. If you are annoyed by this style of stupidity/oddity then please go back to the general forum. Let the suggestion begin :D I have heard Mr Randazzo say that he hates being fingerprints on dials and screens in FlightDecks so here is a really dumb and random idea; Make a virtual rag that you can use in your products (that are currently sold) to clean the screens of our virtual flight decks. And perhaps clean up some of the other gunk in the aircraft such as worn paint and grime around different areas of the flight deck. On the flip side, how about a virtual mud ball to add dirt and "character" to the aircraft? Ok, I know that it would be stupid to actually do this and this suggestion is not serious, I just thought of the most random thing possible a few weeks ago and this is what I landed on... Again, I am setting myself up for a virtual beating by forum members, and I will cop it but please, don't be too mean.
  25. Fsx-Mp is going to host the 2014 Oshkosh Fly-in. Who is going, and Spread the link so there will be more pilots!!!! This is going to be my first "Virtual" Airshow LOL. Here is the link to the Fsx-Mp website