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  1. Sorry, I got carried away : the link above is for the PAD BAe-146 addon, not the QW one.
  2. Thanks for the heads up ahunterG95! I wish I could save a bit of time to work on my Wildcat livery and FFX-compatible Simplex belly tank for Cerasim’s 412EP... Anyway, here is the Neptune Tanker 40 livery for QW Bae-146 I was seaking about earlier (provided to you through Simulated AirTankers Operations) :
  3. kekelekou

    [Released]BN-2 Islander Damage Mod

    Hi Peter, PM sent 😉
  4. kekelekou

    [Released]BN-2 Islander Damage Mod

    Hello Peter, Sorry for the long silence. I have managed to compile the gauges, so would you mind testing them? I’d like to make sure the throttles and pitch levers work as expected. Regarding the sound gauge, I’m afraid I won’t have any time to improve the situation. And the KLN90 being developped on FSDeveloper is intented for 32bit versions from I have understood so far. I’d like to make sure that « my » bits are fine for P3Dv4.
  5. kekelekou

    [Released]BN-2 Islander Damage Mod

    About Doug’s gauges: have you made sure that the new gauges’ names match the ones declared in the panel.cfg?
  6. kekelekou

    [Released]BN-2 Islander Damage Mod

    Hi Peter, Good news! I am glad that the BN-2 wirks OK in P3Dv4 and I have just got the confirmation that I don’t need to install P3Dv4 to compile a 64bit gauge (the SDK is enough). So when my 64bit gauges are ready (in a few days), would you mind testing them for me? Thx Rémi PS : I think that a KLN90 is being developed for P3Dv4 on FSDeveloper. You might want to have a look there.
  7. kekelekou

    [Released]BN-2 Islander Damage Mod

    Hello Peter, this is correct (stated in the instructions IIRC). I gave a try at P3D a few years ago but my rig is really not up to the task, so I have stuck to FSXA. And I must say I did the Damage Mod mainly for my personal use. So I don’t know how/if the F1 Islander copes with P3Dv4. Regarding the DM itself: Most of the gauges are plain XML that should work fine with P3Dv4. Three gauges written by Doug Dawson are used (fuel, sound and config). Their 64bit counterparts are available on Doug’s website. Renaming the 64bit files just line the 32bit ones and pasting them in the panel folder should do the trick. I have no clue about how to convert my two C++ 32bit gauges (IMPThr and IMPPitch) at the moment. I’ll see what I can do about that.
  8. kekelekou

    [Released]BN-2 Islander Damage Mod

    My pleasure Bill! v1.1 has just been approved. Download link is still valid. Enjoy!
  9. Hello, I am much pleased to announce the release of the Damage Mod for Flight1’s BN-2 Islander. This addon brings a wear and failure engine to the Islander “à la Accusim”, based on the flight manual of the real airplane and the DM concept created by Ismail Hakki Güzel. The following systems will wear out and will be inflicted damage in case of improper use : - engines - generators - propellers - flaps - flaps motor - flight controls - autopilot - vacuum - pitot tubes - brakes - structural deicing (the corresponding switch is added to the virtual cockpit) - landing lights Extra features : - avionics dying if on when engine starts - blown tires in case of hard landing - foul spark plug if engine runs at low rpm and rich mixture for too long, (rpm drop during mag dead-cut test simulated) - engine dies in case of quick throttle movement with fuel pump off - sluggish engine response to throttle input with cold engines - door lock and alarm Please have a look at the instructions included in the package for more details. Happy flights, and don’t forget to pay attention to the instruments! PS: a typo slipped through the v1.0 installation instructions. It reads: [WindowXX] Size_mm=350,665 Position=0 Visible=0 Ident24479 Gauge00=BN2_PanelDM!BN2_PanelDM,1,1,350,665 Should be: Gauge00=BN2_DMPanel!BN2_DMPanel,1,1,350,665 Approval pending for the version v1.1 (with fixed instructions). So please stay tuned! Download link:
  10. kekelekou

    Damage Mod for BN-2 Islander WIP

    Hello Peter. Thanks for your kind words. Oh boy, I am such a newbie in software development that I have forgotten to ask the beta testers what sim they run... I have worked on this Damage Mod mainly for my FSX, then thought that others may enjoy this too. So this is pretty much an FSX design. Using Doug’s 32 or 64 bit config, sound and fuel gauges shouldn’t be too complicated. The only difficulty I can think of is the fact that I had to learn how to write 2 c++ gauges in order to intercept joystick inputs. I have no idea about how to create 64 bit versions of these gauges. Any help appreciated!
  11. kekelekou

    Damage Mod for BN-2 Islander WIP

    The BN-2 Damage Mod is now in beta status!
  12. kekelekou

    Damage Mod for BN-2 Islander WIP

    A short update to show you the final panel layout. I am pretty pleased with how it looks, but I still have to make sure all lights glow where and when required! Shouldn't be too long now...
  13. kekelekou

    Damage Mod for BN-2 Islander WIP

    So, what’s up with the Damage Mod for the Islander? The engine gauges needed a bit of work to have all the individual failures work together (warming up, wear, dead cut mag test). The missing bits are now ironed out. I have also taken the opportunity to simulate the sluggish response to throttle input of a cold engine. The Joystick throttle Intercept, mask and pass C++ gauge was cloned to «*hijack*» prop pitch input from an external controller, so that the pitch response test can be fully and accurately simulated. The Islander VC was missing a switch to toggle structural deice on and off, but such a switch is now standing just left of the airspeed indicator (thanks to Blender and the Blender2FSx toolkit). Coding-wise, the last task is to amend my test control panel to handle the 36 systems and corresponding buttons. I have not decided yet if I want to include the FSCaptain interface as a default feature or an addon. The timeline for the release of the v1.81 beta will tell! Releasing the Damage Mod has been so close! So stay tuned for more!
  14. kekelekou

    Damage Mod for BN-2 Islander WIP

    Hello, Just a little comment about the last developments of the Damage Mod for the Islander with one good and one bad pieces of news. I am finished with the systems gauges (tested and validated in sim), except the engine ones that are more complicated. The prop pitch levers anim is going to be amended just like the throttle levers with the “Intercept, Mask and Pass” C++ gauge, since a damaged prop will not be able to be set to lower pitch. The panel gauge will be dealt with later. The bad news is that my FSX files somehow got corrupted in the last few days, what has forced me to uninstall the sim and reinstall evertything from scratch. I am not done getting everything back to the normal, so my slow development pace is not accelerating much. I am really sorry about that :( The good news is that the FSCaptain team has agreed to slightly adapt their code, so that failures will be passed from one module to the other! For instance, a wear-induced failed generator from “my” DM will be detected by FSCaptain, and a bird strike in the engine will modify the wear index in the DM. So, as a former French president put it : “the slope is steep, but the path is straight”! I wish you a pleasant year, clear skys in sim and in the real life. Stay tuned for the next update!
  15. kekelekou

    FireFighter X 1.83 released

    Thank you for this new and improved version of FFX! Your support, commitment and openmindness to the community’s comments and requests are truly exceptional!