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  1. This is a great update. Awesome to see a more contemporary EFB layout along with all the other changes. Just a beautiful aircraft to fly. Jase
  2. And here we are back reading another wasted post because you had to make an effort and contribute absolutely nothing to the OP's post. Congrats mate, you must be fun at parties. Jase
  3. It certainly is however the aircraft is still very flyable and enjoyable especially if you're using third part peripherals to handle AP etc. But yes, a few things for them to work on. Jase
  4. I have got the 600/700 and now 800. The 600 is my favourite. It's got a retro vibe to it that I really like. Jase
  5. Hi mate - I tend to agree with you. I'm annoyed with the pricing as well. I've purchased the 800, albeit reluctantly. Not great they've deleted your forum message either. Jase
  6. Hey champ - try packing away the attitude and communicate normally. No one likes a smart a$$ Jase
  7. Where is all this hate coming from? I purchased, downloaded and installed everything without any issues? GSX Pro works really well. Only thing I had to do was let it know what payware airports I had with jetways and all sorted. Solid product, love it and highly recommend. Jase
  8. Mate that's awesome - I mean it performs well now. Good stuff, so that's even better! Hey I'm keen to grab Glasgow and Edinburgh - do these perform just as well? Jase
  9. Just bought this and performance is amazing. No issues. Kudos to the developer - BRILLLIANT! Jase
  10. Aerosoft are full of it so don't be fooled. They told us all that they had been given permission to access a twin otter and had sent a sound guy to record the sounds. After a few weeks we received radio silence from Aerosoft as to how this "sound guy" was going. Then out of the blue, they tell us that the sounds didn't work. So don't be fooled by that bunch, it's a money issue, not an access issue. Jase
  11. Those notifications are really random for me. Mostly I don't get them however there's been occasions when I've received 4 in 3 minutes. It doesn't matter how powerful your machine is, that's got nothing to do with it. It's server side and Asobo needs to look at how to fix it. Jase
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