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  1. Looks like you might get some (fringe Irma) showers - maybe delays but probably not a postponement. Worth it to see a Gio start - something I wouldn't have said a year ago. Now, now... religious obligations (like the Nats) clearly come first.
  2. My episode was in the DC suburbs - Bethesda area - nice surroundings but right on the Metro, which made it accessible to visitors. And the management company - big multistate operation - didn't want to pay for security. Just after we left, burglars broke into an apartment on what had been our floor, then tunneled through the coat closets to clear out five other apartments. Like with our car, I've got to give points for professionalism and inventiveness. This wasn't just street randomness - some skillful predators really sized up the property and then went to work. I keep thinking that when it's time for my next car, I need to pay more attention to theft patterns and insurance costs. We're in a very low-crime setting now, but you can't be too careful.
  3. Another vote for Honda's bulletproof reliability - I'm in a 2007 Acura TL-S. Low mileage and it's never given me a moment's trouble. I've thought of replacing it with something smaller - most of my driving is urban, and the Acura is a bit big and drinks a lot of gas. But I like everything else about it and it's fully paid off. So chances are I'll hang onto it for another few years until the infrastructure is in place that I can switch to electric. Only strike against the Acura is that thieves love them for parts - which explains why a few years ago, somebody broke into my apartment building's garage and made off with all the bodywork forward of the firewall. Hood, fenders, lights... everything gone. There was nothing but the engine hanging out there naked in the front clip. The tow truck guy insisted on taking a picture of it after he got it up in the harness because he'd never seen anything like it. Only positive is the thief (or thieves) left me my front license plate, propped on the windshield. They were clearly pros. So technically, I'm driving an '07/'08 model - the new front-end bodywork is '08. I moved soon afterward, BTW. It was an aggravating experience, but by no means the worst thing that can happen to you in a car.
  4. I hear you. Problem is, my adrenaline tolerance isn't what it used to be. Gotta stay within limits, otherwise I'll never survive approaches to minimums, or the Nats' postseason... TO ALL: Sorry for the O/T, but these things are important...
  5. Indeed you did - and I managed to read right past that. (Reading) speed kills! Apologies. I can imagine that the C-130s would ride particularly well - though I saw a comment recently about how tough Lockheed airframes are, pointing to both the P-3 and C-130 hurricane hunters as examples. Think there's anything to that?
  6. Agree that flightsims exaggerate turbulence (I usually reduce the ASN turbulence scalar from default 70 to 30 to get something more realistic). But a lot of the hurricane hunter videos you see are taken inside the eyewall, where conditions are calm. On the way in and out, things can get bumpy, to put it mildly. Here are just a couple of videos of teeth getting rattled...
  7. Agree completely. I hadn't been thinking about FSW at all. Thanks to the video and to this thread, I am now - quite seriously. Thanks to everybody who's jumped in and argued his side.
  8. Good discussion about that currently running in Hangar Chat, with some of the information you're looking for. Here's a link.
  9. You might be interested in this recent thread in the A2A Constellation subforum, where user MatzeH84 (also active here on Avsim) narrates an Atlantic crossing in the A2A Connie, using the sextant and weathership gauges. Lots of pictures, too. And over here, Lewis Bloomfield of A2A has posted links to a couple of YouTube tutorials on the sextant gauge. Hope these are helpful. You're definitely not alone in wanting to do this. I'm tempted to take it up myself. If I do, reports of mishaps will follow...
  10. A fantasy request this time - how about Seaboard and Western? They never flew the DC-6 but one of their DC-4 schemes would probably port over nicely. Either or both would make a nice stablemate for Jankees' S&W paint for the A2A Connie. As always... thanks in advance to any painter who's willing to take one of these on.
  11. I've been getting intermittent "server busy - try later" messages, usually late (after midnight) my time, so probably during your morning. They typically clear a couple of hours later. Might be a server glitch or a capacity issue. It's working fine for me as of the moment.
  12. I realize there's a language barrier at work here, so please take this as a gentle edit, but I think you mean to say "criticism," or maybe even "harsh criticism." Hate speech is something different. It's important to draw the distinction. I agree with Bill (JYW) that it'd probably be better to work with customers, rather than against them.
  13. Great article and comments. Hadn't known about Major Kong. Thanks much for sharing!
  14. Apologies for the redundancy - I posted this in the livery list thread, but since this seems to be the request thread, I thought I'd post it here, too. Flying Tiger Line, anyone? And there's this variant, too. The second one is also a popular diecast subject. In all, Flying Tiger Line operated seven DC-6As between 1953 and 1958. Any and all would be a welcome addition. Thanks in advance!