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  1. What makes you think he developed the MSFS version? They don’t “feel” like they are from the same developer. Based on his complete radio silence I have assumed he passed away. Sad for his family and his customers.
  2. I downloaded it from there a while back. Make sure you are signed in. It’s still available.
  3. Looks like I spoke too soon. It’s back to taxiing like a pig. Scratching my head on this one.
  4. Mark, the taxi is MUCH better. I would go as far as saying it’s fixed. Perhaps not perfect, but it is so much easier to taxi. It still takes 25-30 torque pressure to get “unstuck”, but once it gets rolling a setting of 5-10 keeps it steady without accelerating uncontrollably. Chopping the power doesn’t cause an abrupt stop. The airplane keeps on rolling for a good distance. Its a real treat now. One “slight” problem is the lighting. At night the landing lights completely illuminate the cockpit, as if it were day. The taxi light works fine though. the instrument glass reflection is overcooked, but bearable. I use the VC windowglass texture fix anyway, and that fixes that. Night lighting in the cockpit is very nice. You do have to point the installer to the v5 folder but it installs without issues.
  5. Airways in the G1000 are not implemented. I use an external flight planner (Aivlasoft EFBv2) that automatically loads the flight plan into P3D and the G1000 , which includes all the waypoints along the airways. In reality, I plan all my flights using Garmin FltPlan or Skyvector and then type them into the EFB. It only takes about a minute to type it in, and it magically shows up on the G1000.
  6. In reality, you would rarely be assigned a SID/STAR in this aircraft. Many of those are specific to turbojet aircraft or high performance turboprops. This little bird would get radar vectors. In those rare cases where a SID would be assigned, the above mentioned Aivlasoft EFBv2 method works brilliantly. I had an example this weekend flying out of Chicago Executive and there is a SID for all aircraft that transitions you out of the Chicago class bravo airspace. I had similar reservations like you, but I can tell you this is one of the best aircraft that I have. For it's little size it is PMDG level in my opinion. It's the only thing I've been flying for months. I would like to see the SID/STAR function added, but more importantly I would like Active Sky compatible weather radar and TCAS functions added. The ground handling (p3d friction) is total garbage, but you get used to it and can maneuver around quite well once you get the hang of it. I am troubled by the disappearance of the developer, but with the exception of the items I just mentioned and a few other minor G1000 system features this plane is virtually perfect. Nothing really NEEDS to be fixed. I heard he has some real world issues he is taking care of. You can't get anything even comparable at this price. It is by far the best G1000 model done to date. Oh....and did I mention that the visuals are top notch?
  7. I was just about to say this. Overclocking the video card is a major cause.
  8. Try uninstalling Global Base through FTX central and then reinstalling.
  9. Put that man on the payroll! hahaha Thanks to Gerard for pitching in, from the community at large.
  10. I was thinking this myself during my last flight. Does anyone know where intersection distances can be viewed? I can't seem to find anything on the charts. With that information, the shortening distances could then be manually entered. Then we could do the common KJFK "31L Shortened" takeoffs.
  11. This thread has been painful to read, and I feel bad for the guys that are experiencing this regularly. I’ve had the wheelie/acceleration issue about half a dozen times, in both the 777 and the -400. Something is interfering with the sim no doubt, and it has nothing to do with technique. I highly doubt it is a PMDG issue, since some never see it. Kudos to those investigating and reporting back to us and PMDG. Now that think about it, during my 95% normal landings I can never get the reversers to engage until nosewheel touchdown. Maybe even autobrakes too, not sure. I look closer at it tomorrow.
  12. Kevin, side note: Do you sim on a laptop when you are on the road?
  13. Read all the forum posts and do some research before you air your grievances. It will make you look less foolish. Lesson over.
  14. Just to add a little credo here....Mark's product's (and his customer service) are absolutely top notch. He responds quickly to questions and he has fixed issues for me in the past (my own created problems). Don't even hesitate to buy a license from him. I have purchased 3 licenses from him (less than I spend for lunch) and when I figure out a local solution for the EFB I will buy that too. Having an FMC on the side running on an iPad mini has completely changed my simming experience. And also, when I walk away to get my "crew rest" I can check up on things on my iPhone. Total game changer. Hope this helps those that are on the fence.
  15. Old Prop has said that something else triggers immersion manager to crash, not immersion manager itself. I close it down when not using the 747, just in case since the 737 and 777 don't use it yet.
  16. I wish it would rain harder in P3D. Heavy rain looks like a drizzle to me. But then again, I live in South Florida....
  17. In case I wasn't clear earlier, I have 4.4 (client only) and I had the issue on first load. The issue resolved itself after the rainmaker fix and a sim restart. My startup state was set to LONG, which seems to have changed slightly. The FMC is now on IRS options page. Just passing this info on....
  18. I had the same issue he is reporting. Meanwhile, I exited the sim and happened to catch the postings about the pushed update re: the rainmaker fix. I ran that and started the sim back up. The issue no longer exists. Maybe a glitch on my end. I was going to re-run simconnect installers to see if that was the cause, but looks like I don't need to now. Everything seems to be running swimmingly. v4.4
  19. Same here. I ran the latest pushed update and it was fixed.
  20. I'm not quite following you here. Are you saying that you are using a reflection pack, but you don't believe that is the cause? What makes you think that wouldn't cause it?
  21. Forget the flashlight, I’d rather see a zippo.
  22. I see two serious issues with this: 1. Convincing the Minister of Finance (wife) that I need a third iPad. 2. Finding a place to put it amongst all my other sim gadgets. First world problems. I’ll just have to figure it out I suppose....
  23. I’m getting a “corrupted download” message. Then close it closes.
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