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  1. I have always loved this era of Naval Aviation since building and painting plastic models as a kid. It's only natural to have a desire to create a different era of virtual Navy Air Group. I found a lot of modern ones available to join. All of them are really fun and very dedicated and authentic. (I flew for 2 years in one with a great group of guys) but with the availability of freeware and payware 1930's Navy aircraft as well as the really well-done aircraft carriers and other ships by masters like Yanco and FS Shipyard, it's time we pay tribute to the golden age of Naval Aviation. Come and earn your "virtual wings of gold" and fly with a squadron of the virtual Yorktown Air Group. Visit our webpage: https://tgycgijoes.wixsite.com/virtual-uss-yorktown
  2. Hello, My name is Daniel CEO & Founder at www.exsva.com - we are currently looking to recruit staff and pilots for our virtual airline. We are a new virtual airline and are constantly working to provide pilots with the best tools and resources to help keep you in the air. A bit about us - We are a virtual airline based in Leeds Bradford (EGNM) with many HUB's within England and Scotland providing low cost travel to Europe and America. We operate a fleet of 66 aircraft inlcuding A320, A321, A330, B737-300's, B737-800's and B757-200's. With a total of 42 destinations and 529 schedules, where will your next flight take you? Looking forward to seeing you in the skies!
  3. Hey, Does anyone know where I could find what the largest VA's are currently (in terms of membership/active pilots)? I know a few that are very big (BAW, globe cargo etc) but I'd like to see which are the biggest.Thanks!
  4. Hello! The virtual United States Coast Guard is now open for pilots to enlist in our organization! The vUSCG simulates the operations of the real world coast guard. We operate all of the current helicopters and fixed wing craft that the Coast Guard operates as well as a number of retired aircraft (the HU-25 Guardian/ Falcon 20 is my favorite :) ). Throughout the year, the vUSCG will host organization wide missions where all pilots will be put to the test participating in large scale search and rescue and/or humanitarian aid missions all across the country. Our goal is to become a Vatsim vSO organization in the future so If you are interested in joining a new organization flying incredible aircraft across the United States, look no further than the vUSCG! LINK: www.vuscg.com If you have any questions, comments or concerns, leave them here or shoot me an email! Blue skies, Ryan Badger (rbadger@vuscg.com)
  5. Hi there, I have just set up a new VA called Rikzo Virtual, a classic low cost European airline operating out of smaller airports like London City. Its not ready yet, so I was looking for anyone wanting to become a staff member, or even just become a pilot and help out with the site and the VA, all help is appreciated. I don't mind who, any age or experience. Or if anyone just wants to offer any advice, I would be glad to hear. The website is rikzovirtual.com (obviously the website is very new and bad!) Thanks in advance, Charlie
  6. Greetings pilots! I'm here to introduce you to a project that I am working with my teammates, a launch of "yet another virtual airline", called Finnaviation-an airline with roots from the original Finnish carrier, absorbed into Finnair. We've incorporated several features that enhance the way you fly, and these features require a lot of explaining, but to keep this short: This is a Virtual Airline that follows a different route than most other establishments, because we focus on other areas besides the typical "custom system, new website" gimmick thrown at the user upon clicking at the VA's website link. Instead, we treat Finnaviation as a product, which means we build and develop our airline centric to the needs and wants of pilots. Focusing on developing a system that allows pilots to experience the most out of a flight sim is what we're always aiming for. A pilot-centric Virtual-Airline System, also means a personalised experience-which is what we offer unlike your typical VA support. So everything from your personal handbook, to our method of supporting the issues pilots are experiencing in Finnaviation is handled more face to face, rather than solely relying on support tickets. In addition to personalised experience and a developed system, we are going to introduce 3D modelled cabins at a later stage after the launch of Finnaviation, pilots are able to fly their aircraft with our designed cabins, so add-on aircraft with modelled aircraft interiors (that are part of our fleet) would have a Finnaviation designed cabin, pilots can explore the interior in-sim. With 3d cabin modelling for pilots to experience, we would seek to introduce a custom programmed ACARS app that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux used in X-Plane and FSX. And lastly, training, we love to provide useful material to our pilots so they could learn to fly their favourite aircraft properly, so our training documents are appropriated versions of real-world documents, the documents are designed to support several aircraft add-ons from both the X-Plane and MSFS platform. These are just some of the features from a list that includes so much more. If you're interested to fly with in (when we've launched), you may pre-register now for your early access to your personal handbook: <Click here for pre-registration form> Lastly, I apologise for any grammatical or spelling mistakes in this post, English is not my first language. Kind Regards, Peter Tram
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trNhoPlqmUs Join us Today at National Virtual Airlines http://nationalcargova.com/v2/ God Bless! National Virtual Airlines
  8. Frontier Airlines Virtual is beginning operations Monday May 9, 2016. Frontier is the exclusive partner of National Virtual Airlines and is owned and operated by the same staff at National Virtual Airlines. We operate a modern fleet of Airbus A318/319/320, ERJ-170 & Dash-8-Q400. We are based out of Denver, CO (KDEN). We will be giving away $25.00 every month for the pilot of the month who flies the most legs for every 30 day period. We have one staff spot available as the Denver Hub Manager. We will be seeking an adult (Over 18) who has verifiable staff experience and a current vatsim account in good standing. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at ceo@nationalcargova.com God Bless! Frontier Airlines Virtual http://flyfrontierva.org
  9. Hello everyone, my name is Matthew Smith and currently I have the opportunity to start up something for the community. This could be a Virtual Airline, flying club, etc... It will be really good as it will have a good and easy to use website, detailed briefing system, detailed tracking and much much more. I need your help to tell me what you would like to see in the community. So far I have come up with a few of my own ideas for what this could be; A virtual British Airways, however it will be different from the others as you will not have to take an entry exam and the minimum age would be 13+ (as of vatsim and IVAO regulations), SWISS virtual, this will be a free one to join and will still offer unique features as stated above, finally a Virgin Atlantic virtual. Please reply to this topic if you like any of the ideas stated above. I am also open to other ideas that you would like to see so if you would like to see something else, please reply to this topic below. Remember: This will be build for and around you because after all your ideas are incredibly important to me and i'd love to hear your thoughts, Thanks.
  10. Welcome to Corporate Virtual we a virtual airline with a difference. We offer our pilots many airlines, routes, destinations and fleet giving you the freedom to explore the virtual world. Our main aim at Corporate Virtual is to make sure our pilots have an enjoyable stay with us. We have a staff team who are always on hand to make sure we provide the best experience to our pilots. We are always looking for Trainee First Officers so if you think you have what it takes and are looking to have an enjoyable time apply here. Website: http://corporatevirtual.org Email: ceo@corporatevirtual.org
  11. TexAir Virtual Airlines is focused on simulating an imagined world-class, legacy-style air carrier rooted deeply in its Texas heritage. We are a friendly, family-like gathering of virtual aviators intent on keeping things relaxed, but also realistic. We are pilot-centric in that we prefer not to simulate the 'corporate' side of an airline, focusing only on the daily operation itself. Lastly, our growth is entirely dependent on pilot interest and contributions. We do not grow unless our community of pilots wants us to grow, by growing itself and showing genuine interest. http://www.texairvirtual.org
  12. Hey guys, I help run Thomas Cook virtual in which we do a lot of shared cockpit flights. We use real world flights, flight plans and flight times. Everything is as real as it gets. If you'd be interested in joining, just send me a message or email; conor.ryantcx@gmail.com. Thanks very much.
  13. Let me start this off by saying that this is really really odd and I'm not serious about this so please don't flame me for this. If you are annoyed by this style of stupidity/oddity then please go back to the general forum. Let the suggestion begin :D I have heard Mr Randazzo say that he hates being fingerprints on dials and screens in FlightDecks so here is a really dumb and random idea; Make a virtual rag that you can use in your products (that are currently sold) to clean the screens of our virtual flight decks. And perhaps clean up some of the other gunk in the aircraft such as worn paint and grime around different areas of the flight deck. On the flip side, how about a virtual mud ball to add dirt and "character" to the aircraft? Ok, I know that it would be stupid to actually do this and this suggestion is not serious, I just thought of the most random thing possible a few weeks ago and this is what I landed on... Again, I am setting myself up for a virtual beating by forum members, and I will cop it but please, don't be too mean.
  14. Hi, we’re Porter Virtual, a new VA simulating Toronto based Porter Airlines. Porter operates a Bombardier Q400 only fleet, flying to destinations in eastern Canada, the Northeast US, and seasonally to Florida and South Carolina. Almost every flight is out of the very interesting airport that is Toronto Billy Bishop, just a hop, skip, and jump from downtown Toronto. Along with Porter, we simulate the operations of their partners too! We expand the flying possibilities by flying JetBlue, Emirates, Qatar, El Al, and Sata. Plus we want to make being a pilot with us as simple as we can make it, so we chose smartCARS as our ACARS system of choice. It brings a seamless flight-to-PIREP system into play, and lets you chat with the community; we think you’ll love it. And to make things even better, Porter Virtual is run by a team of dedicated staff who are all die hard flight simmers. We constantly push out updates to our system, and always thrive for a greater experience for our pilots. Intrigued? Visit https://porterva.com/ for the whole scoop. Cheers! -The Porter Virtual Staff
  15. BudgetAir is a virtual airline with its main base at Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM) airport focused on creating a fun & relaxed atmosphere for enthusiasts of Flight Simulation software in which they can enjoy their hobby. There have been hundreds of virtual airlines over the years. Many will be direct replicas of real world airlines, flag carriers and the like. They will be tied to the aircraft fleet, hubs and schedules of their real world counterparts. Our operations here at the BudgetAir are based on real world scenarios but as we exist only here in the virtual world we are free to use, extend and explore the whole world, creating a fleet that serves the diverse preferences of our pilots, schedules that encompass the very best in available scenery and destinations that bring a mixture of both the serene and the challenging landing at the world`s largest and smallest airports. As a Management Team we will provide you with tools such as premade flight plans to go in all the various aircraft type Flight Management Computers, our ACARS pilot reporting system and a host of other tailor made downloads to make your flights with us "as real as it gets". The choice of when you fly, which flight you want to undertake and even how long you want to "pause" it due to real world interruptions, is entirely yours. This is a hobby and we want you to enjoy it your way so maximum landing rates, pause times or fly "from where you land" rules will never exist in BudgetAir! We pride ourselves in welcoming member pilots of every level and diverse flight simulator choice. Most of our pilots use Microsoft FSX or FS9 simulators but we equally welcome those who have already migrated to Prepar3D and X-Plane. Our crews are made up of "old hands" with thousands of hours FS experience to literal newcomers taking their first steps in this fascinating hobby. They come from nations across the globe, helping each other and simply enjoying the BudgetAir community. However our principal motto we live by is "MINIMUM RULES - MAXIMUM FUN" All we ask is be helpful to others and most importantly - ENJOY YOURSELF! Visit us at www.budgetair-va.com
  16. Hey there! A while ago I announced Emerald Simulations, a company dedicated to developing aircraft for flight simulator x! The topic quickly grew with over 70 responses. The initial aim was to produce quality commercial aircraft though in recent times we have been developing new aircraft for our new display team! So here it is! Emerald Display Team fly the following aircraft all provided and some even modelled by us: • T1 Hawks (In our lovely Red Arrows Adapted Livery) • Extra 300S's (In our own livery) • Eurofighter Typhoons (In standard UK adapted livery) We are composed of three different teams which all fly a specific aircraft: - Team of 6 pilots for our T- Hawk Display team. (2 red, 2 white and 2 blue) * And team of 3 reserves (1 white, 1 red and 1 blue) - Team of 3 pilots for our Extra 300S Light Aircraft Display Team * And 1 reserve - Team of 2 pilots for our Eurofighter Typhoon display team * And one reserve Reserves will be swapped around with pilots and is an excellent role if your not fully dedicated or are limited for time. • All pilots receive a high standard of Aerobatic Training for there chosen team • There is a minimum of 2 events per year • Reserves will get an event also To join you need: • A legal copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator X • A good internet connection • A VATSIM account • A team speak account • Be above the age of 17 All pilots are able to communicate on TeamSpeak however this is optional. Other communication will be provided during training. • All aircraft will be provided and are *Freeware* models• /// Note to staff/// ~ I'm unsure is this is the right area for this. If not please just move it. Thanks ~ //// End of note to staff //// If you want to apply send me a private message here or reply below. Application format: AVISIM Username: Contact: Skype Or Email (Optional) VATSIM ID: (Optional at this stage) TeamSpeak account: (Optional at this stage) Experience you have: What display team you want to be a part of: How often you can spend online on the server training: Can you attend at least 2 events a year?: Anything else to add: (Like colour of smoke) Thanks and good luck! Our website: COMING SOON
  17. Hi fellows simmers. i want introduce you, our VATSIM official virtual cargo airline. http://www.aerocargointernacionalvirtual.com/ just friends having fun, feel the diference. "One year in the skies"
  18. Hello, Minerva Airways is a new and exciting Virtual Airline that focuses primarily on economical travel. Based out of Torino we fly to a variety of destinations. Why not be a part of our journey... Minerva Airways is in the first stages of development and we are currently looking for staff. To apply for a staff position the only rule is that you do not currently hold a staff position at another VA. We ask that you approach us via PM. If you wish to approach me directly then please PM me on the forums. The current Vacancies are: Chief Operations Officer WebMaster (Urgent) * we really need some experienced on vaBase 3.1 management software and cPanel for building all the template of the website. SITE : minervavirtual.com Kind Regards, Thomas Boscherini Owner
  19. Press Release: Japan Airlines Virtual turns 10! 4/1/2017 WATCH OUR VIDEO On this day 10 years ago in 2007 a new Virtual Airline was born and its name was Japan Airlines Virtual. JAL Virtual was started by an avid 13-year-old aviation enthusiast, we started on a free host under the domain jalvirtual.x10hosting.com, our website was very basic and we had no PIREP system whatsoever, we were using a web form to submit ours pireps. A small VA starting in an area with many established and well respected airlines at the time, at the start it was rough, inexperience and lack of skills plagued us for the first 6 months, however after that we steadied ourselves and became a more professional organization with the registering of our domain name jalvirtual.org/jalvirtual.com. After two years, it was time for the first big upgrade of JAL Virtual. We were one of the first adapters of the then new and revolutionary PHPVMS pireps system, a system that we use to this very day. For our airline, this system is our backbone and a key pillar to our success, due to the nature of this software we were greatly able to offer many different features and expand our scope of activities. During this period, we experimented with many different things such as training programs, greater cooperation with online flight simulator network’s and virtual airline alliances. Some of them were great successes and some of them failed but from experimenting and trying, we learned a lot. A great influx of new pilots joined our ranks, an amazing sense of community was established between our members, teamspeak voice chats/flights were very common, new friends were made and connections established. By this time, we were experiencing double digit flights per day and over 1,000 flights a month. Also, updated our image and brought back the circle crane logo, just like our real-life counterpart. Now to the present, we have made it to 10 years, today, we are now 10 years old, its breath taking to see our amazing story unfold and evolve over that span of time, it brings great joy, pride and strength to every member of JAL Virtual. Everything, that we have done with our members, other VA’s, online networks and the flight simulator community in general, matters. Everything that we have built up as an organization over the last 10 years has now blossomed like a Sakura tree. It’s all worth it in the end. Fly into tomorrow virtually! – We can look back into our past, look upon proudly. Our future, is more important, we are at a milestone year, and milestone years deserve, special attention. Our third evolution is coming over the next few months, that is an entirely new system, new website. Also throughout the coming months we will be having 10 events for our members and the community. Please see the previous post for that. We are now 10 years old, what will the next 10 years bring JAL Virtual? We can only watch and see. But for now, we celebrate this milestone and look into the future. For the Love of Aviation. Touy Smith Founder and CEO of Japan Airlines Virtual. http://Jalvirtual.com admin@jalvirtual.com
  20. Hi, not associated with the company. While looking through the Android Playstore I found a virtual CDU This is my tablet, can also connect phone, either as two of the same CDU or as F/O CDU.. If anyone knows more of handy Android thingies, plz...
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