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  1. A useful tip to line-up is to visualise the runway as a pendulum pivoted at its far end. As you approach the runway, if the near end is pointing to the left, then you need to alter your course to the left and vice-versa. This works with any simulator as well as in the real world. This will only give you lateral correction but the vertical is usually easier to eyeball.
  2. Try looking in the Prepar3d v4.2 for a folder named "delete generated files". Open this then click on "run as administrator"". I had a vey similar problem and this appears to have solved it.
  3. If you follow the above link the problem should be resolved.
  4. Hi, once you have uninstalled both programs, look in c drive for a flight 1 folder containing a file "gtn 750p3d.lic" and delete it. This has solved reinstall problems in the past.
  5. Hi, you may need to uninstall both the GTN 750 and the Garmin Trainer then download and install the latest versions on both. I had to do this recently to correct a problem. All seems to be working well now.
  6. I have been using Horizon Generation X photo scenery in Prepar3d very successfully for some time now. Recently however, Prepar3d seems to be deleting it automatically. I can load the scenery and it will display correctly the first time I run Prepar3d. After that, when I load the simulator, I get error messages saying the scenery cannot be found, and also the scenery sequencing is corrupt and will try to repair this. When the simulator eventually loads, it is back to default scenery. This happens regardless if I use the migration tool or install directly. I have tried to repair the P3d installation and also tried a fresh download. This has only been happening recently and I am at a loss as to what is causing the problem. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. I had a similar issue recently. I resolved it by uninstalling both the GTN 750 and the Garmin trainer and downloaded new versions even though I had used the update tool. All working fine now. Also worth deleting any entries relating to either program prior to a re-install as JYW suggests.
  8. I replaced my old CH pedals with a new set of CH pedals!
  9. It's possible you have the elevator trim assigned to more than one device. This will give this effect.
  10. I had this problem some time ago, solved it by changing the wireless router! Whether there was a tick box not set correctly, I don't know, but this did solve the problem after a lot of frustration.
  11. I have found the CH Eclipse very good. The movement is much smoother than the earlier version and does not snap back to centre as sharply as the Saitek yokes.
  12. I have had the Saitek Trim Wheel for some time now and find it excellent especially for GA aircraft. I also had the problems mentioned, especially getting the unit to be recognised, but found the solution is to remove all usb control devices, then plug the trim wheel in first followed by the rest of the controls. Everything should work ok now.
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