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  1. Anyone getting emails from Xbox... supposedly, about participating in a survey about MSFS? I'm very careful about scams via email. And this one has me suspicious. If there is ever a survey regarding MSFS I usually read about here other flight sim site. This is the email heading: Just checked at the MSFS forum. It is legit according to a post from last year.
  2. Back in 2005 when visiting Kona Hawaii, we flew nonstop from KORD to PHOG and the short hop was PHOG to PHKO. 85 miles. Although it was likely a 772 variant. That year United was transitioning to the Tulip livery.
  3. Installed last night. The only issue I had was after entering the authorization code. After a couple attempts, I realized I had to turn off the browser's popup blocker. P.S. "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" Life is too short.
  4. Taking a leisurely mid-afternoon flight around town with my friend Lilly.
  5. Click here. Then you'll see the icon. When you set program to set and forget, this is where to look.
  6. Same here. A convoluted mess. Guess we'll have to wait until it shows up in Orbx Central.
  7. After Landing w/ Auto Brake -- Plane will NOT move - PMDG Simulations
  8. Does Fenix have a calibration procedure? I have the FBW Airbus. These are my sensitivity settings in MSFS for the T. A320 pilot.
  9. I think he means the Thrustmaster Sidestick Airbus edition (T. A320 Pilot). It has a rudder function whereas it can be setup as a tiller also. I use it with my Boeing yoke and quadrant setup it works great.
  10. Yes, I forgot to mention it's KIND Indianapolis by Dominicdesignteam.
  11. I purchased this from Simmarket which allowed me to look at the airport bgl file in ADE. The airport looks good, but the AI functionality is not good. They failed to connect the taxiway paths to the runway path. Therefore, the planes just sit there and not take off. Here is the result.
  12. All REX products are now compatible with SU11. REX AXIS
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