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  1. Hey, Johan, Amazing to see your name again, so many years later! Thank you for posting. I hope all is well. Warm regards
  2. Update: Ah, I found it! While in crz flight, I noticed that the RTE pages opened on PAGE 2 with the VIA and TO indicators. So I did a PREV Page and Voila, I was able to change the destination airport to BIKF. I EXECUTED the airport and then the ILS arrival runway 29 and all went fine editing the RTE DISCOs. By the time I completed this exercise for the very first time, I was 8000 vertical feet above the VNAV descent path (!), so I did a 360 turn on FLCH and levelled off with ALT HLD at 26,000 feet because the VNAV vertical descent indicator showed I was overshooting the VNAV altitude by then. I held that FL and went back in LNAV mode as we completed the 360, intercepting the route line normally. Once the vertical altitude indicator showed I was within 400 vertical feet of the VNAV descent track, I hit VNAV again and resumed normal VNAV descent. I re-set approach waypoint KEF 49 for 2,000' and 170 knots in the FMC, and The Queen did a perfect autoland. Thanks to all for posts!
  3. Hi, Scandinavian 13: Thank you for your reply. If I go into my RTE page while in crz flight, before taking this diversionary action, I have 4-5 pages remaining of RTE points, as defined by the VIA and TO columns. The last entry in the RTE pages identifies the ILS approach to runway 31L at KJFK and then has a missed approach entry. Currently I am on ("VIA") jetway G3 and heading "TO" KEF which is the KEF VOR. Where and how should I enter my desired ILS landing runway at KEF in this situation from my current position 80nm east at FL350? Thanks for any further guidance.
  4. In FS2004: I just did an emergency landing at 629K lbs. at Keflavik (Iceland) on Runway 29 during an FMC programmed flight from Europe to KJFK because I wanted to try an emergency landing. So I hit FLCH at our cruise alt of FL350 and did a huge descending 360 turn well east of Rekyavik, and then tried to figure out how to re-program the FMC for Keflavik, but could not find the right way to do it, arghh! I went into the DEP/ARR window, but that didn't seem to work as expected. I tried deleting the active flight plan and that didn't work. I then programmed the arrival runway into the FMC Nav Rad (108.50/292) and it "took". I hit LOC and APP about 15 nm out. However, about 10nm from the arrival runway, I got a RWY/ILS Freq error on the FMC scratchpad! At 9 nm out, I turned off the AP and hand flew. I observed on approach that the aircraft had been slightly south of the correct approach course and that as I nudged the plane onto the approach course visually, the LOC and APP lit up in green on the PFD. I switched the AP back on, but it was too late for a LAND 3 arrival, so I turned it off again and managed to do a textbook hand fly to touchdown. What should I have done to reprogram the FMC for an arrival at Keflavik? Where did I go wrong? I greatly appreciate any guidance, thanks!
  5. I am ready to pull the trigger on a hefty new rig for the first time in 11 years that includes a ton of flying the PMDG 747-400 in FS2004. However, before I do so, I want to check, is the PMDG 747-400 V2 that was in Alpha state in November going to be compatible with P3D V3.0 when it is released? I can't imagine a sim life without the 747 so wanted to ask here. Appreciate any replies, many thanks. Jonathan Sacks McLean, VA
  6. Thanks again for responses. My post was removed because it didn't have a signature block. I've since added one to my profile and wanted to test whether it works by posting. Cheers, all!
  7. I fly FS9 with REX and a lot of PMDG and other commercial add ons on a 42" LG LED. It is fantastic with very high quality and excellent visual performance. I have a 24" DELL LCD for moving maps and gauges, etc. I used Triplehead2go with 3 LCDs for several years--a 24" center and 21" side monitors--and that was great. I do miss the fuller peripheral vision from triple LCDs, but I became frustrated with the limited vertical height of the screens physically, so I decided to switch to one large LED screen. I love the bigger cleaner single screen with its large vertical height, and I use my hat swiitch for peripheral vision, but it's still not the same as triple monitors. I am thinking about possibly getting a 55" LED now although a better thing to do would probably be 3x32" LEDs. The trouble is you need a lot of space for that kind of set up and then a lot more PC and video horsepower! JS
  8. Thanks, Robin, I appreciate your post. I actually ran the DBC as the first order of the day in trying to fix this because I wondered whether all the airports had dropped out magically (I mean, it is FS!). But it didn't make a difference. I did have a feeling that it might be one of the little FSNav sidebar icons, so it's interesting I didn't look more closely at the time and check every single one. JS
  9. I am flying the default FS2004 Beechcraft Baron with the autopilot active. My current IAS at 14,000 feet is 158, but the speed displayed in the DMA Nav panel reads 190 knots. Is that my current Groundspeed (GS) in knots? I appreciate any posts, thanks. JS
  10. Hooray! That worked, yay! Thank you. You know, when I was with my friend, it occurred to me to look down the list of icons, but after having a superficial glance, I thought to myself, Nah! this can't be right. This is a good example of overlooking the blindingly obvious and it makes me wonder how often it's done in real life with fatal results. Next time, I shall go with my gut and look more carefully. Thanks again, phew! JS
  11. I have an old friend who started using his FSNavigator 4.7 in FS2004 for the first time in about 3 years. This evening we found that when we bring up FSNavigator within the sim, no airports or runways are displayed on the FSNavigator moving map. We are totally baffled by this. My friend says that last time he used FSnav some years ago, all airports and runways showed up normally. He showed me a screenshot from back then and sure enough there were the airports and runways. I ran FSNav DBC to see whether this would make a difference. It didn't do anything at all. So as of now, my friend has all waypoints, nav aids, and ILS's displayed within FSNav, but absolutely no airports, runways, taxiways, parking spots, etc. Can anybody assist with this bizarre matter? Thanks for any posts! JS
  12. Aha, I see. Thanks for advising me thus. JS
  13. I have been flying the 744 happily in FS2004 for many years. Recently, I realized that every EICAS display in every 744 of my fleet shows N1. I don't see EPR on any EICAS panel although I have all three engine types. How is this possible? Or does EPR not display in FS2004? I appreciate any suggestions or assistance, thanks! JS
  14. Do I enter the MAG wind speed and direction in this field, or the magnetic variation adjusted wind speed and direction? The ND of the 744 shows the magnetic wind (as does the GPS of the sim, FS2004), but the FMC PROG page shows the mag var wind. I'd like to know which type to enter in the RTE DATA page. Thanks! JS
  15. JSACKS

    So, What Happened to AVSIM?

    I echo the relief, thanks, and gratitude of others in this thread. Thank you, Tom, and all AVSIM staff ! Jonathan .