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  1. Well, MSFS is dead again. Changing the virtual memory allowed it boot once, but no more. Same crash now.
  2. My particular issue may be related to Windows 10 virtual memory. From some troubleshooting threads discussing this, I tried changing from automatic to manual and MSFS started up. It's only be once so far, but it may be a fix. Interesting, I did not the automatic settings had the "available" virtual memory set to less than the "recommended". I can't explain why any of this would have changed, but I won't argue if it works.
  3. I only had one "active" sound device. I tried reactivating a disabled one, but no change. I have a few different "nVidia xxx sound" and have not tried every single one.
  4. It doesn’t. The sound skips or something right before the CTD. Any suggestions what/how to NBC hangs them too? I just have my speakers selected.
  5. I have MSFS installed on a laptop and on my desktop computer. I am able to continue using my laptop fine, but am unable to start MSFS on my desktop. I had a period of inactivity, so this was last updated with world update 3, then wasn't started again until after the flaps hot fix and sim update 3 were released. The simulator is fully updated and ran once. This was run solely to update. It was shutdown and when I cam back about a week later, it will not start. I run the sim as an administrator. I get the early splash screens, checking for updates, and then the splash screen advertising the UK-Ireland update. The loading bar gets about 3/4 of the way across the bottom and the screen just closes. If I try to start it again, I get "there is already an instance running of this plug-in" and it crashes at the same place. I have updated Windows and nVidia drivers. I can't think of much else to do, as not much is happening to troubleshoot before the crash. I see it listed commonly to clear the rolling cache, but this seems more for scenery errors and I can't even get in the sim to do this. *EDIT: I have also moved the content of the community folder without improvement*. Any ideas or help?
  6. Thank you for the reply. Verifying the files has not helped. I am not finding a "sync" command in Orbx Central. It is possible this may be isolated to southern California/KSAN. Orbx PAKT and LOWI are displaying correctly and once I taxied near the terminal's at San Diego...this is definitely not Orbx KSAN. I am trying to reinstall KSAN at the moment. It seems to me that Orbx Global is not displaying either. However I don't fly in default areas very often and maybe I'm just remembering it all looking better than I was seeing.
  7. I upgraded and made a clean install of P3D v4.5HF3 about 2 months ago (new hard drives, graphics card). I loaded and installed everything at that time, but then P3D sat idle for a while. Since I didn't fly much, I'm not sure how well things were truly working at that time or not, but things mostly appeared ok. I came back to start actually flying again and am finding the sim laden with default scenery where I expected add-on scenery. I installed one or two other add-ons during that time (LatinVFR KIND, Virtual Avionics, FDS CDU Controller), but otherwise focused on MSFS. I have almost 300 entries in my scenery.cfg, so I have not tested everything. However, this may only be affecting Orbx and not other sceneries. I know for sure FSDT KMEM and PHNL are loading. I know for sure Orbx Global and Southern California are not loading. I think Orbx KSAN is loading, although I'm having a hard time being sure...it looks a bit ugly still surrounded by default scenery making me second guess myself. I have checked that all the sceneries are listed as active in the P3D scenery editor. Orbx Central shows them asll as installed. I have moved all Orbx stuff to nearly the top of the list (under a couple FSDT airports that have conflicts...PHNL, KLAX). Nearly everything is installed with add-on.xml files. Basically, the only thing not installed that way is Tongass Fjords that I installed the old fashioned way. Again, I'm working on my way through troubleshooting, but it seems that Orbx is using a "discovery path" in the add-ons.cfg. Could this not be working for some reason? I'm not a scenery guru, so I'm about out of troubleshooting ideas. Does anyone have suggestions for further troubleshooting, or the culprit?
  8. An aircraft can legally fly outside the range of NDB/VOR, but would need to have GPS, or an INS. As you're describing it would be VFR in uncontrolled airspace, flown by dead reckoning. WWII bomber formations heavily navigated this way (once leaving the English cost). Properly corrected, this can be very accurate. However, there's a reason aircraft commonly had a navigator position until 2-3 decades ago. It is very labor intensive. And usually you want to calibrate this triangulating position (from visual landmarks or beacons) and updating your position.
  9. This is feeling like a stupid question. Their new marketplace products show the T-45, but I don't see it in my marketplace. Is this actually available or is this still coming (next week?)?
  10. There's a lot that people will discuss regarding the cards that I'm honestly poorly informed of. But RAM is a consideration. Do you run at/near 4k? If so, the extra RAM of the higher end cards like the 3090 seems to be recommended as valuable. Like I said, there will be a lot more that others are going to know in a lot more detail. But that's at least one consideration.
  11. Nothing updated after running the sim. So I don't know what the store update was, but it appears to not be the big event.
  12. The sim...getting ready to start MSFS itself, but I believe it's dropped.
  13. Haven't started MSFS yet, but an update just showed up in my MS game center.
  14. FSDT is remaking PHNL. I believe they've stated it's "in progress". I believe they also said the Hawaiian airports are on the to-do list after PHNL as well, but not sure if means immediately after PHNL or not. In the meantime REGDESIGNs does have a pretty good looking PHLI. I suspect FSDreamteam will look better once done, but it sure doesn't look bad.
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