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  1. Fantastic! Using 3gb MSI GTX 580 card with a HDMI cable. Custom resolution of 3840 x 2160. Turned down autogen a bit and have a bit of tweaking to do as the image is so sharp. Frames are the same as when I was running the 24" monitor at 1920 x 1200. The deal in the 970 fell through so staying with the 580 for now. The HDMI cable with the 580 does not allow 60hz so I am running at 30 hz. Not a deal breaker. Apparently a DVI to HDMI 2 dongle will be available later this year so those without 970 / 980 will be able to take advantage of HDMI 2.0. The LG 49" 4k does HDMI 2.0. I sit exactly an arms length to the monitor, no pixels seen, very crisp. My only regret is I did not do this sooner. The 50" is very nice but I a 60" or bigger would be a tad more immersive. Unfortunately the $$$ is an issue, but never imagined getting 50 inches of glory for under a grand. Surprised my trusty 580 can push the graphics around as I fly Orbx with helicopters nap of the earth. I do not fly into large airports. My next upgrade will be P3D. If SLI is made to work with FSX, that would be real progress. I give 4k a 5 out 5 since the real estate went from a humble 24" to a 50" almost life size situation is an entirely new experience. A shout out of thanks to Rob for inspiring me to do this!
  2. Just joined the 4K club with a 49 inch LG 120 hz TV. Have not hooked it up yet but do not think my 3 mb GTX 580 will up for it. Hopefully picking up a 970 tomorrow. Time to update the video drivers also. After reading your post Rob I got inspired.
  3. Pulled the trigger ni a 50" 4K. now I need a card to run it. not hooked up yet but I doubt my present card will run it.
  4. I am running a i7 2600k at present. I figure a GTX 970 with a 4k LED will be a substantial upgrade visually. Using a 2 x GTX 508's with a 24" Samsung monitor. Plan to switch to P3d from FSX later this year. P3d, 4k LED and hopefully have smooth frames. Not flying over big cities, more back country helicopter flying. Got excited after Rob's post using a 4k LED, as a large unit with TIR will be a lot more immersive than a 24" LCD unit. My desk can hold a 40" TV easily. A 50" will be a bit tight, so got to decide what size. Hopefully my rig can run 4K with a GTX 970. I think the new drivers from Nvidia with the GTX 970 must be making a big difference. Be interesting to see how it works out as this is a really big improvement visually. Thanks.
  5. 8K (7680*4320) in a 50" TV. One could sit 2-3 feet from it. Will current cards be able to drive it? Whew!
  6. How are you finding it? Would like to do the same.Thanks.
  7. I am soon going to switch to p3d. Going to get that monitor and card. Great info for my next upgrade! Thanks!!!
  8. Hey Rob, that is great info. Wanting to upgrade my visuals this spring and thinking 4K. How big is your monitor, and what FSX are you running? Do you recommend P3D? Very interesting info, Thanks!
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