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  1. The Eclipse could do the trick. They have a lot of cases, and I was struggling digging through to find the right one it seems.
  2. I will actually be removing an overclock and not planning on it ever again. This is an old FS rig moving to a family office rig. No need for the overclock. Just trying to make it more aesthetic for the better half since it'll be outside of the man cave.
  3. They look like nice cases, but everything I'm seeing is 20+ inches tall. That's what I'm looking to avoid.
  4. Thank you all for the clarification. I understand what is being said now, but I didn't realize it was based on core utilization, not a per core process. It makes it a no brainer at this point. And I already plan on turning HT off.
  5. I'm hoping someone out here could help me out. I'm building a new flight sim PC. To date, we have not had a family office PC, so the old one was going to be retired to the office. It's currently in a larger mid-tower case and looks more like a gaming tower than family/public room appearance. I'll be removing the overclock, as it's not needed at all for an office PC. That means my Noctua cooler could stay or go if needed for a new case. I am planning to keep my GTX 1070 card, so that'll need to fit. The old build is a 4790k LGA 1150 socket. I'm hoping to find as small a case as possible to fit this stuff, and one that looks less gaming and more clean office PC. I looked at swapping out to a Micro-ATX, but the LGA1150 isn't very available anymore and would be $100 just for a new board, plus new case. Anyone have suggestions for a small size case that would fit the full ATX board?
  6. I wasn’t saying 5.1 GHz was trivial, trust me. Given reports I’ve seen, >50% of 8086k will hit 5.0, but it’s arpund 50% that will do better (wish I could find that site again). The 5.2-5.3 on a single core I was expecting to be easier since that’s only a couple hundred MHz over the single core turbo.
  7. My 8086k CPU is supposed arrive tomorrow to complete my new build. It is almost exclusively used for P3D v4 and DCS World. P3D is well known as not a huge multicore user, and DCS I believe is better, but not much. I will overclock, but also don't want to overly stress the CPU or have sky high temps. Is there more value in overclocking only one or two cores to a 5.2-5.3 GHz (that would be trivially easy probably) and use an affinity mask to assign P3D to an overclocked core? Or would it be better to overclock all cores, but possibly accept a lower overclock in the 5.0-5.1 GHz range? I am running a water cooler and should ya e fairly good temp control I appreciate any thoughts.
  8. I have one coming for the boot drive, but P3D will be on a separate 1 TB SATA drive. Easier to change that in the future than boot drives. I’m a little bit nervous getting windows on this drive. Conceptually should be about the same as anything else, but googling seems to show some people having trouble.
  9. Thank you all for the comments. I found everything instock and pulled the trigger. For the first time in my life, I'm able to afford a near or at the top-of-the line build. I went with: i7-8086k (hoping for a stable lower temp 5.2 GHz overclock) Corsair H115i (first go with water cooling) Asus Maximus XI Hero Corsair DDR4 3200 MHz C16 32 GB RAM (not the 3800 MHz discussed, but well reviewed...and 3800 was $8-900) ZOTAC RTX 2080ti And the usual HDD, case, etc. Will reuse a lot of my old SSDs. Will be a week or two before its all here and running, but will keep everyone posted.
  10. I know it's early still, but any thoughts on the value of the 9900k vs 8086k for P3D v4? Early reports don't seem to show much overclocking room for the 9900k and temps are pretty high. Single core, the 8086k is equal with out of the box with turbo and lower temps. Possibly even slightly higher overclocking potential to the 5.2-5.3 GHz range. I almost exclusively run P3D v4 and DCS World. So the 2 extra cores appear useless to me, and single and 2 core speeds with turbo or mild overclock appear the same. Right now, I'm feeling the 8086k might be the better choice in this situation, but am wondering if anyone has any thoughts? I am planning on a z390 chipset MB either way.
  11. That's in a roundabout way is what I'm wondering a bit about. What does 0.5GHz really mean for performance? I suspect it may be more going from 4.5-5.0 than 5.0 to 5.5. Whats your GPU? Because I'm also seeing that some people are actually getting GPU bound with faster CPU's now.
  12. My flight sim rig has been serving well for 4ish years and I'm starting to think of an upgrade. Price is always a consideration, but I'm actually out of school and can consider hardware nearer the top of the line this time around. I play DCS and P3Dv4 almost exclusively. No real other gaming. DCS runs well, but bogs down in VR (which I don't normally use due to the screen resolutions). P3D v4 performs admirably, but I can be at 12-14 FPS in a heavy add-on aircraft (FSL or PMDG) and scenery. It seems that people out there with some very current hardware are getting much better results. I find 20 or so FPS fairly playable in P3D, but need this to be more of a minimum to be happy with the hands flying times of taxi, takeoff, and landing (where FPS normally bogs down). I play both on a 55" TV at 4k. I also see a lot of new stuff discussed in the pipeline, but not actually sounding very close (like 10 nm Intel chips). So I was hoping for some feedback. My current system: Intel 4790k OC @ 4.4GHz Asus MB (forget exact model) 16 GB DDR3 RAM EVGA nVidia 1070, factory overclocked 3 SSD drives What I'm looking at: Intel 8700k (planned OC about 5GHz) vs 8086k (at factory 5GHz) Asus ROG Maximus Hero MB 16 GB DDR4 RAM (can always add more later, have had no OOM issues with P3D v4 yet on 16 GB) 1080ti vs wait for 2080ti vs 2 x 1080ti in SLI Same hard drives, etc In particular, I'm wondering about any comments on: 1. Increase in performance based on CPU? Am I going to see a huge jump here, or is this only going to reflect only about the 10-15% jump in clock speed? All of this for a couple FPS wouldn't be worth it, but I understand that clock speed isn't the only improvement in the new CPU's and the busses, MB chipsets, etc, may help a lot. 2. Am I missing a new great CPU about to come out? I don't stay very up-to-date on CPU news. However, it looks to me that the 10 nm chipsets would be the major breakthrough, and those seem to be a year or so away now. It seems that 8th vs 9th gen Intel 14 nm chipsets may not be much different? 3. Use of 8700k with OC or 8086k at stock? Or what can I get easily on an 8086k overclock? I will overclock some, but am not a water cooler or major tweaker. So I'm unlikely to push a serious oveclock. Just something simple to boost performance some without pushing temps through the roof or stability through the floor. 4. Graphics cards? I think the 2080ti may be worth it for VR and 4k? Are they going to be obtainable anytime soon? Or what about the plain 2080 performance wise? Can anyone give me some feedback about the value they may have in P3D at 4k or in VR (or for DCS)? Most comments I'm seeing are calling it about equal performance to the 1080ti, but these have been at 1080p. I haven't seen much comment on VR or 4k. For equal, I'd go for the obtainable and cheaper 1080ti, but I'm suspecting to work with next generation VR, this may not be enough. Any thoughts about what step up these might be from a 1070? Thanks for any feedback!
  13. ESzczesniak

    Drzewiecki Seattle?

    I have it in P3D, not XP11. But most of their stuff is unsurpassed cityscapes, but mediocre airports. They’re a huge step up from default, but no where near top of the line dedicated 3rd party airport developers.
  14. ESzczesniak

    Simstarter NG for P3D v4?

    I have it and no longer use the program. Like you, I was not using different sets of settings or scenery and running P3D v4, so it was more of a flight setup tool. I’ve not spent the time to trace it definitively to SimStarter, but have had multiple times where some .cfg file was corrupted (P3D, scenery, exe, dll, etc). Even deleting and rebuilding these files, I ended up having to use SimStarter to get P3D to start again. I haven’t had the issue since stopping using SimStarter. It’s been a while since I’ve used it, but with earlier builds I was not the only one with this problem. So I gave up.
  15. ESzczesniak

    Best flight planning service?

    TOPCAT does not do true fuel planning. It is a takeoff performance calculator and it’s fuel numbers are only estimates. It will not do anything to plan a route of flight or alternates So between those two, definitely Simbrief. PFPX is also very good. It is payware, but capable of very complex plans.