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  1. Hi, I have same problem after windows 10 1903 update. Thanks. Jaecheol
  2. Oh, I'm sorry I confused forum...i don't know how to remove this topic...
  3. Hello. Thanks for amazing update! But I have some questions. 1. Please refer to below youtube link. As you can see , Strobe Lights flashes with different timing(wing and tail strobe lights) Is it normal? https://youtu.be/OIhFjN3VD-0 2. Can I reduce on-time of wing strobe light? Just question. 3. Sometimes Beacon light no flashing. Is this PC performance problem? ----------------------- Jaecheol Han
  4. I never use P3D fuel and Payload just for explain issue I accepted answer No. 1) It's sad cannot using reset Thank you for answer!
  5. Hi I usally practice landing by save when approaching, and scenario reset.(since P3D V3) but PMDG 777 for P3D V4 has some problem - refer this movie : After scenario reset, Left and Right fuel tank sets 100% and can't adjust both P3D Fuel menu and FMC menu I don't know this problem caused P3D V4 or PMDG 777. But It happen only B777 series.(I Have PMDG 747 V3, But this aircraft is OK.) Please advise to solve this problem thank you
  6. asanal, Yes. In my case, brake heat issue caused by reverser key number miss match.
  7. I have same issue, and I solve this problem(I use Saitek Yoke, throttle quadrant) If issues happen when RTO on only, Check Key Assingment P3D(Reverser - Decrease quickly) Sometimes Saitek Quadrant Reverser Key operate wrong key number https://youtu.be/pMFFUngZqBQ - In this movie, I used same key Twice, but different key number! After Corrected key number, that issue not happened.
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