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  1. It's probably the 7th rendering of the video to get the details on point and make sure everything is clear, and so that the correct stuff is said and any errors removed - the vid itself not the footage
  2. The one with the beard and the round head who can’t stop laughing
  3. He’s me favourite developer from the team, he’s so lively and crazy 😂
  4. Well either the community could add fixes and updates for free or for a small percentage
  5. Let’s say developer X makes a 777 for the game and put it on the store, will another developer be able to make another 777 and place that on the store too? Remember this game is coming to Xbox, and with Xbox it’s gonna be aimed at casual gamers. Nobody wants to scare them away with a choice of 10 777s and 50 737s and 15 a330s to choose from. I my opinion, if someone makes a specific aircraft for the game, no body else should be able to make another one to put on the store (however they can sell it on their own website). However if a user wants to make some POSITIVE changes to the aircraft that is already on the store, then they should obtain MS permission to do so. In this way, instead of having 40 of each airport/aircraft on the store, there is only 1 of each on the store, and the entire community can make positive contributions and updates to the addons. In this way, the overall quality of the addons become better, and there is only 1 perfect addon to choose from instead of 15 meh addons to choose from. MS should also have quality checks in place for each addon that is put on the store to ensure a minimum level of acceptable quality. One more thing. Instead of having to purchase each desired airport individually, can MS please make it so we can purchase airports by country/continent at a low-ish price? I’m sure the community is fed up of dropping £50 on airports. Peace ✌️
  6. MS will support the game for a MINIMUM of 10 years
  7. None of the teaser videos have had any dates slapped on them. We can only hope that MS somehow finished development earlier than expected cos i can’t wait that long 😩
  8. So now we know that Asobo worked on the game, and we also know that the graphics themselves are rendered on the local system 😩. The game has also been started from ‘scratch’
  9. I sincerely hope this is true. I’ve already had enough letdowns from Swedish House Mafia making announcements that we expect is new music but turns out to be something trivial. Also I really do hope a lengthy demo is shown of the game, instead of 1 min clips that contain no sound. And I’d love to see an in-cockpit demo of the A320 too. 9am at which time zone? 😩
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