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  1. Hi guys, I'm thinking of doing a round the world flight in my A2A Comanche. I'm just wondering what flight planning software you guys use when doing GA flights? I already have PFPX which I use for my 777, but that seems to be directed for heavy metal flying, rather than GA Vor to Vor flights. Any advice would be greatfully received. Cowboy10uk
  2. Cheers Bryan, that's much appreciated. Obviously it goes without saying that if I decide to use some other heavy metal I'll grab it asap. Looking forward to the P3dv4 FS2crew coming out, can't wait. Cowboy10uk
  3. Thanks guys, all sorted now I have 777 for V4 installed. Just pulled the manuals from the install. Now to get reading and try try and teach myself this stunning aircraft once again. It's been rather a long time. cowboy10uk
  4. Hi Bryan, sorry for a newb question. As I only fly the PMDG 777 as my airliner which already comes with a locked version of RAAS and A2A GA aircraft which aren't normally equipped with RAAS. Can you tell me, if this version comes with anything no one the locked PMDG 777 version? Hate to purchase something if I already have it, be it locked to a specific aircraft. If all I fly is the PMDG 777, do I need this separate program? many thanks Cowboy10uk
  5. Hi guys, sorry for the newb question, but after being away from the civilian flight scene for a while I'm a tad behind the bell curve. Ive just purchased P3D V4 along with AS16 and ASCA to get myself the best looking sim experience i can manage on my PC, I was also looking at ENVTEX after a number of recommendations as I understand that provides better ground visuals than ASCA. Now can someone tell me where does PTA fit into the equation, is it another textures package like ENVTEX and ASCA as I see the main thing about it is providing great visual experience? Or is it something that I run alongside the other programs, sorry for what is probably a obvious answer to many, but I'm confused all to hell. I basically just want the most realistic 4K visual experience I can get from my pc, even if it does only run at 20 - 25 FPS. Is there any benefit of me getting this, or will the programs already on the pc be enough? Cowboy10uk
  6. yep figured that may be the issue. It's no issue though. Rather fortunate to have unlimited downloads on a fast internet. Just hope you guys don't melt the servers first. ;) Cowboy10uk
  7. Hi guys, I've been away from the scene now for a good 3 years, due to my little girl joining us in the world, so she's taken up my spare time. However with the release of P3Dv4, I've decided to try and get back into civilian simulation on the odd spare day I now get when she's in Nursery. I was wondering what recommendations can you guys suggest so I can get the most realistic look and feel to my sim with regards Traffic and ATC. Aircraft wise, I only use A2A aircraft, primarily the C172, Comanche and Cherokee for my GA flying and PMDG 777 for my heavy metal. I tend to fly primarily around Europe mainly in the UK, utilising the fantastic Orbx scenery that is avalible for that area, as well as doing the odd Atlantic flight to the states if I have a lot of time 12hrs+ free, which sadly these days is very very few and far between. I have AS16 and asca for realtime weather and visuals, so I'm thinking that apart from traffic and ATC I'm pretty much sorted for the realistic feel of my sim. Im looking for a program that is based as closely as possible on real world schedules and carriers, as well as providing believable GA Traffic and of course is compatable with any ATC program that is recommended and my other addons. ATC wise, I'm looking for something that's offline, due to the fact, with a toddler I can't garentee I will be able to complete the whole flight and not get disturbed and have to leave the PC, which I appreciate is frowned apon in the online ATC world, and preferably a program that will allow me to make realistic voice radio calls. Used to use VoxAtc many many moons ago, but no idea if this has been surpassed or bettered yet. Of course compatibility or upcoming compatibility with P3Dv4 is required. Has there been any significant improvements in these areas in the years I've been away? So please guys and girls, any recommendations would be greatfully received.
  8. Just spent 3 days getting my switch panel, radio panel and autopilot to work. In the end, I needed to grab Spad.neXt and the new fsuipc to get everything to finally work. Couldnt get any output to the saitek screens until i installed FSUIPC. Now it appears to sync nicely to the displays in the sim, and all buttons work. Im only using the A2A C172 to test at the moment. However the main point is they do work, with a bit of messing about. Cowboy10uk
  9. Yep seen that, sadly it's only paperwork relating to the tutorials and not the operating manual for the aircraft. ☹️ Never mind, guess I'll be using the old YouTube method to brush up my memories instead. Only a few more weeks to wait until I'm able to reinstall anyway. Cowboy10uk
  10. Hi guys, I have the 777 downloaded and waiting to be installed to P3D V4, but of course she won't be compatible for a few days or weeks yet. Can anyone tell me is there anyway I can access the 777 manuals from the download prior to installation. I'm aware they should be in the operations centre, but I'm assuming that I can't install that until the 777 is compatible with V4. im trying to get the manuals on PDF to put on my IPad, so I can start some homework and try and teach myself how to use this bugger again. Its been rather a long time since I stopped flying because of the birth of my daughter. Last time I was using 2.5. Thought I had it already installed since the last time, but I've upgraded my IPad since then and it appears I forgot to transfer the darn manuals. Cowboy10uk
  11. Hi all, just noticed Currys / Pc world are doing a sale on saitek pro flight panels. The Instrument panel, Radio and Multi panel are all £89.99 which is a saving of upto £50. I've just picked up the radio panel myself. Just thought u might like to know. Cowboy10uk
  12. Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help. Last night I did a VFR flight from Guernsey to Alderney, all was going well until the handover from Guernsey Approch to Alderney, when the program seemed to get stuck in a loop, it asked me to contact Approch, 1st off it had me as aircraft type Generic rather than Lancair Legacy, and then dispute the text changing to blue after I transmitted, which I believe indicates it understands me, ATC then asks me to repeat. This then continued in this loop for next 5 mins, until I flew into the sea of Alderney as my attention was diverted trying to sort out VoxATC, love to see the accident report on that one. I think the problem was Voxatc dosnt understand the phase Generic, as it seemed to understand me fine for the last 2 days I've been flying. Anyone got any idea how I can fix this, seriously thinking about getting this, but £80 is a lot of money, if I can't fix this issue. Really does break the illusion. Cowboy10uk
  13. The only thing I have found is they have large boxes above the runway stating demo. I don't think they are time limited or anything, but of course those boxes kind of destroy any sense of realism, however they don't effect fps, so you can get a good idea how the full version will work. They do ask you don't use them for more than 24hrs, but don't think the PC will self destruct if you do. Like I said I have always stayed away as I was concerned about the fps, but was surprised just how well it did seem to run. Yes I had the odd stutter, but considering I was using the PMDG 737, a extreme airport and It was at dusk, so was getting a few lights on and of course I'm silly enough to run all of this at 5670 x 1080, I thought it ran very well indeed. Seriously considering getting it tonight. Although as I will be getting the Orbx UK scenery, not sure if I should wait as I'm sure they will be doing there own version. Would hate to get something now and find out its not compatable in a month or two. Cowboy10uk P.S. currently flying the Realair Duke, I see you have the turbine version, would i get anything out of upgrading to this aircraft, or is it pretty much the same as I have?
  14. I was the same, never got any airports due to fear of FSX, I would suggest you do what I did, and download the UK2000 demos of any airport u want to see how it performs on your machine. I was quite pleasantly surprised when I ran the demo of the uk2000 heathrow yesterday with my PMDG 737 and 20% traffic. Yes it did have a hit, but still ran quite fluidly at 15 -20 fps, bear in mind however I'm running a high res of 5670 x 1080. More than enough to be able to fly, so will be purchasing later today. Good luck with your hunt Cowboy10uk
  15. Doohhhh, should really not type, when I'm Half asleep. ok you got me there, amended. Or at least, it would be amended if it gave me the option to edit it. Cowboy10uk