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  1. Thanks for the reply but I should have mentioned that the hubs are internal ones. Also tried them on built in USBs from the mobo.
  2. Hi, did you solve this problem? I have exactly the same problem as you but happens with five or six devices at random. I have to reconnect devices every time I restart or shutdown PC.. didn’t happen in the past. My ten fips are connected on 2x4 hubs and 1x2 ( internal ) running spad drivers. Tried connecting them on motherboard usbs thinking the problem might have been with the hubs itself but same thing. Tried everything and driving me and my son crazy.
  3. Airports missing in new flight simulator? LEMG ( Malaga ) for example is. Microsoft announced that all airports of the world are included 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. Will LINDA develop a driver for the new MS flight simulator 2020? thanks
  5. Hey! No, it wasn’t working but it is now. When you said ‘send me the log’ I wasn’t quite sure how to do it but I did manage to find out how to later on. It had an error something like “3xxx missing” lol. I installed the Aerosoft A3xx in the wrong directory 🤦🏼‍♂️ . Thanks bro. Are you the developer for Linda? I’ll make a donation. 🙂
  6. Done all the above. In the summery all seems ok,setup mcp combo all set ok. In maintenance nothing is set though and I don't remember it from last time. I think last time I was just word not allowed lucky to make it work but not this time round I'm really frustrated, must be all this covid thing that I cant think straight 😭. I'm not even sure where I've even installed Linda. I've been a disaster lately. I suppose I cant send you screen grabs through here?
  7. Andrew, sorry to bother you again but unfortunately we had to reinstall the entire system due to corrupted windows and the problem is I cant get back the FCU COMBO to work now. My mind is boggled up and I don't know what Im doing any longer. Another thing is, do I need the vrinsight serial driver? cause I don't have it and the website is non existent any more. I do know the com port is 3 though. The configuration page shows all is ok but to no avail.
  8. I puzzled. I’m running P3d with Aerosoft A320pro with three monitors, main screen and two smaller ones on each side. One of them has the mcdu undocked and if I undock another mcdu or pfd to the other screen the frame rate drops from 60 to 30. I doubt it’s a hardware issue as the PC is an Intel i9 9900k running at 5.0, GPU 2080 ti, 32gig ram ddr 3200 with m.2 drive. 🤔 any ideas anyone? and thanks. 🙂
  9. Early days yet cause still not purchased but does LINDA work with vrinsight over head panels? LINDA works way, way better than official drivers I must say. My son had the hardware unused for well over 18 months if I remember correctly. I never got onto LINDA till now and thanks to your help.
  10. Hey!! Fixed !! Honestly I don’t know what was I doing wrong or not working at the time but I did step by step all you said. Thanks a million ! Took me hours and many cups of tea but I have a happy son. I would like to gradually use Linda with the other Saitek products we have installed but for now one thing at a time 🙂 THANKYOU
  11. Hi everyone. I wonder if anyone can help me with this. Been at it for days and to no avail. I owe a vrinsight MCP Combo FCU II for airbus in which the company in question haven’t updated the drivers since 2016 and have no plans in doing so! Ive tried to pair it with aerosoft A318/319/320/321 professional and although everything seems ok in the settings which I followed step by step I can’t make it to work other than the radio panel. I’m obviously missing something here. Thanks
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