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  1. Dear Avsim community. Since recently Nova Star VA has seen the day of light and have taken to the skies. We would like to recruit anyone who wants to fly in our beautifull livery all around the globe. NovaStar is meant to be universal, so we are not bound to routes and schedules from real world counter part airlines. We do try to simulate real operations all over the world. Next to flying our beloved passenger jets, we operate a lot of (turbo)prop aircraft and helicopters for the most scenic flights, whether its Island hopping in Hawaii or the Carribean or challenging yourself with Bush flying. We intend to establish an aviation loving community under the NovaStar VA brand and grow along with the community. Is your plane or route not there ? Ask us and we will provide. Join us on https://www.novastarva.com and find us on the NovaStar discord. We hope to see you in the virtual sky's ! Best Regards, Rico Snel PS. We will make our liveries available for download on Avsim aswell 🙂
  2. Dear reader, Since November 2016 the plans to restart SilverWings V.A. was born. We provide realistic operations, two different kinds of flight logging, our logging system that scans the IVAO and VATSIM network for your flight number and ID and our SmartCars client for offline flights. At this moment our route network contains 850 flights and is still counting. Also quite unique is our typerating system, the maximum rank you can achieve without a typerating is captain, with typeratings you can achieve higher ranks. SilverWings is using a fleet that consist out of different types of aircraft, from small planes as the JS41 or F50 to the big planes as the B744 and A332. Also we have a few helicopters to ensure all pilots can fly whatever they refer. We are using a modified crew center where you can download our liveries, enter the forum, send emails to other pilots, find our tours and events and plan your flights with a full flight briefing package for the best simulation. Also you will have the choice to get random assigned flights every month based on your wishes by the system. Please visit our website at www.silverwingsva.com for more information. We're looking forward to welcome you as a crewmember of SilverWings V.A.
  3. BudgetAir is a virtual airline with its main base at Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM) airport focused on creating a fun & relaxed atmosphere for enthusiasts of Flight Simulation software in which they can enjoy their hobby. There have been hundreds of virtual airlines over the years. Many will be direct replicas of real world airlines, flag carriers and the like. They will be tied to the aircraft fleet, hubs and schedules of their real world counterparts. Our operations here at the BudgetAir are based on real world scenarios but as we exist only here in the virtual world we are free to use, extend and explore the whole world, creating a fleet that serves the diverse preferences of our pilots, schedules that encompass the very best in available scenery and destinations that bring a mixture of both the serene and the challenging landing at the world`s largest and smallest airports. As a Management Team we will provide you with tools such as premade flight plans to go in all the various aircraft type Flight Management Computers, our ACARS pilot reporting system and a host of other tailor made downloads to make your flights with us "as real as it gets". The choice of when you fly, which flight you want to undertake and even how long you want to "pause" it due to real world interruptions, is entirely yours. This is a hobby and we want you to enjoy it your way so maximum landing rates, pause times or fly "from where you land" rules will never exist in BudgetAir! We pride ourselves in welcoming member pilots of every level and diverse flight simulator choice. Most of our pilots use Microsoft FSX or FS9 simulators but we equally welcome those who have already migrated to Prepar3D and X-Plane. Our crews are made up of "old hands" with thousands of hours FS experience to literal newcomers taking their first steps in this fascinating hobby. They come from nations across the globe, helping each other and simply enjoying the BudgetAir community. However our principal motto we live by is "MINIMUM RULES - MAXIMUM FUN" All we ask is be helpful to others and most importantly - ENJOY YOURSELF! Visit us at www.budgetair-va.com
  4. hello,i'm new to the A32X Series and i love the plane.only the plane is never landing on the centerline with an ILS Landing, always or left or right of the centerline and sometimes even the runway.The things i do :1. Set Arr RWY and ILS Approach.2. In Flight i check the Nav/Rad Page for ILS, ( Not changing anything )3. In Flight i press the ILS button on the Glareshield4. In Approach beneath 8000 FT ( lets say 7500 FT. ) i press Loc Button, 5. When turning to final i press Apr Button and Turn on the second AP.6. The plane follows the ILS Perect on Glideslope But never land corect on the centerline.Am i doing something wrong, or is it a bug in the plane?Rick Winkelman
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