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  1. Nice video, thanks for posting it. Good luck for the young engineer.
  2. Change language regional format to us english. restart p3d, then you will have scenery library titles.
  3. LTBA, an updated LTBA, a correct LTBA, an ORBX quality LTBA is highly appreciated :)
  4. Thank you again for this software. We are waiting for the further releases :)
  5. First of all thanks a lot for this great freeware. I am feeling the lack of vatsim/ivao data display during my flights on little navmap. The other one is, if navigraph airac navdata cycles (not fsaerodata) supports little navmap that will be great (so we didnot need to buy another subscription from navigraph :)) Again, thanks a lot for this great artwork.
  6. yes it is fixed :)
  7. Thank you for pushing these 64 bit compatible birds free of charge after loıts of codework.
  8. try vfr with small ones :) (btw I am waiting them too)
  9. hi there,ngx made fsx crash after the hotfix.Do not install it, wait for the stable SP. win 7 64 bit ultimate, 2.86 Ghz core2duo intel, ati hd 4650, 4GB DDR3 ram
  10. Hello Bryan,I figured out the possible issues I guess. Two possible causes for the fsx crash. 1- When I want to resize the main panel fsx crashes, then no chance to start the main panel again. (uninstall fs2crew ->update ifly tool ->install fs2crew -> update ifly tool ----->"normal working fs2crew")2- if I choose "EU" the flight is ok but at the next start of fsx fs2crew crashes again. (uninstall fs2crew ->update ifly tool ->install fs2crew -> update ifly tool ----->"normal working fs2crew")Maybe you can take look at these parts.Regards.Göksel Erkan
  11. Hello,I've just purchesed the fs2crew for ifly 737 fsx. When I click on the altitude indicator fsx crashes. Please write the thinks that I am going to check and write the thinks that I am going to do. İf you say this is an audio related problem, my audio drivers are up to date, fsx is working perfect, ifly737fsx is working perfect, but when I attemped to run fs2crew fsx crashes.Please solve this problem. I have seen some users experiencing this problem too. If it is not fixable please write here the instructions for the refund.Thanks.Göksel Erkan