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  1. Alan_A

    How to remove ai_global_ship_ship_traffic

    He posts on Sim Outhouse as kl791, and you can PM him there. You’ll find him on this long thread about the project: Hope this helps.
  2. Alan_A

    Cant start engines even in easy mode

    Agree. In the case of the DC-6 it takes a second or two to select cold and dark. A small hiccup - not nearly as bad as having an airplane you can't start at all... 😎
  3. Alan_A

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it, and best wishes for 2019.
  4. Alan_A

    Cant start engines even in easy mode

    I'll vouch for this because I learned the lesson on the DC-6 - you absolutely can't get it started if your default flight is cold and dark, even if you bypass the default flight and load the DC-6 directly. A cold-and-dark default worked for me for years, but add-ons like the DC-6 have now become so complex that any change in the default flight parameters has the potential to screw up the way the add-on initializes. Using the plain vanilla F-22 default flight means your DC-6 will load with engines running, and you'll have to select "cold and dark" by hand in the configuration pop-up. That's a bit of an immersion-breaker - but not so much as not being able to start the aircraft at all. Hope this helps.
  5. Alan_A

    Best DC-3 for P3d V4.4?

    Sorry - took me a couple of rounds, but here's a link to the most up-to-date download, with all fixes applied and including Doug Dawson's 64-bit sound gauge for P3D v4:
  6. Alan_A

    First Flight in the Vertx Diamond DA-62

    Just came across a little more evidence...
  7. That's exactly the quality I associate with Rob Young's work for RealAir - and the work of a couple of other flight dynamicists, in particular Alexander Metzger and Bernt Stolle. And it's a quality I don't associate with the work of a lot of other developers, including some prominent high-end ones - whose products have a lot going for them, and I enjoy them, but the experience is a lot closer to "calculations achieving desired value," not the feel of flight we're talking about here. The DA-62 isn't my usual kind of ride - but now that I've read your description and a couple of others like it, there's no choice - I've got to pick this up.
  8. Alan_A

    First Flight in the Vertx Diamond DA-62

    Interestingly, this 2015 Flying Magazine review calls out the DA-62's stability. "...handling in the bumps was rock solid..."; "handled the wind with no problem..." Again, I'll defer to real-world pilots with experience in the type but it seems possible that the stability of the Vertx DA-62 is a feature, not a bug.
  9. Alan_A

    First Flight in the Vertx Diamond DA-62

    So would I. But it wouldn't surprise me if Vertx has gotten it right. Remember, Diamond's heritage is in gliders, so their designs tend to be good flyers. And speaking of heritage, one of the hallmarks of Rob Young's flight dynamics for RealAir was that his aircraft felt like physical objects, with mass and inertia. I know he's not involved here but it's possible that the FDE follows that tradition. It's something I always loved about his aircraft and those of a few other designers (Alexander Metzger and Bernt Stolle come to mind). I haven't picked up the DA-62 yet - life has been getting in the way - but I'm about to. If I was in any doubt, your video would have clinched it for me.
  10. Alan_A

    Warbirdsim Took My Money, No Product

    Seems unusual - John, who runs Warbirdsim as a one-man shop, is a longstanding member of the community and he's always been good to deal with. Sounds like a communications breakdown somewhere along the line. I sent him a heads-up about this thread via the PM function on Sim Outhouse, where he signs as Bomber_12th. Hope you get can get this resolved. Best, Alan
  11. Alan_A

    A2A Constellation...

    Hope I didn't confuse things - what I found (and what confused me in the first place) was that there was a new thread, and then in the middle of the discussion the posts suddenly jumped over to the necrothread (is that a term?) So I thought somebody had just posted a reply in the wrong place. I was thinking that the posts from the necrothread needed to be moved over to the new one. Doesn't matter, the point is to get everything in one place - which it now is. So I guess it's good. Thanks for your help and I'm sorry if I made any extra/unnecessary work for you.
  12. Alan_A

    A2A Constellation...

    Hey, guys - the rest of this discussion seems to have gotten attached to an old Connie thread. The rest of the replies are over here. Maybe a mod can stitch them together. I'll self-report this post and see if we can make that happen.
  13. Alan_A

    A2A Constellation...

    Here's a good place to start - a set of YouTube tutorials by sim CFI, specific to the A2A Constellation. This is the main one... And there's another one about the use of the ADF... If you've got the time, here's a complete flight on Pilot Edge that he streamed. For lots of good general information on how to fly propliners, check out the tutorials at Cal Classics. There's a lot that's different from the jetliners you're used to. For example, you won't want to chop power and descend at two thousand feet per minute, because that will kill your engines. Standard practice was to descend at three hundred feet per minute under slightly reduced power. You can download their extensive PDF tutorial here. If you're totally new to old-school navigation, you might want to try a few sessions with a smaller, lighter airplane like a Cessna 172 (EDIT: or the Baron in the Captain Mac video that DrumsArt linked to in the post above), where things don't move as fast. On the other hand, no harm in jumping into the Connie - the worst you'll do is bend some sim metal, which is what sims are for. Finally, stop by the A2A forums - you'll find a lot of knowledgeable people on the Connie subform who'll be happy to help. You're in for a fun experience - enjoy!
  14. ASN turbulence plays badly with many add-ons, especially those like A2A's Accu-Sim aircraft that transfer some of the flight modeling outside the sim. The solution that works for me (and for others - I came across in years ago on the forums but can't remember who deserves the credit) is to reduce ASN's turbulence effect scalar to 30. Default is 70. I think that might be equivalent to the P3D.cfg tweak that snave suggests in the linked thread (not sure - haven't tried getting at it via the P3D.cfg, only the ASN settings). If you do that, you can leave all the other wind and turbulence settings at default, but the exaggerated turbulence excursions will be turned down. Give it a try.