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  1. brucets

    In other PBR-related news...

    I grew up in MKE in the 50s and we had epic beer parties - Schlitz, Pabst, Miller, Blatz, Fox Head 400, Waukesha Weber, Brew 92, Hielaman's and God knows how many others. We drank a bunch of Hamm's as well. 12oz long necks were 35 cents! When I went to England the first time in the 70's I fell in love with Bitter and then real ale! One time I spent the entire night drinking those mega steins in the big beer parlor in Munich. Walked outside into the sunlight bleary eyed. So glad those days are distant memories! This Jerry Lee song hits home! Bruce
  2. brucets

    Flight1 Frustration - Am I the only one

    Hey, Bob -- I have to agree with the OP. I dread having to update or re-install F1 products! It's like finding your way thru a corn maze! A couple weeks ago I was alerted to an update for GEX, which I reluctantly proceeded with. The instructions were very lengthy and seemed unrealistically complex, as usual, and included converting to their new download system, from the original DVD, system(which sounds like it will be easier). First I had a problem getting recognized as a legit purchaser. Then I tried for almost 2 days to install the upgrade and kept getting an error message. Jeff and Nick were on it immediately though and were very patient. Turns out it was my failure to follow the instructions, exactly, that caused the problem. It was clearly written that both the installer exe file and the data file were to be downloaded and placed in a shared folder before the installation was initiated. Duh! After Nick pointed that out it went smoothly and I had the updated NA and APT! I then attempted to install EU GEX, which is not currently on this PC. I used the exact sign in procedures that finally worked before and it said I wasn't recognized as a legit purchaser and also warned that if I entered wrong information too many times I would be shut out entirely! I said heck with it, I don't fly much in Europe anyway!! That said, all your points are valid! Greetings from PHX! Bruce
  3. To quote God(Nick Needham) -- "NOTE: THIS APPLIES TO ALL DRIVERS AND DRIVER SOFTWARE I am all for making sure a system is properly updated from the motherboard manufacture upon Windows install, but past that unless there is a SPECIFIC ISSUE you are trying to fix in which a update in drivers or driver software will correct, DONT DO IT" Btw, I'm still on 388.13 also and my FSX SE looks fantastic! Bruce
  4. Yes! There has been only one minor update since last May and the developer, Rich Slater, has gone missing a good while back! Just Flight has been entirely quiet on the TG forum for many weeks now. Not a peep, and the *early access* buyers are getting quite anxious! Bruce
  5. brucets

    General Question About Computers and FSX

    Call these guys and your problems(and some cash) will disappear!! Bruce
  6. brucets

    A common topic: QW 757-2

    After flight loads, go to the menu above(ALT) and click *Reset Flight*. That fixes it for me. Bruce
  7. brucets

    PayPal Payment Reversed??

    Ditch PayPal!! 👎
  8. brucets

    Scariest commercial flight?

    I used to love airports, airplanes and going places, back in the 60's, 70's, 80's. I worked for PAA and FL and then spent many years in the travel agency business. I was always going somewhere. I was so fascinated by the airline lingo and codes. When I went to work for Pan Am in reservations in Denver in 1962 there were no computers and everything was hand written in codes and abbreviations. The messages and reservations were sent by teletype. DENRRPA was Denver reservations Pan American. DENLLPA was lost luggage, and so on. PA102Y26AUGJFKLHRNN1 was need one seat on 102 to London Heathrow, HK was Holding Confirmed, WL was waitlist etc. I talked on the fone with res agts at all the airlines and got to know so many. We knew all the travel agents by name, in CO,UT and WY. At one time or another I was the group desk, rate desk, refund desk, lost luggage, cargo backup reservations. We got to know airport tkt agts. Riding the jump seat was not uncommon. We were a big happy family. All gone now. Computers! Now I hate going to the airport! I dread getting on airplanes. It's a miserable experience. A lot of psgr's are disgusting looking! Some even stink! There doesn't seem to be a dress code for airline employees. Half of them look terrible, poorly dressed and groomed! The whole air travel thing sux now! Bruce
  9. I think you're right, Randy! I'll probably have to bite the bullet and re-install. Makes me ill to think about it! Or I could just pull up the map each time to get the ILS info. But that kinda kills the emersion thing. I wonder if deleting the fsx.cfg and getting a re-build would do it?? Right now I'm tired of this and am going to the couch to watch the Nap Channel(golf)! Bruce
  10. That didn't work. DEN still showing only rwy 17. Bruce
  11. Charlie - I am running the Steam version and there is no repair. They have a *verify integrity of files* option which I have done about 3 times, but that doesn't fix the GPS. Bruce
  12. The default G500 GPS now shows only one runway for DEN!! RWY 17!! I can't imagine re-installing the entire game. Bruce
  13. Here's a video. If you pause at first you'll see there is no mention of rwy 26R in the GPS. First clip is localizer at work and PFD showing no glide slope. Last clip is landing using trim to compensate for no glide slope. Bruce
  14. Charlie -- Very strange. Did the G500 GPS show the 26R ILS info?? I usually turn on APP when I get fairly close to the green feather. Bruce
  15. brucets

    Scariest commercial flight?

    On a Sunday evening back in the 70s I was on a United 727 going to Las Vegas from Denver, with a stop in Grand Junction. Had a window seat as usual. As we were climbing out of Grand Junction in a driving rain storm there was a HUGE BANG and a bright flash of light that lit up the entire cabin! I felt electricity going down my right leg. The captain came on a minute or so later with voice quaking badly---said something about static electricity! Then minutes from LAS he came back on---voice still shaky---said we are going to the end of the runway after landing and drop the rear stairs. Said leave the airplane quickly and get away from it. Do not collect your personal belongings!! Said we have had a report of bomb on board!! I'll never forget the look on the face of the lady in front of me as she turned around and looked at me!! Stark terror! The whole airplane let out a collective groan and then dead silence till we got on the ground in LAS. Apparently as we were taking off from GJT the crew got a call from UA operations and were advised that someone in Philadelphia (where the flite originated) called in a bomb threat. Then seconds later we got hit by lightening and the flight deck crew thought the bomb had gone off! (I saw this on TV and read it in the LAS paper the next day) I almost took the train home! True story! Bruce