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  1. Answer: You updated to 4.2 before your other add-ons had a chance to do so. Problems like this seem to happen every time there is a P3D update. Personally, I’m waiting for a week or so to update, but thanks for being our beta tester. But in all seriousness, check all your add-ons for updates. That is most likely your problem. FSUIPC comes to mind first....but the dev is on vacation until the 20th.
  2. In regards to departure from the airport not in the database: Wouldn’t you be able to select your destination airport as both the departure and destination, then fly direct to the arrival IP (so long as the destination isn’t too far). You would still get a descrepancy error.
  3. I've been contracted by the US Air Force to fly a top secret cargo flight from Area 51 in Nevada to Johnston Atoll in the Pacific ocean. Both are P3D airports, but unfortunately Johnston is not in the nav database on the aircraft. I am able to plan the flight in PFPX by creating a user waypoint over Johnston Atoll, and my flight plan would be Area 51 (KXTA) to PHNL (by way of my user waypoint of Johnston). Essentially this would mean overflying Hawaii and continuing on to Johnston with a manual descent, approach and landing. PHNL would essentially be my alternate. Manually entering the lat/lon for Johnston in the FMC shouldn't be an issue, so I can't see what could go wrong! Do you guys have any thoughts? Have I planned this out as best as can be? The only thing I am worried about is navigating out of there, since my departure airport and my GPS won't be in agreement, but we can worry about that later....
  4. Very touching. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you.
  5. Thanks Simon. You're always a big help and good contributor to the forum. Cheers!
  6. I see what you are saying. More of the wing flexes in real life, not just the outer 25% or so. The video also shows some twisting of the wing which is cool. Personally, I have no issue with the wing flex, If PMDG wants to fine tune it, great. If not, no big deal. If anything, I'd like to see more wing animation.
  7. So would a combination of assumed temperature reduction and a fixed derate ever be used? Or is it pretty much one or the other?
  8. Bertie, would you mind expanding on this? Why is it not used, and what is the correct method for derating a takeoff in the B744? Flex only?
  9. Awesome! Didn't know this :)
  10. If you use FSUIPC I believe it is AP MASTER. That's what I use and bind it to one of the yoke buttons. Double push. Autothrottle has one too, but can't remember that name off hand. As far as throttle level position, I have "in hold mode only" set and I make it a habit of matching my throttle lever position throughout the descent and approach (to some extent). Even in cruise I do it occasionally to occupy time.There are times in descent, when in hold mode, that I find myself burning off too much speed. I can then bump the levers off of idle and bring my speed back up.
  11. auto time compression isn't real?!?! lol Thanks Romain. I was sure that auto step climbs don't exist in the real aircraft, but I wasn't sure if Kyle was talking about the legs page step climb function. It's always good to know what is real and what is fantasy.
  12. Kyle, just curious....striving for realism, which function are you referring to that isn't available in the real aircraft? The ability to enter step climbs into the legs page to predict fuel consumption, or the auto step climb function? I think you're talking about auto step climbs, correct? The legs page function is real, also correct? Thanks
  13. Thanks Mark. Will I have to pay for new licenses?
  14. I connected my PC via ethernet directly to my wifi router due to poor reception and dl speeds. But when I did this, my licenses no longer work and I have view mode only displayed for my aircraft in the simserver app. I am able to connect to simserver with my tablet, but its view only. When I switch back to a wifi connection all is good. Any suggestions?