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  1. I should also mention, for me this phenomenon is very rare.
  2. I have seen that same issue (2nd one) in the 747 and 777, all models, so I don’t think that it is aircraft specific. In fact I had it on Saturday in the 77W. It only happens when I try grease a landing instead of properly flying it onto the runway. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is some sort of P3D limitation or something. As long as I don’t try and impress my passengers, it’s all good...
  3. MattS

    Exterior Views

    Thank you Keven 👍🏻
  4. My exterior view has suddenly changed to inside of the cargo hold, on all aircraft and in all views. I can’t pan or move the camera at all. Any suggestions? Uninstalled/reinstalled, reset everything to defaults. Tried deleting and creating new camera presets. Issue still persists.
  5. MattS

    Auto-Pilot is NOT Engaging

    I’ve had the force feedback 2 joystick as well. And I see exactly what is happening. He has disconnected the power cord that provides the force feedback and resistance to the joystick. So now the joystick will freely move and flop around without any resistance. He will never get the auto pilot to engage because he cannot find the center with any reliability. There is no return to center at all. If you want to continue to use the joystick you should invest in FS force. It’s a fantastic program and combined with the joystick the experience in the Sim is really nice. I’m actually considering going back to the joystick because it is that enjoyable.
  6. MattS

    Auto-Pilot is NOT Engaging

    Do you by chance have a force feedback joystick? Your comment about having the yoke pulled back in the climb is a clue why you can’t engage. That is not normal. Your yoke/joystick should be nearly centered soon after takeoff (if trimmed properly). Disabling the centering function on your joystick will prevent you from engaging the autopilot. I am quoting from experience.
  7. I’m glad to see it isn’t just me.
  8. I saved, exited, updated, repaired liveries, and then reloaded. No issues.
  9. I just updated over the Pacific. Call me impatient I guess....
  10. I saw this too This morning I was fooling with the payload to get under a TO weight restriction. The GW kept rising, and rising, and rising. There was no way to get it down, even after going to empty. This was in the -8. I haven't checked it since the update today.
  11. MattS

    Time Out Purchasing 747-8

    Mine just came up. Hold tight guys. But make a ticket.
  12. Mine just came up. Thanks PMDG team
  13. 2DA-233965BF-0441 here Thanks team
  14. Thanks for the update!
  15. MattS

    PMDG and Dynamic Lighting

    Again, I said "appears". Your setting don't "appear" to be very high, and most of us run Orbx scenery which you have omitted from your list and are readily apparently missing. Your traffic at KJFK is zero, and at EGLL it is minimal. Both unrealistic. But I understand you were on vatsim. I refer to a previous comment about AA settings? Also, I could not tell you were running any aftermarket weather add-ons. Everything looks very vanilla. Vpilot, GSX, PFPX, have nothing to do with the current conversation. I also assume that you are running a single monitor? What refresh rate? Your video (framerate) at several key points was choppy and not smooth. What are your hardware specs? Let's keep in mind that everyone has a different setup and different settings. I'm sorry if your feelings are hurt Kevin, but if you post a video you should open yourself to constructive criticism. I started out by watching this video so see the dynamic lights issue (or no issue in your case as you say), and I watched it much further. I'm sure that was the purpose of you creating this video - for people to watch?. I have often seen you offer somewhat "professional" opinions and advise on this forum, and I am troubled to see you closed to receiving a little bit of courteous advice yourself. I offered very polite and sincere comments to your video. I could have purposely tried to embarrass you on this forum, but that is not the type of person I am. I repeat, that there are numerous real world youtube videos available that have not only helped me, but could also help you too. In addition, there are a handful (maybe 5-6) real world pilots on the PMDG forums that offer fantastic advice (especially in the 747 forum). There are a number of frauds on these forums and I caution all readers to be wary. It is quite easy to spot the real deal pilots. These are the guys that should perk your ears when they offer advice. I personally ran a 4790K overclocked and found that DL was a heavy hit on performance. I upgraded to an 8700K and I still see a slight hit, but it is very manageable now. You are in the minority to say that DL offers no performance hit to you (no issues as you've said). I have always been concerned that those that say that DL has no effect on them are almost always the most "loyal" PMDG forum posters. Even though it is a P3D issue... And you need to sign your posts like all of us have to do, or your posts should be deleted (as stated by PMDG staff). And yes, I've heard your arguments before and you are clearly trying to circumvent the spirit of the forum policy.