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  1. I hope PMDG will include a -8 profile for PFPX like they did with the DC-6. Yes I know it seems like it's abandoned, but it's so much better than Simbrief.
  2. This will be a total disaster. For both my wallet and my marriage.....🤣
  3. PMDG Dispatch Center. Flight assignments, flight planner, weather briefing, enroute charts, etc.. Everything needed to prepare for your flight in one package. All real world.
  4. Oh my! This discussion just got real interesting. Something we never expected might actually mean something we never expected.
  5. I'm totally with you about the investment that sits on my SSD's, but at some point in time the cord has to be cut on FSX/P3D. I'm thinking long term. I can envision 2 things happening: 1. Dovetail forces LM's hand with the P3D Academic License and causes a serious issue with future development. 2. PMDG develops a new sim platform and aircraft development/support will cease for any other platform. At some point in time we might not have a choice but to start over from scratch.
  6. There isn't enough money to be made in hardware. Not enough people out there willing to buy $500+ modules or yokes. But there are tens of thousands of people willing to drop $200 on a new sim platform built from the ground up. Let's just hope we don't have to fully re-buy all our aircraft.
  7. MattS

    RW Inflight Long Haul Question

    Do the pilots really have their meals prepared in separate kitchens than the passenger meals? I think I saw this stated once on a YouTube catering video. And do the pilots have to eat different meals? I've flown over 3.5 million miles and I frequently saw pilots bring their own food (terminal takeout) on to the aircraft. Thanks!
  8. MattS

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    A "new product line" might not even be an aircraft add-on. Maybe PMDG is building their own sim platform....
  9. MattS

    PMDG 777-200ER for 2018?

    That made me double-take as well.
  10. MattS

    Low res VC lighting

    If I were you, I'd turn off the storm lighting switch (it looks like it is on), and adjust your lighting a little better. Some things don't even appear to be on. But Dan is correct in his statement. Remember, many of these lighting knobs are dual concentric and serve 2 purposes.
  11. MattS

    Flying over London

    It's worth the upgrade to P3Dv4 64bit. A bit of a financial hit, but you can take it one upgrade at a time.
  12. MattS

    PMDG 777-200LR for Prepar3D v4.2

    There is no place for this here. This is the one site that I can count on to be politics free. There is enough of this crap out there, and we don't need it invading our hobby. It gets old really fast, on all sides.
  13. MattS

    FMC Maint pages

    This helped me too! Thanks for asking the question.
  14. Good catch Lucas!