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  1. It's 2019 coming 2020 and still this problem egsists in P3d v4 What a Joke
  2. Thanks for your reply, but you miss-understood me. I have to press twice for vox to move on (If I press to talk and reasd the message back pressing once Nothing happens I have to press to talk and read again for an answere back from vox). The voume through Vox also keeps cuttin down to 50%.. Nothing else i,e. The volume throughTeamSpeak/Speakers ect stay where they are put Regards S
  3. I have to repeat and push the talk button twice before Vox moves onto the next operation. can someone please help (Windows 10 and P3d v4.5) Regards S
  4. Thank you, JD, for all the hard work giving us a solid ATC experience for many years.
  5. Did not work for me On the fspassenger site it states when downloaded there should be 3 msi folders There was just the one which apparently is uncompatable
  6. Hi, I hope the community can help me with this problem/!. I have all the paper work for the Real-Air Dukes,including the Installers. Unfortunatly when I run the installers I keep getting a message "Cannot connect to the internet" then up comes Finish and that's it, no installation. (My internet is O.K.) Both aircraft have been installed before on the same machine with all of the same settings. I hope, that I have not lost these two beautifull aircraft. O/S Win 7. P3dv3 Regards Mike
  7. Thanks, Alex. no but? If I google little navmap and click on LNM forum apart from Avsim, nothing happens. Just checked again and everything is fine
  8. Has the forum for little nav map closed down? Myself (Scotland ) and a friend (Bristol) could not get into the forum (25/10/18)
  9. Hi My friend and I fly Shared cockpit In Alabeo Tommahawk and the RealAir Dukes. That way we have a single and twin aircraft to fly. We can join one anothes cockpit o.k. but returnig to our own aircraft by pressing leave Cockpit is a problem?!. The only way we can leave is by one of us turning off the sim Can some one please help
  10. Thanks scianoir. That has sorted the two aircraft out, I am now back in love with my sim!
  11. Hi. I have the ligit models of the Realair Duke V2/Duke Turbo and Spitfire. I tried to reinstall these aircraft and when trying to fly said models I'm told that the web sight could not be found and installer was shuting down. Is there any way I can sort this?. Op W7 Regards Sameeg
  12. I have had Vox through FS9 FSX p3dv3 p3dv4 and now A new problem has shown itself and that is when.. I enable Vox the pop voices run and then Up comes a message "Completing Set Up" and it just hangs there and does nothing. I get No Satisfaction from Tegwyn West I'm fed up to the back teeth with Vox bloody ATC and I beginning to think I've been robbed I have windows 10 Vox 7.41
  13. Hi. When using the speach guide, I am now the lines Twice before the little devil answes me .Is any one having this problem and if so. Please could you tell me the fix. Tengwyne has gone to sleep again and is not answerring me?!. OS win 10 P3dv4 Vox for P3dv4
  14. Get prepared to buy another SSD
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