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  1. Could that be the problem? I do use the toolbar fuel weight & balance. I'll try the FMS now.
  2. I'm using the latest update of the HJet and have a fuel problem. I start with 50% and fly from London Gatwick to Edinburgh. After around 100 miles, I get a low fuel warning and the Fuel level is 2%. I'm not pushing the speed and never hit the red/white ribbon. This is on AP so trim seems auto. John
  3. Thanks Guys. All sorted - seems strange but it worked!
  4. Thanks that's helpful. I find the choice of an Intel upgrade confusing.
  5. Thanks. I'll give it a try but I don't have an Xbox account...
  6. If I try to buy something from the Marketplace, I get: "The Xbox live account used to log into MSFS and the Microsoft Store do not match...etc." Maddening!! I don't have an Xbox live account. I bought MSFS from the Microsoft Store using my MS account. Ive seen this online before but none of the "fixes" work for me. Do MS not want my money? J
  7. I have an Asus MB (TUF B360M-E) with 32Gb Ram and an Intel i5-9600 CPU @3.7GHz. My GPU is Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super. (Dedicated Video mem 8192MB GDDR6) I wonder if upgrading my CPU will help my MSFS Performance. If so what would be the best upgrade option. Thanks
  8. Brilliant!! Totally sorted. Thank you so much!
  9. Set to: EXTERNAL VIEW LOOK UP RIGHT "JOYSTICK POV_RIGHT" and the equivalent for the other seven views. J
  10. Thanks - that's exactly my settings but when I release the HAT switch, the view snaps back to chase plane. I would like it to stay put when I release the hat switch. J
  11. Good to know there is a fix. Here's hoping someone can tell me what it is...
  12. I use a Saitek X52 pro combo. I have programmed the hat switch to look around in external view. It works but when I release the hat, the view springs back to chase plane. Is this normal or is there a fix to keep the view when I let go the hat?
  13. I tried running the defaults on my keyboard, and HOTAS and it's just the same...
  14. When I press "Fly" and the aircraft is on the runway, the flaps are already down one click. If I retract them, they come right back down! (Makes take off in my Spitfire impossible.) After take off, when I raise the gear, the flaps retract fully which seems too early. Help!
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