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  1. Alex Kulak

    What will be the next airplane from PMDG ?

    I have heard there are Zero 737MAX simulators by CAE for any stating that fact, I'm wondering if PMDG gets info off of those simulator which would make sense. Starting a clear model for the plane can be started otherwise, and everything else will come along in time. I don't expect a MAX from PMDG in the next year, but I do expect to here a plan for it by Q2 of 2018
  2. Alex Kulak

    What will be the next airplane from PMDG ?

    I beg to differ on the 737MAX doesn t have enough data... multiple airlines have it flying revenue (southwest, lion air, Norwegian, and westjet) and many more to come (American, air Canada, etc.) The 737NGX sold like hotcakes at IHOP. Huge hit for the pmdg market. I would say they should go for the 737MAX after the 747-8i. The 78 is fine by qualitywings. 76s are nearing to retirement, the 75s are going, Airbus screw eurotrash, I mean I say let pmdg tackle the 747-8i, the 737MAX, and the 777x and see what else they come up with in the process
  3. Alex Kulak

    Another updates?...

    no i totally understand. im not complaining about it, people wil install the updates complaining or not complaining.
  4. Alex Kulak

    Another updates?...

    unfortunately people dont look at it from that view
  5. Alex Kulak

    Adding Liveries for V4

    the dont seem to be even trying to install into the ops center.It just disappears after i select install
  6. Alex Kulak

    Adding Liveries for V4

    meaning, ive download extracted, open the ptp installed that way. then i opened the OPs center as Admin, went to liveries manager, and added them manually within the ops center. ive looked at the registry files, everything looks Great, so im wondering if its the ptps ive downloaded.
  7. Alex Kulak

    Adding Liveries for V4

    Good morning, I have found an issue where if I download paints via and try to install hem they wont install. Ive troubleshooted it many ways, and still havent found a solution. Is anyone else having this problem or just me?
  8. Alex Kulak

    P3D v4 737-800/900 installer is now UP!

    those words "we'll see" is what we live by 24/7 with pmdg
  9. Alex Kulak

    P3D v4 737-800/900 installer is now UP!

    this only includes the 800 and 900 right not the 600 and 700
  10. Alex Kulak


    Yeah they defiantly saw that we are super eager for it, the July 4th post is down, So I'm guessing tomorrow night round 10pm ish est. We will be flying it
  11. Alex Kulak

    04 JULY 17 Thread Mysteriously Removed

    Lol they saw my post
  12. Alex Kulak


    I didn't even ask for a release date, I just want to know how it's coming along lol
  13. Alex Kulak


    Lol cool your jets, you do realize today is the 9th and tomorrow is the 10th right? I know time has flown
  14. Alex Kulak

    The DC-6 in Prepar3d v4- Dynamic!

    I am right along with you!
  15. Alex Kulak


    Not to come off like an annoyance or anything, you guys at PMDG did say you will have a topic about the NGX after the holiday for V4. It's been 5 days and although the XPL topic was needed. Most of us are eagerly waiting for the NGX and anything about it. Just asking how everything is coming along with it, and hopefully nothing major is going wrong like the 777-300ER CHEERS😊