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  1. Do you know what? The strange thing is that the last few times I have booted FSX up, it just runs. I don't get to do this too often these days. Self-employed with a 15 month old son ;-) I have noticed a few anomalies, such as changes to the settings in my PMDG aircraft. Simple to set back to what I wanted. So for now I'm just going to leave things as they are. If it gets worse, I'll do the whole uninstall/reinstall thing. Thank you all for your help - it is appreciated. Jim - if you feel this thread has run its course and want to lock it, I will fully understand.
  2. Thanks Jim. Looks like the uninstall/reinstall path is the only one left. I would just like to clarify that all my FS software is paid for and legitimate.
  3. Interesting. I wonder if that could be the cause?
  4. I'll give that a go. Thanks.
  5. Just bumping in the hope that someone who missed this last time may see it now and be able to help. If I'm not supposed to do this, please accept my apologies, tell me, and I will not do it again.
  6. Regrettably yes. By the way, I do appreciate you all trying to help.
  7. Thanks. Unfortunately the hotfix link is no longer available. I just get: The page does not exist Sorry, the page you requested was not found. Or am I just being stupid and missing something?
  8. Jim Downloaded and installed the x86 version from the link you kindly provided. I checked and can confirm I have 2.0 installed. The problem is still there. Exactly the same. FSX will start after five or six attempts - which is the weird thing for me. If I can't run a program because something is missing, why does it run after several attempts to boot up?
  9. Thanks you Jim. I'll have a go at that.
  10. Hi OK, I downloaded them, ran the install, rebooted the computer and still the same error. What I find really weird is that FSX will run after five or six attempts to start it. So, at the end of the day, I can still use FSX, but never on the first boot up attempt. I genuinely appreciate your attempt to help me. Any other ideas?
  11. Hi First of all, thanks for trying to help. Unfortunately I can't find the path you show. I don't have the Steam version, I have the standard MS box version. I don't even know where to start looking for that path. Anyone?
  12. Hi MS FSX SP2 Win 7 64 bit. I must clarify that my computer skills go as far as turning on and turning off. Since yesterday when I go to boot up FSX I get a popup from the FSX.exe that MFC80.DLL is missing and that FSX can't start. I try a few more times - same thing. And then I try again and FSX starts up normally and everything is completely normal. Obviously I've Googled this, but being a complete novice I find some of the posts a little confusing. I have run an anti virus and malware check and everything comes up ok. Is anyone able to give me some idea what's going on and/or how to fix this in a way that I will understand? I will not be offended if you talk to me like a 5 year old ;-) Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. Best wishes Roy for a speedy recovery and a happy 2018.
  14. Gavin

    Is an update really necessary?

    No offence intended, but the link is not there.