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  1. Does Fenix have a calibration procedure? I have the FBW Airbus. These are my sensitivity settings in MSFS for the T. A320 pilot.
  2. I think he means the Thrustmaster Sidestick Airbus edition (T. A320 Pilot). It has a rudder function whereas it can be setup as a tiller also. I use it with my Boeing yoke and quadrant setup it works great.
  3. Yes, I forgot to mention it's KIND Indianapolis by Dominicdesignteam.
  4. I purchased this from Simmarket which allowed me to look at the airport bgl file in ADE. The airport looks good, but the AI functionality is not good. They failed to connect the taxiway paths to the runway path. Therefore, the planes just sit there and not take off. Here is the result.
  5. All REX products are now compatible with SU11. REX AXIS
  6. Looks fine here. Prepar3D v5.3 Hotfix 2 ( Orbx Vector:
  7. Thank you David. Something changed when I updated to 5.3. The 318/319 & 320/321 are the only a/c affected.
  8. Full install of 5.3. Fresh install of Airbuses 318/319, 320/321. External lights not working. Only the wing light. Airbus 330 works fine. Anyone else have this problem? PMDG, A2A work fine.
  9. Cache regeneration for me is 1-2 seconds. I have 981GB of P3D installs across 2 SSD's and 1 M.2 drive. All relevant folders including the Documents Prepar3D v5 Add-ons folder are excluded from the Windows anti-virus software. Thank you Umberto for adding the feature of putting a AFCAD BGL file in the ...\AppData\Roaming\Virtuali\GSX folder. Had a chance to try it out by editing some vehicle paths and saving the BGL file to the GSX folder. Worked flawlessly. Don't have the baggage cart drivers running into each other.
  10. Cargolux 744, 748 routinely fly into KIND Indy from ELLX Luxembourg. Then KIND-KORD, or KLAX, or back to ELLX. Justsim ELLX Taxi2Gate KIND
  11. @Treetops45 @pinepix62 @rickgo @xxd09 Here's my workaround. So I uninstalled the v5 PC-6. Went into the registry to enable the latest P3D v4 installer to install to v5 and now the PC-6 is flyable. Instead of getting VRAM 7.0/7.1 GB with v5 I now get 5.8/7.1 using the v4 installer MV_PC6_v1.190823. So I'm curious what changed with the PC-6 v5 installer?
  12. Appears the PC-6 is a no go for me. When loading the default flight it starts out at (VRAM 3.6/7.1 GB) rarely ever see it go above 5.1 with any other aircraft or during flight. Upon loading the PC-6 it immediately shoots up to VRAM 7.0/7.1 GB then have to shut down. The B55 and the DHC-2 work fine. The PC-6 worked good in P3Dv4.5.
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