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  1. All I'm pointing out is that Spirit has an obvious commercial incentive to lie. "Cover up embarrassing mistake" and "try to avoid legal exposure" and "try to avoid further damage to an already rock-bottom reputation" seem to deserve at least equal weight to "wanted her 15 minutes of fame" or "hoped to reap a monetary benefit." It's fine to be skeptical but it seems to me that the skepticism should be evenly distributed.
  2. Why should we automatically believe the corporation? I make my living in corporate communications, and I don't.
  3. Make sure that... -- GTN 650 is set to GPS (toggle between GPS and VLOC using the CDI button on the default nav page - GPS will follow the GPS route, VLOC will tune the VOR set in NAV 1 on the GTN 650. To track the VOR, you've also got to select a radial on the OBI gauge on the panel). -- Autopilot gyro switch is on. -- Autopilot mechanical disconnect (more accurately described as the clutch) is on - do this only after you've turned the autopilot gyro on) -- Three-position selector on top of the autopilot set to Localizer (use this setting even if you're tracking the GPS course - use Gyropilot only as a wing leveler/altitude hold, or to select a compass course using the steering knob; use Approach only to tune an ILS, with the ILS tuned on the GTN's NAV 1 and the GTN's CDI set to VLOC). Hope that helps. Sorry that it's a lot of information in a compact couple of lines. There's more detail about the autopilot controls in the PMDG documentation, and you can find Garmin manuals via the Internet (and tutorials on YouTube) that will fill you in on GTN settings, and other tricks to make it dance. Let us know if this gets you going.
  4. What AviatorMan said... and you'll find the late (1960s) United livery among the choices. Good hunting!
  5. Looks like you've got the ILS tuned on NAV 2. I'm going to guess that that's what's driving the co-pilot's OBI. Have you tried tuning it on the GTN? That sets NAV 1, and I think it'd get you a response on the captain's OBI. To switch the GTN from COM to NAV, use the middle mouse button to press and hold the small knob. If I recall correctly, there's also a clickspot on the left side of the knob. If you've already tuned the GTN to your ILS frequency, then disregard this - something else must be going on. Hope this helps. EDIT: One more thing - open the Flight 1 GTN configurator, select the DC-6, and make sure the unit is assigned to NAV 1. I seem to recall that it defaults to NAV 2. Something else to check.
  6. I have a friend who runs a horse therapy program in the Berkshires - she uses horses (full-size ones) to work with people with a variety of issues - autism, PTSD, etc. So it's a legit thing. Of course, in her case, the people travel to the horses, not the other way around...
  7. Um... since we were on the topic of emotional support animals on aircraft a while ago... there's now this. Always good to see the marketplace in action, working things out...
  8. "Could care less" is actually the English rendering of a Yiddish expression - it's meant (and meant to be delivered) ironically. "Couldn't care less" is the idea being expressed - so if in doubt (or unable to deliver a Yiddish inflection), "couldn't care less" is the better way to say or write it. As to which people choose - I could care less!
  9. Very nice! Am thrashing out some hardware issues at the moment, but once that's done, PANC is on my shortlist.
  10. Additional information... -- I tried uninstalling HID devices in the Device Manager, then restarting. My other hardware was detected and set up, but the TQ-6 wasn't. -- I plugged in my old CH Combatstick, and that was detected and set up. Feels more and more like a hardware issue with the TQ-6. What do you think?
  11. I've been away from my flightsim computer for about a month. Yesterday I powered it back up, and discovered that my Virtual Fly TQ-6 throttle quadrant has disappeared completely from the system. It's not in the Devices and Printers window. It's not listed in the game controllers calibration window. It's reported as "device not detected" in the Virtual Fly interface software. And only three game controllers, as opposed to my usual four, appear in the Device Manager. It normally sits on a powered USB hub. All the other devices on the hub are detected and working properly. I've tried plugging the TQ-6 directly into the computer, with no success - Windows doesn't go through the "detecting new hardware" routine it usually does. Plugging it back into the hub - same result, not reaction. I tried plugging it into my work laptop and got no response - again, no "detecting new hardware" routine. Given all that, this feels like a hardware problem with the TQ-6 itself. But before I conclude that - am I missing anything? A driver issue? Something that the Windows 10 updates might have done? If so, what are the tests and workarounds? If it's a hardware problem, I'm going to be a bit displeased, given that the unit is only six months old. But it could be that them's the breaks - thankfully it'll still be under warranty. Thanks in advance for anything you can suggest, though.
  12. What an extraordinary reflection. Thank you so much for sharing that. It can't have been easy. I've never had a trauma remotely equivalent to yours. But you've made me realize that my way of coping with my comparatively minor ones is quite similar, in ways that I hadn't fully understood before your post. Thanks for giving me (and I suspect others) a whole new level of appreciation - for flight simulation, yes. But not only that. And yes - godspeed!
  13. Do you find IATA codes challenging? Let the great Randall Munroe, who draws the webcomic xkcd, help you out... You can find the original here...
  14. A very Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it, and best wishes for the coming year!
  15. Unfortunately long gone. You can still see where the lettering of the most recent version (there were several) was painted out. Thankfully, we can still remember...