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  1. I'm sure this has been posted before, but some may not have seen it ---- The Beaver Ballad - YouTube Bruce
  2. 84 -- have been softcore airplane game player since 1998, MS Combat Flight Simulator.
  3. Coors Light - Golden, Colorado! 😁
  4. Thanks, Jose! (Been reading your posts for years!) I've spent a number of hours browsing flightsim.to. Just terrific! Addon linker is on my list as well. Never saw any posts on the external gauges but have felt they were unnecessary and sort of odd from the beginning. I have quite a folder of videos, guides, and tutorials saved for MSFS. I followed Nick N's advice all through FSX. He was terrific! Bruce
  5. I don't have MSFS 2020 yet, but I saved this video for future reference. Will be very helpful! Thanks! Seems like the MSFS UI is way more complicated than FSX! Bruce
  6. I always respect your opinions, Robert!! 😁I guess we'll find out! Bruce
  7. Don't remember seeing this posted before! Boom - United Goes Supersonic (boomsupersonic.com) Bruce
  8. You're a breath of fresh air, DB! 👍 Bruce
  9. HAH! My memory must have failed me! I just went through all my Capt. Sim folders, and I don't see anything Capt. Lou. He has 129 pages of stories and reply's here- CAPTAIN SIM FORUM - Lou - STORIES (it's in there somewhere) I bought Capt. Mike Ray's 737 book about 2005! Never got past page 30, or so. I'm just a seat of the pants simmer, but I usually get them up and down, and from A to B. Good thing FSX is so forgiving! 😁 Thanks again DB! (I'm guessing you're the real deal!) Bruce
  10. Hey, thanks, DB! Many years ago, on the Capt. Sim forum there was a retired TW Capt. Who advised that you should have about 25-27000lbs(if I remember correctly) aboard when landing the 727-200. So I just used that more or less with the other jets ever since. It's worked fine in FSX for me. As for tutorial videos I can't understand most that I try. My hearing is terrible(can't understand the words). As I said I'm not a serious simmer, but I'll look at the table you linked. I'm sure the OP will take your advice as well. Bruce
  11. Being that no one has replied, I'll jump in here. I am not a real pilot, nor am I a serious simmer. I mostly fly the default 737-800 in FSX - like you. I always plan for fuel that will leave about 20,000lbs in the tanks when landing. I land with flaps 30 and at about 138-142kts. I don't remember ever messing with the payload though. Bruce
  12. Hi Mace! I read all your posts throughout the FSX era and yes, we did correspond a couple times. Always enjoyed your posts. You were one of the really smart guys, along with Nick N, Martin W and Hasse and many others, that figured out how to make FSX work! You seemed to have taken time off from the forums, but now I see your occasional posts again! 👍 I will definitely buy MSFS2020 one of these days. Before I do, I will post a list of questions, if I can't find the answers with a thorough search! Good to hear from you! Bruce
  13. OK, I'm sold! Nice vids! Looks pretty real to me! TNX! Bruce
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