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  1. I don't have first-hand experience, but I've looked into G-SYNC and I'll share my thoughts. It works best on 60Hz monitors where the frame rates are <60 and >30. 30 is a hard lower limit with G-SYNC (at least in its current iteration); any lower than 30 and you will get stutters. Now if you're like me then you have a target frame rate set in P3D/FSX of around 25-30. i.e. G-SYNC is simply not going to do anything. PMDG NGX + Orbx airport + weather = sub-30 fps for me so G-SYNC isn't going to help at all. If you aren't running super-complex addons and therefore can set a higher/uncapped frame rate limit, but you still can't expect a solid 60 fps, then G-SYNC sounds pretty awesome. But yeah it comes down to your environment. Another problem at the moment is that G-SYNC monitors command a $200 premium, and FreeSync is vapourware. When mainstream G-SYNC/FreeSync monitors become available I'll definitely get one because the use case is appropriate at times, but at the moment I'm not willing to pay the premium.
  2. Thanks! The shots were taken with a Canon 550D. It's a low-end DSLR, nothing special, but it beats compact point-and-shoots and phones any day of the week. Cheers, Mike
  3. Thanks, that's what I want. Occasionally my anal retentiveness wins out over my laziness and I really try to get something as near-perfect as I can. Cheers, Mike
  4. Hi guys, Built a new PC a couple of weeks ago, the specs are in my sig. The final touches, some sleeved power cables, arrived the other day so I installed them and tweaked with my cable management yesterday morning. Anyway, I now consider it finished and ready to show off! I was going for a black/white/blue theme, but the red highlights on the graphics card sort of ruin it. I may try taking the shroud off and painting it at some point but at the moment I'm just ignoring it. Thanks for looking! Cheers, Mike