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  1. Thank god for that mate - I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do without live weather. I had no other options, it was seriously looking really gloomy, I'm so glad they are back up again thought - lol. Seriously, cheers, but I don't know why members of the sim community go bananas when these things happen. Imagine if you cooked for them and burnt the sausages. Jase
  2. My answer - weather is hardly down when I'm flying. I could maybe count on one hand how many times i've loaded up the sim to find the live weather not working. And on each of those occasions I just grabbed myself a weather preset and went flying. Jase
  3. This. Check that your axis aren't drifting. Go into your Windows calibration page and check all are centred. Jase
  4. Yep - really excited that FI are doing the B-17. If any of their past work is anything to go by, they'll do a great job. As far as the OPs herpes "discord" comments go, from what I understand about herpes, I'd rather learn how to navigate my way around discord. In all seriousness though, what's the issue with discord? I run a large online flying group off a discord server and it's a great way to run forums, create chat channels and setup up radio comms for online flying. Jase
  5. Is there a QW 787 for MSFS to compare it with? Jase
  6. Bought it and didn't received a serial number for the purchase. Disappointing. Jase
  7. Flight Sim forums have made a note saying that servers are back up and running. Happy flying everyone. Jase
  8. Wouldn't have a clue mate. All I know is that the reports are flowing in from all over the world saying the servers are down. Maybe you're one of the lucky ones. Jase
  9. Yes - they are down - a heap of reports now being posted over at the official forums. Jase
  10. I'm on a 3060Ti and this Inbuilds Scenery is silky smooth and highly detailed. No issues here. Jase
  11. I, personally, haven't been overly concerned with the PMDG EFB process, however I was an early adopter of their 737 Fleet for MSFS and was excited at the prospect of having an EFB fitted to those aircraft after their initial release. I love flying the aircraft without an EFB however I did get frustrated with the latest "teaser" from Mathijs Kok (ex Aerosoft). I cannot speak for the MSFS community, however my personal opinion of that bloke is pretty low and to see him lob up at PMDG and post half a shot of an EFB that "allegedly" is ready for imminent release is a joke. I see the smug side of him starting to bleed through onto the PMDG forums. After all, he is the bloke that sent the Aerosoft Twin Otter Sound Guy on a mission for which he never returned. I hope he's okay. Anyway, I thought that there would have been an abundance of EFB screenshots presented to us by now. A nice, professional series of shots highlighting planned functionality and this all important GUI that Randazzo so eloquently kept telling us was one of the factors holding back release some many, many months ago. So I've said my bit, and it's just my personal opinion and now I look forward to this PMDG "Masterpiece" sometime soon. Jase
  12. Respectfully, these seem like issues that are affecting you and not the majority of TrackIR owners and not a limitation of the product. I've owned the TrackIR product for many, many years and the product is fine. I run it on Windows 10 and it's not once, ever crashed my PC. It works and continues to work flawlessly. To answer your question, you could try the Tobii Eye Tracker. Jase
  13. Ah! You might be correct. I'll jump in the TBM today and test that. Jase
  14. Hi Bruce. Yes. I can transition my climb to IAS by using the button on the Bravo. Works well my end. Jase
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