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  1. How is it compared to MSFS? I’ve not jumped on the VR band wagon, but hopefully will do soon.
  2. Would I notice any improvements in load times if I was to move XP to a USB 3 SSD? I feel my HDD seems to be struggling with TEGB
  3. To go with zibo’s excellent 737, the terrain radar add-on/gauge. (Also as well as the 737-800, there is also the Ultimate 737-900)
  4. This looks very interesting! Shame I missed the chance to help out, hope that doesn't take too long 🙂
  5. I find it amusingly frustrating how fast it gets up dated, almost everyday or every other day, I can’t keep up 😛. Currently the zibo is a great alternative to the NGX but I still miss the PMDG quality/details in XP
  6. Hey folks, I'm just getting into XP and building ortho tiles. I have installed HD scenery V4 and X-Europe V2, but not sure which folder to select for the overlays. I'm looking at building a fair portion of the UK and parts of the Med, do I select the v4 folder or which one of the 3 X-Europe folders for the overlays? Any help will be greatly appreciated
  7. After trouble shooting, it seems the issue was lying with X-Europe being in the wrong order. I thought I followed the installation correctly, obviously not. Fun learning this new sim 🙂 Anyway, thanks @Glenn_C
  8. Hi folks, I’m just starting my XP11 journey, loving it so far 🙂 but last night I installed the HD mesh v4 for most of Europe and X-Europe. I beleive I have he scenery.ini in the correct order, ie. X-europe and mesh down the bottom, but in now seem to have no airport buildings at Gatwick. I first had a look at LOWI ad noticed no buildings so looked at the ini to find the mesh at the top, so moved to the bottom and saved, ten fired up again. Problem was sorted in LOWI, but not EGKK. Any thoughts?
  9. You may be able to pick up a boxed copy of the original 737, 747 and possibly the MD11 on Amazon or eBay however I’m not sure if licensing/activations may be an issue.
  10. It’s sad to see a platform discontinued, I’m sure plenty of hard work was put in, but it still had a long long way to go. I wasn’t a fan of the DLC method they chose and I guess was a helping hand in the downfall of the sim. I did, however like what they accomplished with the clouds, and the rain effects, but as said still had room for improvement. I feel for the programmers who may find themselves out of work. I only picked it up out of curiosity when it was on sale, it was never my intention to use it for more than that, unless the big players got involved (which obviously never happened)
  11. I'm hoping that they do V2 of the 777 sometime down the line, fully 64bit and incorporating all the current versions/engine variants
  12. Datalink

    777X cockpit

    How good does this look http://www.facebook.com/Boeing/posts/1871433672885161 Touch screen displays too It’s an enhancement of the 787, which was an enhancement of the 777 lol
  13. Maybe nothing, but maybe something... not so long ago, I do seem to recall them saying that there was to be a new version of the 737 which would be the 3rd generation, so maybe just maybe it could be an indication of something down the line after 748/sim centre :)
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