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  1. What a shame about the fire!!! So sorry! I keep looking and just can't find anything. My wife passed away two years ago and I need to get close to my daughters. At 83 things are going south and I may some need help one of these days! Ideally I need to be in the Littleton/Grant Ranch/Highlands Ranch area, although Broomfield/Lafayette would work as the Kaiser Permanente Rock Creek complex is right there. HOA fees are outrageous there too!
  2. The only way I'll get back there is move into my daughter's basement in Grant Ranch!😁 I have another daughter with a condo in Erie, but it's too small.
  3. Noel - I use FS Recorder, Fraps and Adobe Premier Elements. Too bad I'm not still in Broomfield we could get together. I moved to PHX in 2015. Would move back, but can't afford the real estate now. Outrageous! Bruce
  4. Great looking places, Noel! BTW, we have some things in common! I'm 83 and I found out several years ago I'm 47% Norwegian(total surprise). I was in the USMCR for 8yrs -55/63(you regulars called us parade Marines). 😄 Bruce
  5. This is definitely my kind of restaurant. I'd be there a couple times a month if there was one here! I haven't been in a decent, reasonably priced steak house for years! Long Horn, Outback, Lone Star, Texas Road House just don't cut it anymore. The meat just isn't that good. the cattle baron restaurant - Bing images Bruce
  6. I have 1.331in a zip folder with a manual and Read Me. I have been using it with FSX SE for quite a while. It doesn't work perfectly but it's usable. You get a warning when loading FSX but just click OK and FSX opens normally. If you PM me with your e-mail address, I'll send it to you. Bruce
  7. I did the same and just re-installed all the packages ---- World of AI (world-of-ai.com) Bruce
  8. Semper Fi - USMC answering machine - YouTube Bruce
  9. Just hung up from talking to him. He was aware of the shutdown and said a couple guys told him UA just severed ties with EJ but they don't know why??? I found this article just now and maybe we'll learn more! BTW, he retired in 2005, so that was 15yrs ago. https://simpleflying.com/expressjet-last-flight-september-30/ Bruce
  10. Wow! Didn't know that! Have a good buddy in Denver who retired from Express Jet(Continental) about 6yrs ago. He flew the ER 135/145 and ended up as a sim instructor at IAH! Going to call him right now and see about this! Thanks, Paul! Bruce
  11. Well, Paul, I was in the airline and travel business my entire working career. I was sick of airports and airplanes for several years after I retired! I've forgotten many, many trips. What is fun for me in FSX is I can redo so many trips and recognize the airports and terrain. And I don't have to go to an airport and get on a real plane to do it!! Bruce
  12. From the 50's on I flew many trips on UA DC6/7's, FL Convair 540/580's, CO Vicars Viscounts, all kinds of 727's, 707's, DC8's, TW Convair 880's, DC9's, 737's, L1011's, DC10's, and also quite a few 747's, 757's and a couple on 767's. I believe I had 1 trip on the the British airplane with 4 engines on the rear end. I Joined the USMCR in 1955 and flew to summer camp at MCRD in SAN on a C-47(DC3) from MKE and it took all day. I flew a DC3 from from GUA to Tikal once in the 70's and that was scary! I went to work for PAA in 1962 and the next year my boss sent me to HNL on a PA 707 for familiarization. I was in F/CL on the PAA 747 inauguration flt from ORD to SNN. In 1984 I went to work for Frontier Horizon Airlines and rode the jump seat on about a dozen 727-200 trips. Also rode the jump seat on a MX 727 from ACA to DEN. About 6yrs ago I had a ride on a Beaver at Ketchikan, AK. Oh, almost forgot, I had a comp seat on a BA Concord from IAD to LHR in the early 80's! Bruce
  13. Thanks for the encouragement, Tony! I'll probably jump in sometime next year after it's been polished up more. I'm a simple simmer and my technical abilities are also simple! I don't want to do the tweaking exercises anymore, like we did with FSX. So when you smart guys tell me this game is 98% finished and ready for prime time, I'll be listening! 😉 Bruce
  14. There is no 737-800/900. The 747 & 787 are really just for long haul and I don't fly long trips anymore. The A320 is good looking, but seriously broken, and what I have read is -- it won't track a flight plan in a GPS like in FSX. Also ATC is pretty bad in 2020. In FSX I always fly in fair, default weather and usually file a VFR plan to start. That way, with the auto pilot on, I don't have sit in front of the PC the whole flight. When I get about 175mi from my destination I re-file IFR and let ATC get me to the Localizer. When I can do that with a simplified B737, A320, CRJ700, B757, just as I do in FSX, then I will buy MSFS2020 and a whole bunch of add-on airports and scenery!!! Bruce
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