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  1. I tried running the defaults on my keyboard, and HOTAS and it's just the same...
  2. When I press "Fly" and the aircraft is on the runway, the flaps are already down one click. If I retract them, they come right back down! (Makes take off in my Spitfire impossible.) After take off, when I raise the gear, the flaps retract fully which seems too early. Help!
  3. Hello. Flying the Citation CJ4 stock jet on PC with Saitek X52 pro. On a 300 mile flight the engines just shut down short of the destination. Any help appreciated. John
  4. Hi, When I launch P3D v5, Options > Key Assignments> Controller it has a drop down that is always at Mouse Drag Pan. My controller is there at the bottom, Saitek x52 ProFlight controller, but when I select it, it won't "stick" and reverts to mouse etc. Can I make my Saitek the default?
  5. I have followed the instructions to the letter and still the engines will not start. I am wasting so much time that i should be enjoying in the air and my finger is hovering over "uninstall". I hesitate as 1, I paid good money and 2, there might be a problem that I'm unaware of. I have P3D v 5.3, and my Lear package is V4.3c. Please help as I'm running out of hair to pull out! John
  6. Thanks to all. Glad I got it in the sale for £10!! I'll try to find the 757 manual and maybe come back for the kind help offered. John
  7. If you tell me what part of the automation you're having trouble with, I'll try to help as best I can.


  8. Hi, I have the base Captain Sim 737-300 and it has a different autopilot panel to the one in the manual. it looks more complex. I can't find any instructions on it's use and CS don't reply. Any help would be appreciated. John
  9. Hello, I have a Saitek X52PRO set and am using PREPA3D v4.5 on Win !0. I have a Flysimware Learjet 35A and it allows for Key Assignments to the controller using G1000_PFD_SOFTKEYS & G1000_MFD_SOFTKEYS. I can't seem to get any to work. For instance G1000_MFD_SOFTKEY6 is meant to be Spoiler switch - nothing and I have to use / Is this known to be impossible? I'd rather know than waste time fiddling with it. Thanks
  10. I need to check but I'm unaware of having done so.
  11. I'm having a problem with the throttle range. When I launch a flight I have my throttle at 0% and the plane is at 17% max throttle and it only goes to 83% in the aircraft. When landing I pull throttle to 0% I'm still getting 17% which means landing is difficult. I've tried joy.cpl but the range of movement is full. It's showing as Z axis. I don't have any software for the Saitek kit. I'm using Prepar3d v4.5 on Win 10. Thanks
  12. I've just added it per the instructions on the download and it doesn't show in 'choose aircraft'. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  13. I'm using v4 and it's working well. One hitch is that when I view the map and then close it the SIM takes about 30 seconds or more to re start with a progress slider showing re loading scenery. It was almost instant in Fsx. Not a huge deal but odd. John
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