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  1. Are you saying that the dome light isn’t really lighting up the overhead panel with splashes? If so, I get similar results with Envshade.
  2. Do you have shaders installed?
  3. I’ve been able to fix the issue, only to have it come back later. Based on Kyle’s earlier response we could optimistically assume that PMDG is aware of the issue and they are looking into a fix for it. For now, the cancel button is your friend.
  4. Nearly fell out on my chair laughing...
  5. Possibly a panel state issue. Are you loading directly into the default panel state (all up and running)?
  6. I run 3 24” curved monitors at 1080 resolution on a 1060 video card. My sliders are all right down the middle, and I enjoy 40fps in the air, 30 in weather, and the lowest I see is 20 at Heathrow in overcast conditions. No studders. I couldn’t be happier. I would never go back to a single monitor. I have found the best settings for me and I don’t continuously worry about them anymore. And btw, I run all the add-ons like everyone else.
  7. The fact that you are having so much trouble with fresh installs makes me think that the problem could be something very simple, and easy to track down. Please, let the forum help you before you give up.
  8. Specifically, what is happening when you try to run it? And is it P3D, or the 747? Is it both your PMDG aircraft? I can see you are frustrated. Perhaps the community can help you out..
  9. Worked like a charm! Many thanks. I still had some v3 files over there that I wasn't aware of. Great product! I'll be buying the other licenses.
  10. Every time I run the remote server it says that my 747 .ini file needs to be updated. I only use P3Dv4 and the location it is looking in isn't correct. It's looking for it in the default P3Dv3 location. When I do select OK, my .ini file in the P3Dv4 folder does get updated. Can I just select cancel when it tells me to update? Thanks! Forgot to mention that everything seems to be working fine.
  11. It fixed the panel state issue for me....
  12. I never said that. In fact, what I was saying is that it appears your product and PTA generally accomplish the same thing. A BMW and a Mercedes are both luxury cars, but different. They both drive you around in style. But the fact of the matter is, if the Mercedes salesman shows up on the BMW lot, he gets his rear end thrown out onto the street... I hope that clears it up.
  13. This is wrong on so many levels. There are 2 products here that are clearly in competition with each other. This is Matt's product, his company, and his forum. Posting in here is downright rude. Even if you were nothing but complimentary about his product and never mentioned your own, your signature advertises it on every post. I have no idea about what has happened on other social media sites, but coming in here takes it to a new level.
  14. Once you get the aircraft in the condition you like, save a new panel state and use that as your new start state. You should be good to go!