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  1. As the members probably knew,the uninstall/reinstall doesn't clear the garbage! I deleted according to instructions on web sites and re-installed.Everything OK now. Thanks all for your patience!
  2. I HAVE UNINSTALLED AND RE-INSTALLED FSX. The problem still exists on all fsx autopilots. I start in heading hold then switch to NAV when nearing the flight planned route. The aircraft turns immediately to a northerly heading, ignoring the course as shown in the fp. This happens when the vor or the gps is used. About to tear hair.
  3. the flight plans entered in the flight planner are gps right? That is what I am going under.
  4. yes baron 58 and I have the nav/gps set to gps and the autopilot set to NAV
  5. Sorry Charlie, I'm so old I can"t remember how to send a print screen, but the aircraft is the fsx Baron, 6-pack, and my autopilot would be set to nav (from hdg after departure), flight plan entered and OK.
  6. 🙂 I've had to re-install fsx. I have two problems. 1. I think I have set up the NAV correctly ( gps/nav switch to NAV, fp entered correctly) however when I activate the AP the aircraft turns to a heading 90 degrees from the entered course. Must be doing something wrong, but can't see what. 2. Can't get the garmin750 screen to be active, mouse clicks result in no action. Know that is a broad question, but the thing I guess is too complex for this simple mind.
  7. jjmuzz


    thanks - I can get in, but it wants to send me a confirmation email to ask a question - I never get the email.
  8. jjmuzz


    Need help with fsuipc - cannot get in to their site as I do not get their sign-in emails.cannot even talk to them because of this?
  9. I'll be darned if I can get the garmin auto pilot in the Cessna Mustang to follow a filed flight plan in gps mode. When the nav Function is selected the aircraft goes 90 degrees to the course. What am I doing wrong?
  10. The stock a/p that comes with the sim (be58 for example).
  11. The NAV function of my fsx-garmin autopilot does not work right (won't follow the fp, won't do the ils, etc). Anyone know of this problem?
  12. jjmuzz

    garmin nav

    Anyone know why the garmin autopilot nav feature isn't working with fsx? Heading works OK.
  13. I'll be 87 in a few days. I remember the thrill of watching the air traffic at the Omaha airport in the late 40s, didn't know then that I would board a north central dc3 for my hometown of Norfolk on leave from pilot training in the USAF. Great days. Unfortunately, the USAF didn't work out for me., 6 years of getting one bad deal after another, seems as if I was snake-bit. However, 35 years in the FAA kept my hand in and at 69 I was able to join a partnership in a C182 skylane. I and my son had several years of enjoyable travel and companionship in those times. Now, it is just flight simming that keeps me going. Hello to all you other old farts out there!
  14. The autopilot on the garmin 1000 in fsx will not follow the course when in gps mode.
  15. Can't get on the pmdg forum site - it's all black. My 777 file in the fsx folder is corrupt so I need to re-install. I don't see an install file in the folder. How do I go about re-installing?
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